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The Interrogation (s1, ep4)
A new officer has been arrested for robbing a liquor store while on an undercover assignment.
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Chip O' The Island (s5, ep32)
Charley's old Australian acquaintance sparks the boys' imaginations with stories of a paradise in the South Pacific.
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Nice Trip
"Bill calls the Travel Mom for fall travel ideas to help Toony kick the summer blues."
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Nobody Loves Me (s5, ep20)
Beaver becomes convinced that he's ugly and unwanted after constantly being reminded how cute he used to be and from being yelled at by his parents for how messy he is currently.
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Beaver's Fear (s5, ep21)
Wally is rounding up some guys to go to an amusement park and he's one short from getting a discount so he settles on Beaver. However, Beaver begins having second thoughts when he hears stories about one of the roller coasters.
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The Case Of The Dubious Bridegroom (s2, ep29)
Mason returns to his office late one night and finds an attractive woman climbing into his balcony window. She claims to be Virginia Colfax, the secretary of Ed Garvin, who has an office next door to Mason's.
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The Kidnapping: Part 2 (s8, ep)
Abductors try to kidnap Leanne but take Billy instead and hold him for ransom.
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A Woman Much Admired (s5, ep1)
Gillespie's old flame returns to Sparta to settle some business matters and see Bill. When she is murdered he travels to Gulfport and meets his daughter Lana for the first time.
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The Fox (s4, ep17)
Ben starts to hunt animals for their skins to sell for profit.
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Love Of A Woman
"Doc's nurse from the war, Abbie, comes to Dodge. So does Coney who's out to kill Matt for putting him in jail for 5 years. Coney gets sick and Abbie takes care of him."
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Jay Hawkers
"Dolph Quince (Jack Elam) sends Phil Jacks (Ken Curtis) into Dodge to bring Marshall Dillon out to their herd to help with Jayhawkers."
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Found Child (s7, ep7)
The Cartwrights give shelter to the lone survivor of a stagecoach massacre—a young girl whose life is still in danger because the culprits think she can identify them.
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First Wages (s4, ep2)
Lucas tries to find out why Mark has taken a job as a stableboy.
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Sheer Terror (s4, ep3)
Mark and Milly are held prisoner in her general store when two gunmen attempt a daring robbery.
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The Dan Hogan Story (s1, ep33)
In a growing town, Seth meets a friend from his distant past. He remembers how they met and the circumstances bringing them west. When his friend's home is threatened, he learns that removing his firearm may be the key to resolving the situation.
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Log 75: Have A Nice Weekend
"The officers investigate robberies, attempted arson and a violent argument."
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No Sweat (s9, ep11)
Margaret develops a case of prickly heat, Charles does his tax returns and Klinger takes the P.A. apart—just some of the events that occur during another unendurably hot night at the 4077th.
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Depressing News (s9, ep12)
Klinger's army newspaper reports on Hawkeye's monument to military stupidity; a giant tower made from a half million erroneously shipped tongue depressors.
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No Laughing Matter (s9, ep13)
Hawkeye wagers that he can go a full day without a wisecrack, and Winchester finally confronts the major who exiled him to the 4077th.
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Oh, How We Danced (s9, ep14)
Winchester is sent to inspect sanitary conditions on the frontlines, while the rest of the camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.J.
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Andy And Opie, Bachelors (s3, ep4)
Andy and Opie are left alone while Aunt Bee goes out of town. Peggy, Andy's new girlfriend, takes great delight in helping the boys handle things. Floyd warns Andy that Peggy is using her feminine wiles to "snare" him.
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The Clampetts Fiddle Around (s6, ep25)
Jane took Jethro to a concert the previous night, sparking an interest in playing the violin in Jethro. Jed has Drysdale and Jane hire the violinist they saw, Sebastian Stromboli, to teach Jethro. Before his lesson, Jane learns that Jethro doesn’t care about the music, having fallen asleep during the concert, and only wants to meet girls.
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Eb Uses His Ingenuity (s4, ep23)
All of Hooterville is excited about the upcoming big dance. Eb, however, is obsessed with raising $20 to buy his girlfriend a birthday present. Oliver tells him to be ingenious, so he begins leasing out the Douglases' wardrobe, telling people they're strapped for cash. Eb's big brainstorm: sit for ten babies while their parents go to the dance.
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Together (s3, ep15)
A man is trapped in an office with the body of the woman he just murdered.
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Sylvia (s3, ep16)
Sylvia will do anything to get her ex-husband back into her life.
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Then The Drink Takes The Man (s1, ep4)
Mannix investigates why a man who is against the evils of drink is spending a load of cash and time at an alcoholic retreat in Mexico.
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The Masked Bandits (s1, ep5)
Four bandits wearing red masks commit a series of robberies.