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The Joy Riders
A 15-year-old car thief is given a tour of the jail in an attempt to show him the consequences for choosing crime.
Now In My Day
When Chip's school has a dance at which the boys are to bring their mothers and the girls their fathers, he arranges for Steve to escort his classmate's widowed mother.
Robin Hood Daffy (1958), A Tale Of Two Kitties, Just Plane Beep (1965), Nearlyweds, Puss-n-boats
"Popeye and Bluto both plan to marry Olive Oyl."
Brotherly Love
June has had it with Wally and Beaver's fighting and demands they make a pact to be nice to one another and do things together. However, when each boy gets an invitation for individual social outings, they each attempt to break the pact.
Water, Anyone
"Wally and his friends are trying to earn enough money to buy baseball uniforms so they put a plan into action by doing their chores at a slow pace in order to maximize their hourly pay. Meanwhile, Beaver, also wanting to be on the team, begins selling water to his family and neighbors."
Thief, The (part 2)
"Matlock and Tyler realise that part of Linda's deception is routed in the recent kidnapping of her son. While Tyler helps her locate the child, Matlock finds the rare coin he needs to put the finish on the case."
Bounty Hunter
Gillespie receives word that a former Spartan is wanted for the murder of a socialite in Houston. But a ruthless bounty hunter, sent by the victim's jealous husband is already in Sparta and sees the man's sister as a means to locate his quarry.
The Five Foot Shelf
Olivia buys books from a peddler who does not turn in the order
Bad Lady From Brookline
A woman tries to raise her son in Dodge after her husband is killed in a gunfight.
Shining In Spain
Joe falls for a girl whose filled with stories of her absent father and his many adventures.
Dark Day At North Fork
Blinded in an explosion, Lucas fights despair as he prepares for a meeting with a gun-toting enemy.
On Now
The Prisoner
Two ex-Confederate officers seek revenge on Lucas. McCain was a lieutenant in the 8th Indiana, which defeated the 12th Cavalry 15 years earlier at the Battle of Fort Donaldson.
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The Jud Steele Story
"Bill Hawks returns the horse and belongings of a horse thief he shot to the local town sheriff. These identify the thief as a long dead war hero with a monument in the middle of town who was declared dead after a payroll robbery."
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Log 83 -- A Different Thing
An older husband complains about his wife and friend's noisy karate practice. A hit and run traffic accident looks looks like a homicide. The officers use their investigative skills to locate the suspect and arrest him.
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Log 103 -- A Sound Like Thunder
Malloy and his date join Reed and his expecting wife on a weekend trip to a ghost town, but soon they cross paths with a dangerous motorcycle gang.
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Open House
Richie and Potsie plan to host a poker night at the Cunningham house as Howard and Marion will be out of town. However, their plans change when three young women stop by after their car breaks down, and Potsie invites them to stay the night.
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Private Finance
A South Korean woman misinterprets Klinger's motives when he tries to help her daughter financially. Meanwhile, Hawkeye wrestles with his conscience over a promise made to a dying soldier, Eddie Hastings.
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Mr. And Mrs. Who?
Charles returns to the 4077th after a trip to Tokyo with an uncharacteristic hangover and the uneasy feeling of a romantic entanglement. Meanwhile, the hospital struggles to find a cure for an outbreak of deadly hemorrhagic fever.
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The Education Of Ernest T. Bass
Ernest T. is back in Mayberry to get his diploma. He is so determined that Andy convinces Helen to allow him to attend class, but Ernest T. isn't exactly classroom material.
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Aunt Bee's Romance
An old beau of Aunt Bee comes to town to court her.
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Gomer The M.p.
Gomer ends up on MP duty, where one of his first feats is to mistakenly arrest a government inspector.
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A Star Named Arnold Is Born: Part 2
Oliver and Lisa chaperone Arnold to Hollywood for his screen test. Producer Boris Fedor isn't interested in the pig; he's just using him to pressure a greedy horse to come back to work. When the horse's agent balks, the publicity machine starts promoting Arnold as the studio's next big star. A stunned Oliver, who came along for laughs, can't believe what he's witnessing.
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Up In Klink's Room
Hogan gets himself sent to the hospital so he can get information from a wounded agent.
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The Purchasing Plan
Hogan and crew are ordered to deliver airdropped ammo to the underground.
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Business Lunch, The / Mrs. Wiggins / Oldest Man, The
In The Business Lunch, a strictly-professional Harvey proposes a business merger to Carol aka marriage. Then, in Mrs. Wiggins, Mr. Tudball fights the coffee machine. Finally, in The Oldest Man, a hurried man goes to his butcher, the Oldest Man.
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The Case Of The Wayward Wife
Ben Sutton is listed as the author of a best-selling book describing his experiences in a Korean POW camp. When the real author is released from an Army hospital, Sutton is slain before he can tell the truth and his widow is arrested for the murder.
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Mr. Denton On Doomsday
A has-been, drunk gunslinger finds his fast-draw abilities magically restored.
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Back For Christmas
A man plans to get rid of his nagging wife — permanently.
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The Perfect Murder
Two twisted brothers scheme to speed up their inheritance by killing their aunt.
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Bang, Bang, You're Dead
The story of a murder plot from a young girl seems to be the truth when she becomes the victim of a hit-and-run attempt.
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Star, The (part 1)
"Frank is hired when the son of a former Hollywood movie star suddenly disappears."
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Sing A Song Of Murder
The managers of a rock music star, whom they think drowned in his pool, cash in on his "tragedy""."
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Statue Of Limitations
Dan Mathews attempts to catch three robbers before the statute of limitations runs out.
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Frauds - Dr-28
Friday and Gannon investigate the delay of death notifications in the state employment department.