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The Great Race
The future of the Shady Rest hangs on the outcome of a race between the Cannonball and an overland taxi.
Tune In Next Year
The people of Hooterville do everything they can think of to prevent Dr. Craig from leaving to work for a famed neurologist.
Jethro Returns
Jethro finally returns from hiding out, as Granny is planning Elly's marriage to Robert Crockett. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until Elly and Robert drive to Vegas, and Elly learns that he thinks she loves him. In the end, the truth is revealed to everyone, and they learn who this mysterious Robert really is, an out-of-work actor.
The Clampetts Strike Oil
Jed Clampett's swamp is loaded with oil. When a wildcatter discovers the huge pool, Jed sells his land to the O.K. Oil Company and, at the urging of cousin Pearl, moves his family to a 35-room mansion in Beverly Hills, California. But when they get to their new home, which they think is a prison and the gardeners are inmates, they are mistaken for vandals and get arrested.
The Court Martial Of Major Pass
"Not comfort and rest but capture and torture await Major Liam Mars when he arrives by stage at Crazy Creek station, in company with Traveller Bat Masterson and Miss Lottie Tremaine. The station-master has disappeared and an Indian and half-breed have taken his place... with a terrible welcome for the major."
The Price Of Paradise
"People such as tax collectors, Bat Masterson and other creditors are thrown out of Walker Hayes' saloon when they come in to collect from Hayes. Bat has a claim on Hayes for a gambling debt and is determined to make "an honest man" of least to the extent of what Hayes owes him."
A gunslinger puts a damper on a teacher's efforts to give his students a good education.
Deadly Decoy
A corpse holds the key to an outlaw plot.
Treasure Trail
Paladin wins part of a treasure map in a poker game and goes in search of the treasure with three other men.
Juliet Harper is being hunted by the grandsons of Colonel Jeremiah Pike. Paladin meets her on the stage and now the Colonel is after both of them, and Paladin is without a gun.
On Now
Trail West To Fury
The open range is home for the brothers Maverick, who are searching for the one man who can clear them of murder.
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The Gabe Carswell Story
Gabe Carswell wants his son to join the whites because of what he sees coming for the indians. When his son refuses he takes him to the wagon train heading for California, but the Arapaho are getting set to attack.
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During an earthquake a mission church collapses into a forgotten mine that lies under it. Victoria is trapped there with a pregnant indian woman and a man with a grudge: He's a ranch hand that Nick recently fired.
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Moo Moo Raid
"Tush (a cattle boss) accuses Bert (cattle boss of another herd) of murdering Onie Tucker & his cow. An all-out war is looming when Matt won't arrest Burt right away."
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Kitty's Killing
"When an older gentlemen, Jacob Leech, comes into the Dodge jail house and tells Matt and Chester that he plans to kill a man named Ollie Radford, Matt puts Jacob Leech in the jail for the night to cool off."
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The Rival
While visiting a girl he is courting, Hoss helps save the life of a rival suitor when the man is wanted by a lynch mob for the wrongful deaths of a family.
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Incident Of The Pale Rider
The new man is a dead ringer for the man Rowdy shot in a Wells Fargo holdup.
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The Hostage
Who needs enemies with friends like the residents of Rogue City? The townsfolk celebrate Randall for bringing in notorious killer Jumbo Kane, but just as quickly turn on him when Kane breaks loose and demands a hostage to ensure his escape.
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The Empty Call
Randall is rooked out of his bounty by crafty criminal Hunt Willis and his accomplice. Not one to accept defeat, Josh turns detective to rout the outlaws, his investigation dogged by the suspicious sheriff, a cousin to Willis.
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The Queue
A Chinese man and his son fight prejudice as they try to open a laundry in North Fork.
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The Vaqueros
While Lucas and Mark are traveling across the Mexican desert they encounter a trio of Mexican bandits. They demand payment from Lucas for crossing "their" desert. Lucas refuses. In retaliation, the three slam Lucas in the throat with his rifle, strip him of all his possessions (including Mark), tie him to a tree and leave him to die of thirst and exposure.
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Of Cash And Hash, Boobs In Arms, All The World's A Stooge, Dutiful But Dumb, Fling In The Ring, Tricky Dicks
"The Stooges are window washers who lose their jobs after Moe impersonates the dentist in whose office they were cleaning. On the run, they are hired by a millionaire to pose as children. It seems the man's wife wants to adopt some refugees to impress her society friends. Moe is Johnny, Curly is Frankie and Larry is Mabel. Everything goes fairly well as the lady shows off the Stooges to her friends, but they finally irritate her husband so much that he goes after them with an ax. "
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Brides Of Dracula
"A young teacher on her way to a position in Transylvania helps a young man escape the shackles his mother has put on him. In so doing she innocently unleashes the horrors of the undead once again on the populace, including those at her school for ladies. Luckily for some, Dr Van Helsing is already on his way."
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The Cloud Minders
Kirk must resolve a mining dispute on a the cloud city of Stratos to acquire the resources to cure a space plague.
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Flight Of The War Witch: Part 1
A mysterious UFO leads Buck into a mission into another universe, but Princess Ardala is close behind.
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The Watchers
A hotel owner is taken over by invaders awaiting a guest.
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The Wreck Of The Robot
After Will's toy ball turns to gold, aliens get ahold of it and demand the robot for its return.
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The Invaders
A man-like creature preserved via suspended animation for 20 million years is taken aboard the Seaview from the ocean floor.
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The Unsuspected
While fleeing the giants, Steve is exposed to hallucinogenic mushroom spores and becomes a raving paranoid who makes an alliance with Inspector Kobick to turn in his fellow Earthlings.
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The Revenge Of Robin Hood
In 13th-century England, Tony and Doug join Robin Hood's revolt against evil King John.