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Art Robbery
Two thieves get more than they bargained for when their plan goes awry.
Fast Food
Natalie hires Blair as an employee at the Mexican restaurant, but Blair's attitude gets the best of her.
Where's Poppa?
Blair doesn't know how to react when her father is charged with insider trading.
The Houseguest
Willis and Charlene's budding young love begins to wilt when she moves in as a temporary houseguest at the Drummond's. Janet Jackson returns in her role as Willis' girlfriend, Charlene.
On Now
The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted
Jethro returns to Dr. Twombly’s office to get his Certificate Of Health. Twombly examines Jethro, learning about each member of the family. But the family member that interests the psychiatrist is Granny. Twombly asks Drysdale to help him learn more about the family, wanting to know more about Granny. Meanwhile, Pearl is hoping to see the doctor again, and Granny creates a love charm for Pearl to use to conjure the doctor to her.
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Came The Day
After a few hours of hectic, last-minute preparations, Steve and Barbara are married in a simple church ceremony.
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The Garage Painters
A lazy weekend leads Ward to direct Wally and Beaver to read a book, Tom Sawyer. The book influences them so much that they take on the job of painting the garage doors. However, they soon find the job to be awfully boring and messy. Chaos erupts when neighbor Bengie Bellamy stops by wanting to help.
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Wally's Pug Nose
When the new girl, Gloria, tells Wally that he has a pug nose, he becomes incredibly self-conscious and purchases a contraption that is suppose to give him a strong Roman nose. When Ward discovers the device, he gives him a pep talk which just makes matters worse.
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The Case Of The Guilty Clients
Lola and Jeff Bronson are going through a divorce and can't wait to be rid of each other—until Bill Ryder sabotages Jeff's business and makes a play for Lola. When Ryder is found dead, Jeff and Lola are the two prime suspects.
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The Debt
When Leanne's ex-husband is charged with a murder, the possible motive makes Matlock despise his former son-in-law more than ever.
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The Pressure To Murder
Amanda's cousin falls to his death when his motorcycle suddenly veers off the road.
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Stranger In Town
Gillespie suspects that JoAnn's new cook is connected to the murder of a young prostitute. But Virgil suspects the culprit maybe a local pimp who has been intimidating the women.
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The Still
Festus gets mixed up with Merry Florene and her hillbilly clan again as they try to hide a moonshining still and a stolen prize bull in the cellar of the local school.
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Sense Of Duty
Ben, Hoss and Joe help the Virginia City militia escort a renegade indian, who believes he is the Almighty, through hostile indian territory and on to prison.
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Gun Shy
Mark blames himself for a friend's accidental death.
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The Anvil Chorus
Nils Swenson, North Fork's blacksmith, volunteers to take the marshal's place for a few days while Micah attends a wedding in another town. To help maintain peace, Nils institutes a policy that anyone coming into town must turn in their weapons, getting them back when they leave. This plan backfires on Nils when some dishonest men come to town.
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The John Wilbot Story
Tensions are running high in the train between Northerners and Southerners traveling west. As trouble escalates one passenger with a noticeable limp, John Wilbot, is accused of being John Wilkes Booth, who many believe to still be alive.
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I Will Be Remembered
Film legend Gloria Gibson has fallen on hard times since the death of her husband but she believes a key role in a remake of one of her classic films will pave the way for a triumphant comeback.
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Social Climbers
Fred and Barney are sent to charm school in preparation for an ambassador's reception.
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The Beauty Contest
Beauty contest judges Fred and Barney are pressured to vote for candidates favored by Fred's boss and a racketeer.
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Stars And Stripes
Friction arises between B.J. and Winchester when they are asked to write an article for a prestigious medical journal on how they saved a soldier's life with a daring operation. Meanwhile, Hot Lips receives an eventful visit from Scully.
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Yessir, That's Our Baby
A baby born to a Korean woman and an American GI is abandoned at the 4077th. Knowing that Amer-Asian children are often mistreated in Korean society, the troop sets about the frustrating task of finding a new home for the infant.
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Three Wishes For Opie
Barney acquires some fortune-telling cards and a secret box. The cards promise magical occurrences, and when his wish is granted, he becomes convinced that the box has mystical powers.
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Otis Sues The County
After Otis slips and falls in the Mayberry jail, he meets an opportunistic lawyer who convinces him to sue the county.
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Daughter Of The Sarge
Sgt. Carter's adopted Korean daughter arrives, but she's not the little girl he remembers. What's more, he begins to fear she and Gomer are planning marriage.
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Everywhere A Chick Chick
Oliver gets into the chicken raising business with the purchase of 1000 chicks. Nothing goes as planned, with Lisa trying to raise them as human children and the brooder breaking down.
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Is There A Traitor In The House?
Hogan plans to send information to London by using a German radio propaganda program.
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At Last, Schultz Knows Something
After Schultz is assigned to guard a secret atomic installation, Hogan must get him to spill the beans on where it is located.
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Guest Steve Lawrence
In The Hit, Carol puts a "hit" on her husband, then worries she's in danger being around him. Then, in P.T.A. Auditions, a Russian director must cope with a bad leading lady. Finally, in Daughter of Houdini, a fake magician finds herself trapped in a sinking box.
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The Case Of The Half-wakened Wife
Frank Lawton goes to visit old friend Scott Shelby and ends up being charged with his muder. Fortunately for Lawton, Mason is another old friend of his.
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Ninety Years Without Slumbering
An old man fears that he will die if his grandfather clock stops running.
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Lamb To The Slaughter
A woman is surprised to learn that her husband has fallen in love with another woman.
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Fatal Figures
"A bookkeeper decides to come out of anonymity by committing a crime."
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A Way To Dusty Death
Mannix ruffles some feathers in a small town when he arrives in search of a missing youth.
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A Long Way Down
An illegal immigrant from Mexico has died in a coyote's case. Sheep grower Rita McBain is accused of the deed. Cannon must prove Rita's innocence and deal with a human smuggler ring.
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Woman In Shadows
When a plastic surgeon accidentally kills his patient, he remodels his nurse to look exactly like her.