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Screech's Spaghetti Sauce
While working on a cable television show for communications class, the gang starts promoting Screech's new flavor of spaghetti sauce. Trouble is afoot, however, when a snobbish girl takes an interest in Screech's success.
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Mystery Weekend
The gang wins a mystery weekend at a mansion where they will all play a part in a murder mystery. The trouble begins when the game goes awry and Zack is left as the prime suspect.
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Home For Christmas: Part 1
The gang all gets jobs at the Palisades mall during the holiday seasons. Zack befriends a girl who is working for Kelly. Also, Zack and Screech make friends with a homeless man.
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Home For Christmas: Part 2
Zack learns that his new girlfriend is the homeless man's daughter. When she decides to get her dad a new coat but it turns up missing, her boss, Mr. Mooney, accuses her of stealing it.
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Teen Line
Zack becomes close with a disabled girl after he starts volunteering at a teen help hot-line at Bayside. Meanwhile, Screech has to take on a rambunctious boy.
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Feudin' And Fussin'
Barney's errant golf shot causes the famed Flintstone temper to flare.
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Impractical Joker
After enduring too many of Fred's practical jokes, Barney plots revenge.
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Fred looks for an "out" when his mother-in-law moves in.
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The Mailman Cometh
Fred mails a nasty letter to his boss when he fails to receive notice of an annual raise.
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Every Boy Does It Once
After watching "Cinderella" on TV, Bobby becomes concerned about stepmothers - especially when Carol asks him to sweep out the fireplace. Soon after, Bobby decides to run away.
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Big Little Man
Bobby becomes extremely self conscious about his height and tries different ways to make himself "big." When there's a dangerous situation at Sam's Butcher Shop, though, Bobby is exactly the right size to save the day.
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Law And Disorder
Bobby is determined to be the best safety monitor ever but in the process becomes a nuisance at school, not to mention at home. Meanwhile, Mike and the kids restore an old sailboat.
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My Brother's Keeper
After Bobby pushes Peter out of the way of a falling ladder, Peter volunteers to be Bobby's slave for life, a situation Bobby takes advantage of. Meanwhile, the girls try to decide on a wallpaper for their room.
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Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 1
Trying to revive his slumping "cool," Fonzie plans a televised motorcycle jump over a record 14 garbage cans in the parking lot of Arnold's Drive-In.
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Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 2
Surgery fixes the Fonz's injured knee but the Cunningham's coddling and his fear that pain will make him appear "uncool" keeps him lying on the couch, until Richie resorts to extreme measures to get Fearless Fonzarelli walking again.
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Dating Slump
Shirley becomes reclusive and refuses to date after learning that Carmine has a new girlfriend. Eager to help her friend, Laverne plans an evening out—only to have the two girls wind up in a barroom scuffle.
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It's The Water
Laverne and Shirley both try out for the new beer tasting position at Shotz Brewery. When Shirley's boss, Wolfgang, gives her the coveted spot, Lenny and Squiggy become concerned that he may have an ulterior motive for giving her the promotion.
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The Other Richie Cunningham
Needing to make a good impression for a prospective business deal, Howard asks Richie to take the "Prince of Porcelain's" daughter out on a date. Richie, however, already has big plans and asks Potsie to take his place and pretend to be him.
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Richie Fights Back
After being embarrassed at Arnold's by a couple of hoods, Richie wants to take a jujitsu class to learn how to stand up for himself.
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Mama's Boyfriend
When Mama and old flame Woody Miller decide to spend a romantic weekend at a lakeside cabin, Aunt Fran is left in charge of the household.
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Fran's Dress
When Mama accidentally burns a hole in the dress Fran is planning to wear that evening, she and Ellen rush out to a department store with hopes of replacing the garment.
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Critical Success / Love Lamp Is Lit / Take My Boy Friend, Please / Rent A Family / Man In Her Life (part 1)
"The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come on board as part of a charity fundraiser for an Acapulco orphanage. One of the cheerleaders enlists the help of her friends to dodge the advances of a persistent suitor, who has followed her onto the ship. A cheerleader's mother mistakenly fears that her daughter is trying to steal her boyfriend. A man, who has been lying to his boss about having a family, hires a group of actors to pose as his mother, wife and son for the company's "family cruise." This complicates his romance with one of the cheerleaders. A divorcing couple plots to steal a valuable gem, which is hidden in a lamp that keeps getting passed between crew members. A famous dancer/actress who is helping with the charity event repeatedly declines Capt. Stubing's request that she take part in the performance. She is annoyed by the presence of her ex-fiancé, a notoriously tough theater critic. He hopes to win her back and convince her to take the lead in a play that he has written."
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Hawkeye Get Your Gun
After 24 hours of surgery, Hawkeye and Potter venture off to a Korean hospital to lend a hand. Hawkeye is appalled to learn that he must carry a gun. After helping the Koreans, they are shelled on the way back. They scramble from the jeep before it is shelled, and Potter urges Hawkeye to shoot in self-defense, against Hawkeye's will, and he does—into the air.
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The Colonel's Horse
While Colonel Potter goes to Tokyo on R&R, his horse develops colic. Klinger becomes chronically depressed, and Hot Lips gets appendicitis. The horse is flushed out with a hose, Hawkeye and B.J. perform an appendectomy on Hot Lips, and all are well when Potter returns, except Klinger. Potter offers Klinger a discharge for severe depression, and Klinger gets very excited, which loses him the discharge.
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How To Dial A Murder
A behavioral psychologist whose wife died under suspicious circumstances trains his dogs to kill on command using a telephone.
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Meet Rick Lisnek
"After seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, Rick Lisnek was never the same. He devoted a large part of his life to collecting everything related to The Fab Four, and now displays it all in his gallery-like basement. Among his most prized items are the infamous censored “Butcher” album cover; a very rare tin of Beatles talcum powder; a vintage Beatles record player; and some hotel bed sheets on which the band members once slept (or did they? We’ll find out!). Rick is joined by his brother Paul, who has helped him acquire many of his items (and whose own amazing collection was profiled in our first season). We’ve also brought along Jeff Augsburger, author of a Beatles memorabilia price guide. Jeff will appraise Rick’s collection; he’s also brought two items he hopes will entice Rick into a trade – including a ticket to a 1966 Beatles concert, which he knows Rick has been seeking."
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Dino Goes Hollyrock
Fred enters Dino in auditions for a popular TV series.
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Head Of The House
Ralph tells a newspaper that he's head of the house, but then has to prove it to a co-worker.
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Coast To Coast Big Mouth
Laura accidently reveals that Alan Brady is bald on live TV!
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That's My Boy???
Rob and Laura think they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital.
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Death Ship
A three-man spacecraft lands on a planet and discovers the wreckage of a spacecraft identical to their own.
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Run For Doom
A doctor plans to marry a good-looking soloist despite warnings that her three ex-husbands all experienced brutal deaths.
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Never Stop Running
While working as a migrant worker in New Mexico, Kimble becomes an unwilling party to the kidnapping of a young boy whom is the son of his landowner boss. The boy, Jimmie, has been abducted by Ralph Simmons, a disgruntled former football player, along wit
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The Traitor
An American intelligence officer, Hughes, has defected to the enemy with the only copy of an encoded top-secret message. The IMF must get to him, get him out, discredit him and recover the message before the enemy can decode it.
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The Long, Long Ride
Someone is out to kill a former underworld boss, Joe Webber, who is back home after serving a lengthy prison term. Out of touch with the underworld, Webber hires Peter Gunn to find the identity of his would-be killer.
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The Deadly Proposition
Arthur Cole accuses his boss of killing his wife and hires Gunn to prove it. Before long, however, Cole becomes a suspect himself.
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Stolen Plane Copter
Two convicts steal an airplane to escape from prison.
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Personnel - The Shooting
The problems of policemen's wives.