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Vincent recovers important information regarding the aliens just as a conspiracy targets his future.
Road Rebels
"Matt joins a gang to stop jewel thieves connected to car robberies."
The Will
A favorite graduate dies and leaves $10,000 in his will to Bayside, creating a battle of the sexes at the school as both feel they deserve the endowment.
No Hope With Dope
A famous film star comes to Bayside to shoot an anti-drug PSA. The gang is enamored with him but then they discover that he uses drugs himself.
Day Of Detention
If Zack can just get out of detention, he has a chance at winning a trip to Hawaii. Doing their best to get him off the hook, the gang ends up in detention, too.
Isn't It Romantic
On Valentine's Day, the gang flashes back to the romantic adventures they've had in the past.
Wrestling With The Future
Slater and his father fight over where he should attend college and Zack tries to fix it. Meanwhile, Jessie becomes a cheerleader and worries about college acceptances.
Class Rings
After Zack buys class rings for all the seniors at Bayside, he's embarrassed to find out he's been had when the rings turn out to be phonies.
Flintstone Of Prinstone
Fred attends night classes and is drafted to be a quarterback on the school football team.
The Little White Lie
Fred has to explain poker winnings to Wilma, who thought he was visiting a sick friend.
Social Climbers
Fred and Barney are sent to charm school in preparation for an ambassador's reception.
The Beauty Contest
Beauty contest judges Fred and Barney are pressured to vote for candidates favored by Fred's boss and a racketeer.
Sorry, Right Number
With nine people in the house, Mike gets frustrated at his lack of telephone time. He decides to install a second phone line, but that only makes the problem worse. This leads him to install a pay phone in the family room.
Mike's Horror-scope
The day after Carol reads Mike's horoscope, which states "a strange woman will enter your life tomorrow," a difficult and demanding female client begins to dominate Mike's time, keeping him away from home.
The Babysitters
With Alice away at Sam's, and Cindy developing the sniffles, Mike and Carol are ready to cancel their night out. Greg and Marcia argue that they are responsible and old enough to look after their siblings.
Double Parked
The neighborhood park is going to be bulldozed so the new court house can be built, prompting the Brady family to go all out to try to save the park. But it's Mike's firm that's in charge of the construction.
Mother And Child Reunion
Fonzie takes his auto shop class to an out-of-town junkyard and meets a waitress at a diner whom he thinks is his mother.
American Musical
Chachi struggles with an essay on the causes, hardships and influences of immigration until Fonzie tells him several stories in a series of musical vignettes.
Robot Lawsuit
A giant robot attacks Laverne in a toy store, prompting her to sue the toy company.
Home Movies: Part 1
Joanie prepares some home movies to send to Richie. In the movies, Lori Beth announces that she's going to have a baby; Al's mother visits for the entire summer; Howard is consumed with Braves baseball; and Fonzie and his former gang, the Falcons, get ready to settle old scores with a rival gang.
Home Movies: Part 2
Fonzie's Falcons and their rival gang, the War Mongers, attempt to settle an old scores with a game of softball. The outcome is disputed, and a rumble ensues. Marion confronts Howard about his anxiety over becoming a grandfather, and Chachi continues to try to make up with Joanie.
Mama And Dr. Brothers
Dr. Joyce Brothers helps Naomi when she needs advice about sex.
Cat's Meow
Iola has her dead cat freeze-dried.
Rainbow Bridge
As Hawkeye and Trapper are planning to leave for Tokyo, an unusual offer to swap POW patients between the Chinese and the 4077th comes in. Henry, after much debate, agrees to send Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank, Radar and Klinger into enemy territory. Frank almost botches the swap when he brings a squirt gun to the exchange. Fortunately, the Chinese Dr. Lin Tam has a sense of humor.
Last Salute To The Commodore
Charlie Clay runs the ship building business of his father-in-law, Commodore Swanson, who turns up murdered.
Meet James Azrael
"As movie costume collector James Azrael puts it, “movies define us.” To him, movies serve as markers in time, tracking milestones in one’s life. But collecting costumes and props is about more than just the personal connection for James; it’s also a way of preserving history. He considers himself the keeper of these iconic costumes for a moment in time, and he and his friend Brad have restored many of the items to their original condition. James’ collection boasts identifiable costumes from films like Robocop, Little Shop of Horrors, The Terminator, Friday the 13th and countless more. James and Brad are joined today by friend, appraiser and fellow movie costume collector Mark, who often helps James track down highly sought-after items. Mark has brought along an item in hopes of making a trade … but James has never traded or sold one of his costumes or props."
A Woman's Work Is Never Done
"Tired of Ralph's endless domestic complaints, Alice takes a job and leaves a maid to take care of the housework."
A Penny For Your Thoughts
Gaining telepathic abilities when his coin lands on its edge, a mild-mannered bank clerk learns about the difference between other people's plans and fantasies.
A Nice Touch
An adulterous partner is caught between a drunken husband and a determined lover.
The Iron Maiden
An industrial accident traps Kimble and some government workers underground. A member of the trapped group wants to turn Kimble in as soon as they are rescued. To add to Richard's problems, Lt. Gerard is waiting above at the only exit.
On Now
The Photographer
The team must get the key to a code from an American traitor before the country he works for distributes pneumonic plague bacillus throughout the U.S.
 Remind Me
Death Is A Sore Loser
A janitor and his wife see Police Sergeant Lee Davis enter their building and minutes later they hear two shots. They rush to the scene to find Sergeant Davis holding a gun over the body of a dead derelict.
 Remind Me
I Know It's Murder
Psychic Kevin Daniels asks Gunn to prevent the murder of his mother.