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Burglary Auto - Juvenile Genius (s4, ep11)
Friday tracks down thieves responsible for a series of Los Angeles robberies.
The Other Woman (s9, ep20)
Chip and Ernie are alarmed by how the married Robbie behaves in the company of a glamorous woman.
On Now
Lighter Than Hare (1960), Cueball Cat, Bear Raid Warden, Don't Axe Me (1958), I’m In The Army Now
"Sam sends his robot to Earth to capture Bugs in his home, a trash dump. , When Tom uses Jerry as a ball in the poolroom, Jerry decides to do it back to him., Barney is the local air raid warden and he has trouble with both an owl and a firefly that wake him up and make his patrol difficult., Daffy and the dog get in a fight over food at Elmer Fudd's farm. Daffy swipes the dog's hambone, and the dog tries to get even by suggesting to the farmer's wife to want duck for dinner. , After seeing Olive Oyl gaze spellbound at an Army poster picturing a handsome uniformed soldier, both Popeye and Bluto try to enlist."
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Miss Lander's Fiancee
"While doing some yard work for Miss Landers, Beaver and Whitey witness their favorite teacher in the midst of a gentleman caller, which makes Beaver a bit jealous. However, Beaver gets sick to his stomach when he discovers Miss Landers is engaged to be married and the man he saw was her fiance."
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Eddie's Double Cross
"Eddie crawls through the Cleaver house spreading the news that he's going steady with Caroline Schuster, something that worries June who doesn't want Wally to get any ideas about going steady. However, Wally has other worries when he overhears Caroline saying that she's only using Eddie while her boyfriend is grounded. Leaving Wally with the decision to tell Eddie or not."
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The Case Of The Gambling Lady (s8, ep26)
Counterfeit casino chips and chronic gambling lead to murder, and Mason suspects one of his clients may be culpable.
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The Defense (s6, ep)
Matlock defends teenager Danny Hayes, who is accused of murdering his father. Danny insists that his father was going to kill his mother, but the testimony of his father's best friend damages the young man's story.
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A Love Lost (s7, ep6)
Lana's ex-boyfriend comes to see her and brings a load of stolen rifles with him.
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The Wedding - Part 1 (s5, ep7)
Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding.
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A Hat (s13, ep6)
Tough Texas cattleman Red Conniston is headed to Dodge to kill Clint Sorils, who killed Conniston's son, Ben, in a gunfight.
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The Stronghold (s9, ep31)
When the crooked Farrell brothers pay Joe and Candy for a herd with a worthless bank draft, the Cartwrights turn to a bitter enemy of the Farrell's to help get the money owed to them.
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Meeting At Midnight (s2, ep34)
Lucas helps his former Army captain, now an undercover federal agent, infiltrate a gang of bank robbers.
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Nora (s2, ep35)
Lucas finds himself involved in murder when he gallantly steps to the aid of a beautiful woman.
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The John Cameron Story (s1, ep3)
The husband of a much younger woman grows jealous of her flirtatious ways.
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Team Work (s7, ep3)
As part of a trial program, Malloy and Reed team with Motor Officer Grant to better combat crime. Out on patrol, they make a safety check at a residence, investigate a suspicious witness at the scene of a traffic accident, deal with a young member of a neighborhood watch, respond to an annoying complaint about illegally parked cars and perform a daylight stakeout to catch a serial burglar.
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Fred's New Job (s3, ep20)
With the baby coming, Fred tries to get a raise from his boss.
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Hollywood: Part 1 (s5, ep1)
A Hollywood talent scout, needing a mechanic for his limousine, sees Fonzie at Arnold's and thinks he could be the next James Dean. The Cunninghams, Potsie and Ralph go to Hollywood with Fonzie for his screen test.
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Payday (s3, ep22)
On payday, Frank buys two sets of pearls, a cheap imitation one for Margaret and a real one for his wife. After some talk, Radar gets Hawkeye $3,000 in lost earnings, Hawkeye gives it to Mulcahy for the orphans, but then the army wants the money back. Trapper wins big at poker after using Hawkeye's watch as a stake, so Hawkeye takes his winnings and gives them to the army to avoid a stay in the honeymoon suite of The Stockade Hilton.
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White Gold (s3, ep23)
Colonel Flagg blows into camp trying to obtain penicillin to barter for information. But Flagg comes down with appendicitis, and the only penicillin he gets is in the keister.
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Barney's First Car (s3, ep27)
Barney uses his life savings of $300 to buy a car, which almost immediately begins to break down.
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The Rivals (s3, ep28)
Opie has his first crush, who ignores him. Barney steps in and tries to give him advice about women, which leads to Opie developing a crush on Thelma Lou.
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The Recruiting Poster (s4, ep2)
Gomer learns his face will be on a recruiting poster—instead of Sgt. Carter's.
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Eb's Double Trouble (s6, ep7)
The new schoolteacher, Carol, arrives in Hooterville and Eb is in love. He'd asked his current girlfriend, Darlene, to the dance weeks earlier, but now wants to go with Carol. After seeking and ignoring advice from Oliver, Eb listens to Mr. Haney and tells Darlene that he has a wife in Racine, Wisconsin. Darlene's father, angry over this little revelation, takes his displeasure out on Oliver's nose.
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Local News
Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep1)
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Some Of Their Planes Are Missing (s3, ep2)
The Germans plan to send their men into England via captured planes.
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The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Edward Villella And Steve Lawrence
"Guests Edward Villella and Steve Lawrence. Originally aired on 10/06/69."
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The Case Of The Tarnished Trademark (s5, ep18)
Axel Norstaad sells his much respected furniture trademark to Martin Somers, described by some as the slide trombone of the furniture business. Somers immediately begins stripping the company of its assets and churning out inferior products.
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The Kind Waitress (s4, ep24)
A waitress and her boyfriend plan the death of an elderly rich guest.
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Cheap Is Cheap (s4, ep25)
A miserly man is appalled to discover his wife is planning to spend his life's savings.
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s6, ep23)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s2, ep22)
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Flight To Danger (s4, ep7)
Barnaby tracks a pair of heroin dealers who are using unsuspecting flight attendants as couriers.
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Family Affair (s4, ep3)
A wife engineers a brilliant scheme for her husband’s escape from the penitentiary.
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Bunco - $9,000 (s4, ep12)
The search is on for a swindler who conned an old vaudevillian out of $9,000 he found on a sidewalk.