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Inspired by a real-life man, dressed-up dandy, gambler and lawman Bat Masterson (Gene Barry) roams the West charming women and defending the unjustly accused. His primary weapon was his wit and cane rather than his gun.

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Ep 1: Double Showdown

Gambler and saloonkeeper, Big Keel Roberts, "owns" a lively, lucrative Arizona town. The "fastest-Cane-in-the-West," Bat Masterson comes to town on behalf of a friend -- also a saloonkeeper -- whom Big Keel is crushing. Things get rougher and rougher be Aired: 10/8/1958

Ep 2: Two Graves for Swan Valley

Tough, hot tempered Sergeant Foley orders Bat Masterson out of Swan Valley. Reason: Bat has become interested in Foley's girl Molly Doyle, a dance-hall beauty. Although his life is threatened, Bat refuses to leave - and clashes with the redoubtable Fole Aired: 10/15/1958

Ep 3: Dynamite Blows Two Ways

Sometime-cattleman Bat Masterson wins a herd in a poker game. Ruthless rancher Roaul Cummings blocks his route to the Cheyenne stockyards. As he prepares to give battle, Bat finds a determined troop of other enbattled ranchers backing his play. Aired: 10/22/1958

Ep 4: Stampede at Tent City

Laura Hopkins calls to Bat Masterson for help. She and others are herding horses and breaking them for the sale to the army. When turmoil leads to gunfire, the inevitable happens: a stampede of wild horses. Aired: 10/29/1958

Ep 5: The Fighter

Sportsman Bat Masterson admires a ferocious and promising young boxer. When he sees the young man being mishandled by an unscrupulous manager, Bat entices the manager into a poker game and wins the fighters contract. Aired: 11/5/1958

Ep 6: Bear Bait

Hunting guide Bat Masterson takes on a party bent on hitting bear. As the expedition moves forward, Bat realizes that three of his companions are fugitives from murder and robbery charges in other states. Aired: 11/12/1958

Ep 7: A Noose Fits Anybody

Aired: 11/19/1958

Ep 8: Dude's Folly

Joe Quince tries running Jan and Woody Larkin out of town. Joe wants the store they inherited from their father, but they won't sell. In the midst of this danger, Bat Masterson agrees to teach Woody how to handle a gun. Aired: 11/26/1958

Ep 9: The Treasure of Worry Hill

Aired: 12/3/1958

Ep 10: Cheyenne Club

Influential John Conant calls Bat Masterson to Cheyenne. The most adept card player of the frontier, Bat is able to test the rumors that Steve Haley - Conant's daughter's fiance - is a poker cheat. Between the tension of gambling and the excitement of ro Aired: 12/17/1958

Ep 11: Sherman's March Through Dodge City

Aired: 12/24/1958

Ep 12: Trail Pirate

Between the scorching desert and ruthless trail pirates, wagon train after wagon train are destroyed. The unique method the pirates use to lure the wagons astray, puts Bat Masterson on the track of a monsterous conspiracy. Aired: 12/31/1958

Ep 13: Double Trouble in Trinidad

Aired: 1/7/1959

Ep 14: Election Day

Trail boss Bat Masterson runs afoul of an illegal toll as he leads a drive to the rail head. Between the local politics of Protection, Kansas and the local feed dealer, Bat finds unexpected action. Aired: 1/14/1959

Ep 15: One Bullet from Broken Bow

At the request of General Phil Sheridan, heroic Bat Masterson challenges renegade Chief Stone Calf. Purpose of the challenge: Rescue the Rafferty sisters from Stone Claf's war party which kidnapped them. Aired: 1/21/1959

Ep 16: A Personal Matter

Aired: 1/28/1959

Ep 17: License to Cheat

The Sheriff of Mason City insists that gambler Bat Masterson join the Protective Gamblers' Association. This little group seems unsavory to Bat - he refuses and is thrown behind bars by the sheriff who controls the Association. Aired: 2/4/1959

Ep 18: Sharpshooter

Bat Masterson, frequent target of gunfights, falls into the sights of Harry Varden's trigger man. Varden, biggest saloonkeeper in Dodge City, fears that Bat plans to relieve him of some property - and he figures his only recourse is to eliminate Masterso Aired: 2/11/1959

Ep 19: River Boat

Bat Masterson is relieved of $10,000 in a daring riverboat hold up. After the clever band of robbers works its way systematically through the entire passenger list of a Missouri boat, Bat goes into action. Aired: 2/18/1959

Ep 20: Battle of the Pass

Bat commands one of the forces in a railroad war. Mace Pomeroy, frantically attempting to beat General Moran in laying tracks through a canyon, offers Bat a small fortune to help fight Moran. Bat, however, decides for Moran and ends up in a historic gan Aired: 2/25/1959

Ep 21: Marked Deck

Morganville's bully-boy, Dan Morgan - to his great misfortune - cheats Bat in a poker game. Bat executes a bold plan to retrieve his money: He discovers the names of Morgan's other victims - and sets out to settle scores for them as well as for himself. Aired: 3/11/1959

Ep 22: Incident in Leadville

Aired: 3/18/1959

Ep 23: The Tumbleweed Wagon

Aired: 3/25/1959

Ep 24: Brunette Bombshell

Aired: 4/1/1959

Ep 25: Deadline

Champion of Justice Bat Masterson and lovely Lorna Adams race against time and the executioner in an unusual adventure triggered by a stagecoach hold up. Bat and his pretty companion are stranded enroute to the State Capital where Lorna's hurrying with e Aired: 4/8/1959

Ep 26: Man of Action

Aired: 4/22/1959

Ep 27: A Matter of Honor

Aired: 4/29/1959

Ep 28: Lottery of Death

Aired: 5/13/1959

Ep 29: The Death of Bat Masterson

Aired: 5/20/1959

Ep 30: The Secret Is Death

Aired: 5/27/1959

Ep 31: Promised Land

In a community of reformed law breakers, Bat Masterson finds himself- reluctantly - their bank president. In his keeping are their savings and townsmen's right to continue and enjoy their new way of life. Aired: 6/10/1959

Ep 32: The Conspiracy (Part 1)

Aired: 6/17/1959

Ep 33: The Conspiracy (Part 2)

Aired: 6/24/1959

Ep 34: The Black Pearls

Aired: 7/1/1959

Ep 35: The Desert Ship

Aired: 7/15/1959

Ep 36: The Romay Knives

Aired: 7/22/1959

Ep 37: Buffalo Kill

Daredevil Bat Masterson risks his scalp on an expedition to buy buffalo hides in dangerous indian country. Luke Simes, the man originally assigned to the job, had made some unflattering remarks about Bat's method of dress. As a result, Simes suddenly fi Aired: 7/29/1959

Ep 38: To the Manner Born

Bat Masterson resorts to duelling pistols to expose the cowardice of self-styled "Colonel" Marc James, Confederate deserter. Bat ends the "Colonel's" career as gambler and blackmailer, to pay a debt of gratitude to Mr. Chancellor, whose daughter Abby is Aired: 10/1/1959

Ep 39: Wanted ... Dead

In a determined stand on the side of Justice, Bat Masterson puts himself between a trigger-happy sheriff and a reformed gunman who is involved in a recent killing. Bat, unlike the sheriff, believes that every man is entitled to be heard in court, before Aired: 10/15/1959

Ep 40: No Funeral for Thorn

A true friend to his friends, Bat Masterson rushes to the bedside of dying Thorn Loomis. He's caught in the cross fire when two battling for the privilege of being named county seat. Side by side with his "dying" friend, Bat tries to outgun the Wichita Aired: 10/22/1959

Ep 41: Shakedown at St. Joe

You can't be sure that Bat goes to the local opera house at St. Joe, Missouri because he's a music lover. Reason for doubt: an ex-girl friend Dora Miller - whom Bat finds as attractive as ever. Aired: 10/29/1959

Ep 42: Lady Luck

Man-of-High-Prinicple Bat Masterson takes a firm stand when two beautiful girls and their father are blackmailed. The scene of the activity is The Lady Luck, one of Sacramento's gayest gambling casinos. Aired: 11/5/1959

Ep 43: Who'll Bury My Violence?

Aired: 11/12/1959

Ep 44: Dead Men Don't Pay Debts

Peacemaker Bat Masterson calls a halt to a deadly gun-shooting feud between the Clementses and the Bassetts. Bat claims the right to interfere because of money owed him by the Bassetts. Aired: 11/19/1959

Ep 45: Death and Taxes

Aired: 11/26/1959

Ep 46: Bat Plays a Dead Man's Hand

Versatile Bat Masterson turns lawyer to fight the tyrannic rule of Phil Hood. Hood uses the law to his own ends, stifling the freedom and life of the town. Bat's mission: rescue the town. Aired: 12/3/1959

Ep 47: Garrison Finish

It's Bluegrass thoroughbred versus Western quarterhorse when General Moran wagers a railroad that his Bluegrass racer can beat Colonel Pierce's mount. Suspicions grow in the general however, and he asks Bat Masterson to help him. Aired: 12/10/1959

Ep 48: The Canvas and the Cane

Aired: 12/17/1959

Ep 49: The Inner Circle

Aired: 12/31/1959

Ep 50: The Pied Piper of Dodge City

Aired: 1/7/1960

Ep 51: A Picture of Death

Aired: 1/14/1960

Ep 52: Pigeon and Hawk

Empire Builder Bat Masterson becomes involved in a "coup" involving a valuable black mining stock on the Denver market. Would-be tycoons Lee Baxter and Willard Wynant employ ex-Pony Express riders to bring them advance a news of shifting silver values an Aired: 1/21/1960

Ep 53: Flume at the Mother Lode

Aired: 1/28/1960

Ep 54: Death by the Half Dozen

Kidnappers force Bat Masterson to deliver a ransom note. The victim, a young bride, is saved but Bat has a job of rounding up the outlaws. Aired: 2/4/1960

Ep 55: Deadly Diamonds

Sometime silver-miner Bat Masterson believes the "proof is in the mining." Suspecting a hoax is being perpetrated on the citizens of Leadville, Bat buys into a mine of questionable worth. The outcome: he wins the unstinted gratitude of the entire boomto Aired: 2/11/1960

Ep 56: Mr. Fourpaws

On a seemingly routine trip to investigate a shortage in a small town bank, Bat Masterson finds a dead man, makes the acquaintance of a larcenous dog, and is very nearly killed himself. He subsequently meets a most charming lady. With the dog's help he Aired: 2/18/1960

Ep 57: Six Feet of Gold

Bat Masterson finds himself doing a most unwelcome "land office business." Accepting a parcel of wasteland from Lisa Truex in payment for a debt, he decides to turn it into a grave yard. He subsequently finds that through hanky-panky at the Land Office, Aired: 2/25/1960

Ep 58: Cattle and Canes

It's cane against guns when Bat Masterson steps them into a range war. Having chosen his side of the fight, he's not responsive to being urged at gunpoint to become "turncoat" to the people he favors. Aired: 3/3/1960

Ep 59: The Disappearance of Bat Masterson

Aired: 3/10/1960

Ep 60: The Snare

Bat Masterson rides the trail alone into the gun of the Yaqui Kid toward almost certain death. The Kid, a heartless scoundrel, has killed a friend of Bat's. In pursuit of the killer, the sheriff is murdered and the posse fails. So Bat has determined t Aired: 3/17/1960

Ep 61: Three Bullets for Bat

It's the rifle-squad at dawn and his back to the wall for Bat Masterson, because of a strange adventure involving nonexistent gems. Bat's been "conned" into trailing some supposedly missing jewelry and ends up in Mexico - That is, nearly ends up. Aired: 3/24/1960

Ep 62: The Reluctant Witness

Aired: 3/31/1960

Ep 63: Come Out Fighting

Boxing-Fan Bat Masterson, arrested enroute to a championship bout, finds himself arraigned before infamous "fining judge," Malachi Brody- a formidable and vindictive man of the law. Aired: 4/7/1960

Ep 64: Stage to Nowhere

Stagecoaches disappear when Bat Masterson executes a plan to thwart road agents. The highwaymen's quarry is silver bullion being transported in the stagecoaches. Bat's ingenius plan to frustrate the thieves is an early milestone in crime busting history Aired: 4/14/1960

Ep 65: Incident at Fort Bowie

A horse thief hijacks a herd of cavalry stock from horse trader Bat Masterson. Bat's problem: find and deliver the horses - and bring the criminal to justice. Aired: 4/21/1960

Ep 66: Masterson's Arcadia Club

Underworld character Mace Gunnison takes over the town of Liberal, Kansas and appropriates Bat Masterson's name and identity. As proprietor of "Masterson's Arcadia Club," Gunnison fleeces townsmen and trail-hands at crooked games of chance and with thir Aired: 4/28/1960

Ep 67: Welcome to Paradise

Bat Masterson is "held up" for an exorbitant fine when he rides into the town of Paradise, Colorado. The charge: carrying fire arms. In Paradise, the Law says "no guns" which puts the "man with the cane" at a great advantage. Aired: 5/5/1960

Ep 68: A Grave Situation

Aired: 5/12/1960

Ep 69: Gold is Where You Steal It

Aired: 5/19/1960

Ep 70: Wanted ... Alive, Please

Aired: 5/26/1960

Ep 71: The Elusive Baguette

Aired: 6/2/1960

Ep 72: The Big Gamble

Aired: 6/16/1960

Ep 73: Blood on the Money

In the search for the young man to whom he is carrying a bequest, Bat Masterson buy information from a cattle baron. The man fails to give him value received and Bat is misled and cheated - but not for long. Aired: 6/23/1960

Ep 74: Barbary Castle

Not everybody knows somebody who has smuggled a whole castle into the United States...but Bat Masterson knows one: Captain Angus MacLeod. The "old salt" has brought in a Scottish Castle, stone by stone, and set it up in San Francisco. Aired: 6/30/1960

Ep 75: Debt of Honor

Aired: 9/29/1960

Ep 76: Law of the Land

Aired: 10/6/1960

Ep 77: Bat Trap

Aired: 10/13/1960

Ep 78: The Rage of Princess Anne

Aired: 10/20/1960

Ep 79: The Hunter

Aired: 10/27/1960

Ep 80: Murder Can be Dangerous

Aired: 11/3/1960

Ep 81: High Card Loses

Aired: 11/10/1960

Ep 82: Dakota Showdown

Aired: 11/17/1960

Ep 83: Last of the Night Raiders

Aired: 11/24/1960

Ep 84: Last Stop to Austin

Aired: 12/1/1960

Ep 85: A Time to Die

Aired: 12/15/1960

Ep 86: Death by Decree

Aired: 12/22/1960

Ep 87: The Lady Plays Her Hand

Aired: 12/29/1960

Ep 88: Tempest at Tioga Pass

Aired: 1/5/1961

Ep 89: The Court Martial of Major Mars

Aired: 1/12/1961

Ep 90: The Price of Paradise

Aired: 1/19/1961

Ep 91: End of the Line

Aired: 1/26/1961

Ep 92: The Prescott Campaign

Aired: 2/2/1961

Ep 93: Bullwhacker's Bounty

Aired: 2/16/1961

Ep 94: A Lesson in Violence

Aired: 2/23/1961

Ep 95: Run for Your Money

Aired: 3/2/1961

Ep 96: Terror on the Trinity

Aired: 3/9/1961

Ep 97: Episode in Eden

Aired: 3/16/1961

Ep 98: The Good and the Bad

Aired: 3/23/1961

Ep 99: No Amnesty for Death

Aired: 3/30/1961

Ep 100: Ledger of Guilt

Aired: 4/6/1961

Ep 101: Meeting at Mimbres

Aired: 4/13/1961

Ep 102: Valley of Death

Aired: 4/20/1961

Ep 103: The Fourth Man

Aired: 4/27/1961

Ep 104: Dead Man's Claim

Aired: 5/4/1961

Ep 105: The Marble Slab

Aired: 5/11/1961

Ep 106: Farmer with a Badge

Aired: 5/18/1961

Ep 107: The Fatal Garment

Aired: 5/25/1961

Ep 108: Jeopardy at Jackson Hole

Aired: 6/1/1961