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The Shooting Board (s2, ep2)
Friday lands in hot water after a thief he attempted to apprehend, and in the process shot at, turns up dead and SID can't find evidence that the man fired at Friday.
Social Climbers (s2, ep8)
Fred and Barney are sent to charm school in preparation for an ambassador's reception.
Breaking Bill
"This is a big year for breakdancing, but will Bill survive the celebration in one piece."
The Last Day Of School (s3, ep38)
The last day of school has each one of Miss Landers' students bringing her a gift. June orders some nice handkerchiefs for the gift and a slip for herself. Beaver mistakes the slip as the gift for Miss Landers and debates on whether or not to give her this very "personal" gift.
Beaver Won't Eat (s4, ep1)
Beaver is determined not to eat brussels sprouts and adamantly refuses to eat them when June serves them for dinner. In order to go to a football game, Ward makes Beaver promise that he will eat brussels sprouts the next time they are served. Beaver quickly finds himself confronted with the "deadly" vegetables when the Cleavers go out to eat at a posh restaurant.
The Scandal (s9, ep)
When Matlock defends an attorney accused of murdering her boss, he also uncovers a history of sexual harassment involving the law firm.
Hard Choices (s7, ep19)
Eugene tries to protect a friend who was an unwilling accomplice to a robbery and in doing so endangers his probation -- and his life.
The Shivaree (s3, ep20)
A cousin who is named after Olivia visits
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Noose Of Gold (s12, ep24)
Deputy District Attorney Shephard will do anything to further his career, including having outlaw John Farron killed, rather than giving him the chance to turn himself in.
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Blood On The Land (s1, ep22)
A sheepherder and his men try to drive their sheep across the Ponderosa. Ben and Adam disagree about how to stop them. Ben wants the Cartwrights to handle their own matters, but Adam wants to call in the law.
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The Sally Potter Story (s1, ep28)
Sally Potter hitches a ride on the wagon train and finds that being pretty helps and hurts her. Someone she knew catches up to the train and wants to remind her of who she is and where she came from, possibly ruining what she wants for her future.
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Nightwatch (s5, ep19)
Reed thinks he can haggle another $12.50 off a used car, but malloy warns him that he's pushing his luck. On patrol, they test a suspected drunk driver who hit a light pole, investigate a home invasion that results in a man fatally shooting his ex-son-in-
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Suspended (s5, ep20)
While off duty following shooting re-qualification, Reed fires his weapon at a would-be unarmed mugger whose armed accomplish drives off. When the would-be suspect later dies, the unfortunate circumstances leave Reed facing a possible suspension and murder charge.
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It Happened One Night (s4, ep3)
It happened one night: freezing cold, an artillery barrage that's coming too close, a patient going downhill and Frank's searching Hot Lips' tent for his letters.
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The Late Captain Pierce (s4, ep4)
When Hawkeye's father is notified that he's dead, he finds it's no easy matter either to get word to him or to establish otherwise.
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Barney Gets His Man (s1, ep30)
An escaped convict vows revenge on the man who sent him back to prison: none other than Deputy Barney Fife.
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The Bird Watchers (s4, ep29)
Miss Jane’s bird watcher leader, Professor Biddle, comes to town to visit. And Jed and Granny are trying to get a man for Elly. After Elly shows up with Professor Biddle, Jed decides that fixing Elly May up with Dash Riprock couldn’t hurt. Drysdale blackmails Dash with a bad TV role to get Dash to ask Elly out. He doesn’t get to the Clampett mansion in enough time, and Jed has no luck with stopping Elly, so she ends up going with Professor Biddle, Miss Jane and Jethro on their bird expedition.
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Oliver Goes Broke (s6, ep5)
After saying good-bye to Lori at the airport, a distraught Lisa seeks a job to fill her days. When Haney spots her applying at the County Welfare office, he assumes she's there for the free soup. Soon, Hooterville's convinced "dumb dumb" Oliver has lost his money and sent his wife out to find a job.
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Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep15)
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Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep16)
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Local Scheduled Programming
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The Case Of The Elusive Element (s6, ep24)
A promoter's plan to frame his wife and business partner for embezzlement fails, but they're arrested anyway for his murder.
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You Can't Be Little Girl All Your Life (s7, ep7)
After a woman is attacked, she tries to hide from the incident.
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The Old Pro (s7, ep8)
A professional killer tries to retire from his job.
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To Kill A Writer (s1, ep17)
When Mannix is hired to prevent a murder of a mystery writer, the intended victim wants no help in solving the crime himself.
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Local Scheduled Programming (s1, ep17)
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Local Scheduled Programming
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Local Scheduled Programming (s2, ep16)
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Bad Day At Shady Rest (s5, ep26)
"Deputy" Joe Carson captures a desperate bank robber with the help of Aunt Helen and a war-surplus life raft.
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Cannonball For Sale (s5, ep27)
When Homer Bedloe announces the Hooterville Cannonball is up for sale to the highest bidder, everyone in the valley tries to raise enough money to buy it.