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Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind
Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid.
Slater's Friend
Slater unwittingly dooms his chameleon when he leaves it with Screech.
Kleptomaniac Caper
Ignorant of Wilma's donation to a rummage sale, Fred calls the police when he discovers his closet ransacked.
Latin Lover
After Wilma sees Latin lover Roberto Rockelini on TV, she decides to recreate Fred in the dashing actor's image.
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
While umpiring for Bedrock's Little League team, Fred is discovered by a big league scout.
Dino Goes Hollyrock
Fred enters Dino in auditions for a popular TV series.
Coming-out Party
Mike's boss, Mr. Phillips, invites the Brady family on a fishing trip. However, when Cindy comes down with tonsillitis, the trip is postponed, to everyone's dismay. They try to keep an epidemic at bay in the Brady house.
Our Son, The Man
Greg, tired of the antics of his younger siblings, thinks he should have his own room. Mike allows Greg to turn his den into his own room. This also leads to Greg dressing a whole new way and talking a whole new way, including calling his parents by their first names.
The Liberation Of Marcia Brady
Women's Liberation hits the Brady household, and the boys scoff at Marcia's idea that girls can do the same things that boys do. To prove her point, she tries joining Greg's Frontier Scouts.
Lights Out
After witnessing a magician perform a disappearing act, a scared Cindy refuses to sleep with the lights off. Peter gets her to be part of his magic act, and he seemingly makes Bobby disappear.
Will The Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?
The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending all of his money.
Ghost A Go-go
A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the castaways off, but they turn the tables by dressing in sheets to scare the visitor away.
Allergy Time
The Skipper begins to itch and sneeze whenever he is around Gilligan.
The Friendly Physician
A mad scientist lands on the island and takes the castaways to his castle to perform strange experiments on them. Soon they are locked in a dungeon and trapped in the wrong bodies.
"v" For Vitamins
The Professor determines that the lack of vitamin C on the island threatens the health of the castaways.
Mr. And Mrs.???
A radio bulletin states that the minister who married the Howell's was a fraud.
I Was A Teenage Monster
A mad scientist has plans to steal the Monkees' musical talent for his monster.
Find The Monkees (the Audition)
The Monkees compete against other groups to win a gig from a big-time television producer.
Captain's Ne'er Do Well Brother
Stubing's slick brother boards; a woman picks a father for her baby; a widow compares a man with her late spouse.
Change Of Command
Frank settles in as commanding officer, only to have a new one appointed over his head, one that, to his chagrin, fits in very well.
It Happened One Night
It happened one night: freezing cold, an artillery barrage that's coming too close, a patient going downhill and Frank's searching Hot Lips' tent for his letters.
Dead Weight
After learning that he is being investigated for embezzling military funds, Major General Martin Hollister shoots his partner in crime, who decided to flee the country. The act is witnessed by Helen Stewart, who is wooed by the general into doubting her own story.
Meet George
"Elvis superfan George has spent decades building a collection covering the entire reign of the King of Rock and Roll. His hundreds of records, movie posters, fan magazines and more take up nearly every inch of his home. He shares with Lisa such prize rarities as a life-size movie-theater cutout for 1956’s Love Me Tender; a mint-condition Elvis board game; a pristine Mylar banner for the King’s 1973 Hawaiian concert; and a pair of vintage, never-worn Elvis sneakers. George is joined by his wife Joanne, who has become his partner in all things Elvis; and we’ve brought certified appraiser (and lifelong Elvis fan) Judy Martin to put a price on the collection. Judy has also brought a rare Elvis comic-book appearance that she’ll try to persuade George to take in trade for one of his other treasures."
Sleep On, Sweet Fred
While using a "sleep-teaching" method to make their husbands be better spouses, the girls get both families arrested.
The Sleepwalker
Norton is sleepwalking and Ralph gets stuck looking after him.
Jilting The Jilter
Sally dates a comedian who never paid Rob and Buddy for writing his material.
When A Bowling Pin Talks, Listen
Rob writes a sketch, only to discover another comedy show did almost the exact same thing!
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A Game Of Pool
Championship pool player Fats Brown returns from the grave for one last game.
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Where Beauty Lies
A woman strives to keep her brother from running her life.
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Sorcerer's Apprentice
An unfaithful woman plans to get rid of her husband with the help of a stranded young man. (This episode was deemed too horrifying by a sponsor and was not broadcast until the series was sold into syndication.)
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The Other Side Of The Mountain
In West Virginia, Kimble arrives at a local coal mining town where he is roughed up by the redneck locals, and then chased by a sheriff's posse. Hiding in the mountains, Kimble meets Cassie, a young woman living in a remote cabin with her grandmother.
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Operation Rogosh
Imry Rogosh is a mass murderer who kills to foment political upheaval. He is targeting Los Angeles, so the IMF knock him out in a car accident. When Rogosh regains consciousness he is in a prison cell in his own country, three years later, and ready to be executed.
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Sisters Of The Friendless
A young man is accused of murder, and the only witnesses for the defense are two nuns who are unable to leave their convent.
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The Leaper
An elderly circus performer is shot by a man using a high-powered rifle while standing on the ledge of an apartment building. The man's wife asks Peter Gunn to investigate the death of her husband.
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Hit And Run
A hit-and-run exposes an attempted robbery.
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The Missing Realtor
A woman real estate agent is missing and turns up dead in a vacant home. The detectives' one suspect, the woman's ex-boyfriend, is cleared; then credit card bills for purchases made after the woman's death start appearing.