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Missing Persons - The Body
Working with the slimmest of leads, police attempt to identify a woman's body.
The Adagio
Lucy volunteers for Ricky's Parisian Apache dance number for an upcoming Tropicana show, and Ethel finds the perfect person to teach her the basic aspects of Apache dancing: Jean Valjean Raymand, who is the nephew of the woman who runs the French hand laundry. This Frenchman has more than dance lessons in mind, however. When Ricky finds him hiding in the hall closet, fireworks commence. Jean challenges him to a duel behind Radio City Music Hall.
Water, Water Everywhere
The castaways discover that their supply of fresh drinking water is running out.
Touch Of Larceny
Steve must do his best to sort out the confusion that Chip has about honesty.
Forgotten Party
An old friend of Beaver's, David Manning, invites him to a birthday party and Beaver promises to attend, but as the week passes Beaver forgets all about it. When the day arrives, June, Ward and Wally scramble to find the Beaver, who is spending the day with Larry, wandering around town.
Beaver The Athlete
After getting a poor grade in gym class on his report card, Beaver becomes determined to prove to everyone that he is a good athlete, so he signs up to play baseball—where it's the boys versus the girls.
The Case Of The Flighty Father
When eighteen-year-old Trudy Holbrook's mother dies leaving her $10 million, two men blow into town claiming to be her long-lost father. Then the only person who could identify the real father, a blind uncle, is killed.
On Now
The Accused: Part 1
Matlock defends a journalist who killed an underworld figure in self-defense after meeting with him for an interview.
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A Depraved Heart
The daughter of an old friend asks Bubba to arrest the man who knowingly gave her AIDS.
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The Prodigals
Jeffrey and Josh steal from Ike's store and Josh gets caught.
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The Ditch
Matt tries to prevent a range war as a rancher takes steps to cut off the homesteaders' water supply.
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Five Into The Wind
A stagecoach accident in a windstorm leaves five stranded, after which Little Joe is accused when a man is found murdered with his knife.
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Smoke Screen
Several men are vying for a rancher's daughter's affections. When she is found dead, one of them becomes the prime suspect in her murder.
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Shotgun Man
Shotgun man John Beaumont, who Lucas sent to prison, returns with vengeance on his mind.
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The Elizabeth Mcqueeny Story
Elizabeth McQueeny is traveling with her girls, heading to a finishing school in the west. When her real purpose becomes known, all the females want her gone but her worth shows itself before that can happen.
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Log 34 -- Astro
Malloy and Reed become envious of officer wells, who has been given a coveted assignment in the newly established astro helicopter division. Out on patrol, they require assistance saving a wealthy elderly couple who get locked in their heavily fortified basement safe, and then use air support to track down robbery suspects who escape on a motorcycle.
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Log 14 -- S.w.a.t.
Malloy and Reed are the first to respond to a downtown rooftop sniper who has been indiscriminately shooting at anyone he can find with his scoped rifle. After risking their lives to get civilians out of his line of sight, they become lead participants in the S.W.A.T. team's attempt to neutralize the suspect.
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Fred's Island
Mr. Slate gives Fred's family use of his yacht for a day--with certain conditions.
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Fonzie's A Thespian
When Marion is to star in a community theatre play, her director/co-star begins to make unwelcome advances toward her.
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Strange Bedfellows
The 4077th faces a sleepless night as Charles's snoring keeps B.J. and Hawkeye from counting sheep. Meanwhile, Colonel Potter discovers that his son-in-law, Bob Wilson, has had an affair.
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Say No More
A military strategist refuses to accept responsibility for the war games that have mortally wounded his own son. And Margaret develops laryngitis, as she is about to meet her hero, Dr. Chesler.
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Barney And Thelma Lou, Phfftt
After Gomer naively tells Thelma Lou that Barney thinks "he has her in his hip pocket." Thelma Lou decides to teach Barney a lesson by flirting with Gomer.
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Back To Nature
Andy, Barney and Gomer take a group of boys camping in the mountains to show them the pioneer life. Barney winds up getting himself and Gomer lost in the woods, and it's up to Andy to save the day.
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You Can't Plug In A 2 With A 6
It's planting time in Hooterville and Oliver is shocked that the locals make their crop choices based on aches and pains. Back on the farm, Oliver assigns every electrical device a number from one to seven in an effort to keep their creaky generator from blowing. All gadgets up to a total of seven can be plugged in at the same time, but Lisa can't quite grasp the concept.
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House Guest
John Mitchell gets more than he bargained for when he offers a young man a new start in life.
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Nothing Ever Works Twice
When an old flame is found dead, Mannix is named the prime suspect.
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Split Robbery
Armed robbers hold the wife of a supermarket manager hostage until her husband turns over the receipts of his store.
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Forgery - The Ranger
Other people's credit cards are found in the possession of a forest ranger.