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S.i.u. - The Ring
Friday and Gannon recruit a woman cop to nab a burglar.
Ernie And The O'grady
A genial bum Ernie brings home for dinner outrages Uncle Charley by eating everything in sight and staying the night even though he wasn't invited.
Much Ado About Nutting (1953), Corn On The Cop, Olive’s Sweepstake Ticket, Bad Day At Cat Rock, From Hare To Heir (1960)
Child Care
After Ward's bragging about Wally and Beaver being responsible, Herb and Janet Wilson assume that it would be alright to leave their four-year-old daughter in Wally and Beaver's care while they go out to a party with Ward and June. However, the trouble begins when the youngster locks herself in the bathroom.
The Bank Account
Ward tries to teach Wally and Beaver the importance of saving by giving them a piggy bank. The boys quickly save up a handful of change and are all ready to spend it on some baseball equipment. However, unknown to their parents, they change their minds and decide to spend the money on a most unselfish gift.
The Hunting Party: Part 2
When a man travels to North Carolina to locate the responsible party in his brother's supposed hunting-accident death, it isn't long before he is charged with murder. Matlock takes the case and finds an unlikely ally in the local deputy.
First Deadly Sin
A serial rapist stalks Sparta.
The Runaway
Everyone in the Walton house is too busy to pay attention Jim Bob so he takes matters into his own hands.
Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood
Thad Greenwood trails the four tough guys who caused his father to have a fatal heart attack.
On Now
A Dollar's Worth Of Trouble
A fortune teller predicts that two people will soon enter and change Hoss's life: a hot blonde chick and a dangerous gunman.
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The Stand-in
Two prison wagon drivers stop at the McCain ranch looking for whiskey. Lucas turns them down because they are escorting Rudy Croft, a murderer who is to be hanged in Yuma.
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The Journey Back
Mark goes to work for Will Temple, a badly scarred and very mysterious rancher.
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Wagon Train Mutiny
"When Comancheros wipe out a small wagon train ahead of them, Chris sends Bill and Duke to check it out. They find a young wounded Comanchero who tells them they are to be attacked. Chris' actions cause a mutiny."
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Log 124 -- Airport
Malloy and Reed are rendered powerless when a drunken man with no flight experience decides to take a solo flight in a stolen airplane at a busy airport. Later, they try to locate a 17-year-old runaway living in a condemned home with a much older man, engage in a shootout with a convenience store robber and search for a booby-trapped bank safe that has been stolen with a tow truck.
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The Treasure Of The Sierra Madrock
Two con artists trick Fred and Barney into buying a gold mine.
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Get A Job
Looking for work, Richie, Potsie and Ralph agree to fix the fence of an attractive divorcee. When the woman leaves for a while, Potsie and Ralph decide to take off as well, leaving Richie to finish the job by himself.
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War Co-respondent
B.J. finds himself attracted to a famous war correspondent, Aggie O'Shea, who has fallen in love with him.
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Back Pay
Angered by the way civilian doctors in the States are profiting from the war, Hawkeye presents the Army with a bill for his medical services. Meanwhile, Charles reluctantly demonstrates American medical practices to three Korean medics, and is on the receiving end of their medical expertise.
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Barney Fife, Realtor
Andy lectures Opie about the importance of informing a potential buyer of the true condition of the item being sold. Meanwhile, Barney decides to dabble in the real estate field.
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Goober Takes A Car Apart
Andy needs someone to answer the phone at the courthouse while he is in Mt. Pilot at a sheriff's conference and Barney is on vacation. Against his better judgement, Andy agrees to let Goober man the fort.
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Supply Sergeants Never Die
Carter, who says that Supply Sgt. Singer has the easiest job, wagers that any knucklehead could handle it—even Gomer.
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Handy Lessons
Wanting to be a bigger help to Oliver, Lisa decides to learn carpentry. She buys overalls and begins to study the craft from the inept Monroe brothers. Lisa's talents result in destruction in Monroes' workshop and earns Oliver a punch in the nose.
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The Case Of The Bashful Burro
Mason arrives in the gold mining town of Placer City looking for an old prospector to subpoena for testimony. He then gets involved in a murder case when one of the participants in a barroom fight is found dead.
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The Legacy
A prince sets his eye on Irene and her money.
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A housewife buys a stolen mink for $400.
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With Intent To Kill
When attempts are made on the life of Detective Ira Deegan, who is in hot pursuit of a robber, his wife hires Mannix to keep an eye on her husband.
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Dan Mathews pursues a counterfeiting gang and winds up with a murderer.
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D.h.q. - Medical
Friday and Gannon investigate cases in a hospital emergency ward.