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Sneak Peek: Meet Jack Condon

Sneak Peek: Meet Tom Pfrogner

Sneak Peek: Meet Patrick Brickley


Sneak peek: Meet Mark Klaus

Every day is Christmas in the world of Mark Klaus. He collects authentic Christmas movie props and costumes from some of the most popular holiday films of all time!

Sneak peek: Meet Victoria Maclean

With more than 6,000 items in her possession, Harry Potter fan Victoria Maclean holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Wizarding World memorabilia.

Sneak peek: Meet Eric Pfeifer

After his first viewing as a child, Eric Pfeifer began collecting everything related to Star Wars. Now his collection is so vast — covering both floors of his house as well as its basement — that he holds regular "Pfeifer-Cons," drawing people from near and far to come and view it. Eric is joined by his mom, Connie, who has nurtured his collection over the years