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Less Than Perfect
Blair gets into a car accident and worries about how she'll look after stitches.
Sam's New Pal
Sam is taken aback when he realizes his new "buddy" is a girl, but Mr. Drummond is even more dumbfounded when the kids want to have a sleepover.
A Bride For Jed
Country musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts and decide that Jed needs a wife. With the help of Jane and Drysdale, they decide to get him a wife the way they did—by holding auditions for girl singers. Meanwhile, Gladys and Louise travel to San Francisco to get away from Granny and her country cooking lessons, saying that is the way they can make Elly May ladylike.
Love Thy Neighbor
Robbie and Katie have an unpleasant personality clash with the young couple that has moved into the next-door apartment in their building.
Tire Trouble
Beaver wants to raise chinchillas and begins building a cage in the garage. However, when Beaver changes his mind, Ward tries his best to get Wally and Beaver to clean up the mess. Things get worse when Ward unknowingly runs over some of the wood and nails left laying around with the car, causing the boys to try to patch a flat tire before Ward finds out.
Larry Hides Out
While Beaver is staying at the Mondellos, Larry sneaks a peak at his sister's diary and his mother discovers him and yells at him right in front of Beaver. This prompts Larry to run away to Beaver's house, where Beaver secretly hides him in his bathroom.
The Case Of The Captain's Coins
Historian Phillip Andrews argues that his fiancée, Evelyn Faraday, is entitled to a share of a shipping company fortune. Phillip then finds himself accused of murdering the company's top man.
The Defendant
Leanne falls for Matlock's new client, a philanthropist accused of murdering his business partner.
Murder By The Busload
A bus accident brings multiple victims into the hospital.
Someone is selling crack to teenagers and Sweet tries desperately to save a young addict.
Sam Mctavish, M.d.
The arrival of the first woman doctor in Dodge City, Dr. Sam McTavish, riles Doc Adams. However, she soon wins his confidence and that of his patients, and the two physicians make a startling medical discovery.
Trouble Town
A Cartwright cattle drive stops in the town of River Bend. There they help Lilah Holden, an old friend of Candy's, out of a jam.
The Hawk
Young Mark manages to capture a hawk, but then falls into danger from a rattlesnake. When a stranger comes to his rescue, the grateful Mark invites the man home, unaware that he is on the run from the law.
The Three-legged Terror
When a rambunctious teenager wrecks a schoolroom, Lucas McCain, as a member of the North Fork school board, asks the boy's reluctant uncle to pay for the damages.
The Annie Griffith Story
Flint, seeking safe passage through the mountains, is shot and dragged into a cabin. Nursed back to health, his savior finds out that the man who shot Flint was her husband, and Flint had to kill him or be killed.
Angels On Horseback
A tour group headed for the Sunwest Dude Ranch becomes a busload of suspects when one of them is murdered before they reach their destination. The Angels disguise themselves as ordinary visitors to investigate.
Ann-margrock Presents
Beautiful singer-dancer Ann-Margrock arrives in Bedrock to dedicate the new Bedrock Bowl.
Groom Gloom
Fred dreams that newsboy Arnold has grown up and eloped with a mature Pebbles.
Follies Of The Living - Concerns Of The Dead
While suffering a fever, Klinger communicates with the spirit of a dead soldier, Private Weston, who stays on to witness his own last rites.
The Birthday Girls
Margaret's birthday plans are spoiled when she and Klinger get stranded on a desolate roadside. Meanwhile, Charles gives a lecture for Margaret, and the surgeons assist in the delivery of a calf.
The Beauty Contest
Andy is chosen to be the sole judge of a local beauty pageant. The entrants include Floyd's niece, the mayor's daughter and Ellie Walker.
Alcohol And Old Lace
Andy and Barney, on a spree of destroying illegal stills, are surprised when a trail leads them to two spinster sisters.
Gomer Captures A Submarine
The men are on a simple reconnaissance mission, but Gomer somehow seems destined to ruin it.
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You And Your Big Shrunken Head
When the Douglases, Eb, and potetentially wealthy Arnold return from Chicago, the pig goes on a gift-giving spree. Mr. Kimball gets a wristwatch, Lisa, an expensive braclet, and Oliver, a shrunken head. With Arnold the target of every salesman in the valley, he hides out at the Douglas farm. Soon they've tracked him down and it's Oliver who has to fight off the pushy peddlers.
On Now
Look At The Pretty Snowflakes
Hogan and his men start an avalanche to stop a Panzer division.
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Rockets Or Romance
Hogan becomes the partner of a beautiful underground agent when he and his men team up with the underground to destroy a guided missile battery.
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Guests Steve Lawrence And Sally Struthers
In The Boring Twenties, Carol and the gang parody the classic film "The Roaring Twenties", following a singer in a dumpy bar.
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The Case Of The Curious Bride
Rhoda Reynolds is charged with murdering her blackmailing ex-husband, Arthur Kane. At the trial, Mason moves the proceedings to the room in which Kane was murdered in order to re-enact the fatal night.
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Walking Distance
When a man decides to visit his hometown, he finds it exactly as it was when he was a child.
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A man is enraged when he learns that his wife is unfaithful.
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Invitation To An Accident
A man tries to tell another man that his wife is cheating on him.
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Rage To Kill
Mannix investigates the supposed suicide of a psychiatrist and discovers that the deceased shrink had some very interesting patients.
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He Who Digs A Grave: Part 1
A serial murder targets Cannon as his next victim. At first the homicide wanted to be finally released from his compulsion to kill. Cannon accepted to help him. But Cannon got too involved in the the killer's demands.
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An escaped convict asks Barnaby to help him prove he didn't kill a judge.
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Armored Car
Dan Mathews races to find a missing armored truck and rescue its endangered guard.
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Till Marriage Do Us Part
Jo weighs a heavy decision. Meanwhile, Casey admits to Blair that he doesn't believe in marriage.