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The Bank Jobs (s2, ep4)
A nervy bank robber uses innocent women to help commit his crimes. Friday and Gannon are nearly sidetracked when one of the victims lies about her involvement and later proves to have a criminal record of her own.
Trial By Separation (s1, ep34)
Mike and his girlfriend have come up with an exam of their own — one that tests the strength of their relationship.
Tic Tac Toony
"The gang helps Quizzer fulfill a contractual obligation to shoot a game show called "Tic Toc Toony". With Daffy and Porky on a radio quiz show, along with Bugs and Daffy. "
Beaver's Freckles (s4, ep5)
When Clarence gets fed up with Beaver calling him Lumpy, he gives Beaver a new nickname, Freckles. This leads Beaver to become self-conscious about his freckles and takes steps to try to remove them.
Beaver's Big Contest (s4, ep6)
Constantly entering contests, Beaver's latest one has him selling raffle tickets in hopes of winning a prize. Surprisingly, he does indeed win third prize and the prize is a $3,500 sports car. However, his dreams are dashed when Eddie's premonition comes true, Ward breaks the news that Beaver can't keep the car.
The Case Of The Wayward Wife (s3, ep13)
Ben Sutton is listed as the author of a best-selling book describing his experiences in a Korean POW camp. When the real author is released from an Army hospital, Sutton is slain before he can tell the truth and his widow is arrested for the murder.
The Billionaire: Part 2 (s2, ep)
Matlock flies to England to represent Eric Gordon, a man accused of murdering his wealthy businessman father. While his sister is convinced of his innocence, his brother isn't so sure.
Discovery (s6, ep5)
Althea has trouble dealing with the violent death of a student. Young Megan Fowler quickly finds herself yet another dangerous boyfriend and they are soon wanted by the police.
The Calf (s1, ep3)
The children are upset when their father sells a newborn
Whelan's Men (s18, ep20)
A former lawman that Dillon put out of business years earlier comes back with a group of men to gun him down. Since Dillon is out of town, they settle in at the Long Branch to play poker and wait.
The Philip Diedesheimer Story (s1, ep8)
Adam and Hoss meet Philip Diedesheimer, a Dutch immigrant who is trying to convince the silver mine owners in Virginia City that his square set mine system works.
The Sheridan Story (s1, ep16)
Frank Blandon, a man with only one good arm, wanders onto the ranch. Lucas gives Blandon a job to "hire him and Mark a clear conscience." General Sheridan and his patrol wander by and Lucas offers to let them stay the night at the ranch. Blandon once pulled a gun on General Sheridan; as it turns out, Blandon was a Confederate soldier who once had General Sheridan in his gun sight during the war.
The Retired Gun (s1, ep17)
Wes Carney and his wife, Clair, want to settle down and they figure North Fork might do fine. Wes is a well known gunfighter, who has promised Clair that he would hang up his guns for good. The Carney's want to live a simple, honest life and the Feed and Grain Store, which is up for sale, seems like it might work for them.
The Saul Bevins Story (s4, ep28)
"Saul Bevins, a blind doctor traveling with his son, his sister, and his dog, asks to join the wagon train. Many others on the train object that he will slow them down, but Hale agrees to let him ride at least until the next settlement, at which time the entire wagon train will vote on whether he should continue. On the way Bevins is forced to overcome many obstacles."
Log 123 -- Courtroom (s2, ep9)
Reed feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he stumbles upon a large stash of narcotics as he secures a residence after executing a traffic warrant with Malloy and Officer Ed Wells. He's in for a rude awakening at the trial, however, when he's cross examined by the defense attorney.
Log 143 -- Cave (s2, ep10)
Malloy and Reed begin their shift responding to a disgruntled tenant who is holding his landlord at knife point. Later, they investigate a rash of property theft from multiple homes in a quiet neighborhood, stake out an apparent bag of laundry left on the side of the road and search for a runaway boy who gets himself into a life-threatening situation.
Morticia's Romance (2) (s2, ep3)
Gomez and Morticia continue to tell Pugsley and Wednesday the story of how they met and fell in love. As Gomez was arranged to be married to Ophelia, Uncle Fester realizes the best way to get Ophelia out of the picture is to hook her up with another man ... Cousin Itt, that way Gomez could be with Morticia.
No Thank You (s9, ep9)
Fonzie is rejected several times by a new teacher at Jefferson High. After he kisses her in a final attempt to win her over, she screams and runs out of the house. Roger talks to her and finds out that she is a nun.
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White Gold (s3, ep23)
Colonel Flagg blows into camp trying to obtain penicillin to barter for information. But Flagg comes down with appendicitis, and the only penicillin he gets is in the keister.
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Man In The Middle (s5, ep7)
Barney and Thelma Lou have an argument. They reconcile quickly, but it leads to other arguments between Andy and Barney, Thelma Lou and Helen, Andy and Helen, and another between Barney and Thelma Lou.
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Barney's Uniform (s5, ep8)
Fred the grocery store clerk repeatedly sweeps trash into the street, even after Barney writes him a citation. Fred threatens that if he ever sees Barney out of uniform, he'll pound him, causing Barney to leave his uniform on at all times.
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A Visit From Cousin Goober (s2, ep11)
Goober pays Gomer a surprise visit. Goober says he's through working at the filling station and wants to give the Marines a try for a week to see if he likes it.
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Eb's Romance (s4, ep4)
Eb announces his engagement to Loreli Appleby, a girl he met the day before. In an attempt to impress his future father-in-law, Eb succeeds in destroying the farmer's cabbage crop. To get back in the man's good graces, Eb pawns Oliver's cow Eleanor so he can make the Appleby's mortgage payment.
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The Case Of The Midnight Howler (s9, ep16)
A woman is accused of killing her ex-husband, shot to death during a live radio broadcast while giving an interview. His ex-wife admits to being present during the murder, but swears she did not pull the trigger.
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Local Scheduled Programming (s5, ep2)
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Listen, Listen
"Three women have been strangled. Police arrest a stocking salesman as the killer. Mr. Morgan knows who the real culprit is: he has seen the next murder in a dream. He tries to tell people, but no one listens. His wife ignores him as well, which is unfortunate because she is the strangler's next victim."
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Post Mortem (s3, ep33)
A woman learns that a winning sweepstakes ticket is in the suit her husband was buried in.
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Blind Mirror (s3, ep15)
Winifred, private secretary and lover of the publisher George Diamond, becomes a runaway witness when a woman falls into the sea and drowns after a quarrel.
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Local Scheduled Programming (s1, ep6)
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Mistaken Identity (s3, ep5)
Dan Mathews rigs an ingenious trap to snare a kidnapper.
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The Big Neighbor (s2, ep5)
Bill invites Joe to dinner and a football game at his home in Eagle Rock. The only problem: Gannon's neighbors keep interrupting the visit with petty and then not-so-petty problems.