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The legendary Dick Van Dyke stars in 'Diagnosis Murder' as Dr. Mark Sloan, a medical doctor with sleuthing in his blood. The son of a cop and father of another, Sloan is a renowned physician at Community General Hospital who assists the LAPD as a medical consultant and can never resist a good mystery or friend in need. Along with his homicide detective son, Steve (Van Dyke's real-life son, Barry Van Dyke), and help from colleagues, Community General's resident gumshoe investigates crime scenes and uses medical evidence to implicate murderers.

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Ep 1: Miracle Cure

A priest kills his would-be blackmailers and does everything he can to cover his tracks.  Aired: 10/29/1993

Ep 2: Amnesia

Drs. Sloan and Stewart are preoccupied when a beautiful young amnesia patient is brought in. Unbeknownst to them, their beautiful young patient is a professional killer. Aired: 11/5/1993

Ep 3: Murder At The Telethon

When the comedian hosting a hospital benefit is found dead, many of the man's acquaintances appear to have had a motive for his murder. Aired: 11/12/1993

Ep 4: Inheritance Of Death

Mark's cousin, Jonathan Nash, bequeaths his million-dollar fortune to Community General Hospital.  Aired: 11/19/1993

Ep 5: Thirteen Million Dollar Man

After a dying man gives Dr. Sloane a winning lottery ticket, the deceased's family and creditors swarm him, claiming the ticket is theirs. Aired: 12/3/1993

Ep 6: Vanishing Act: Part 1

A group of crooked cops frames Steve for murder after he gets too close to their robbery operation. Aired: 12/10/1993

Ep 7: Vanishing Act: Part 2

The same gang involved in the Schroeder murder kidnaps Mark's underworld friend, Gus Benedict. Aired: 12/17/1993

Ep 8: Shanda's Song

Dr. Sloan treats a famous singer, and then takes her into his home as a homicidal closes in. Aired: 1/7/1994

Ep 9: Restless Remains

Mark calls the police to report the death of get-rich-quick magnate Robin Westlin, but the police discount his report as he was also recovering from dental surgery at the time. Aired: 1/14/1994

Ep 10: Murder With Mirrors

Mark jumps to his friend Clark's aid when Madison turns up dead with Clark the main suspect. Aired: 1/21/1994

Ep 11: Flashdance With Death

Steve's latest girlfriend, a dance instructor, becomes a suspect in a murder investigation when a dance club's owner dies mysteriously. Aired: 1/28/1994

Ep 12: Reunion With Murder

A tell-all book written by one of Amanda's vindictive old college roommates contains embarrassing secrets pertaining to all four roommates. Aired: 2/4/1994

Ep 13: Lily

After telling Jack of plans to blackmail her clients, a prostitute is found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Aired: 3/4/1994

Ep 14: Guardian Angel

An unhappy politician's wife guns down her husband in an underground garage.  Aired: 4/1/1994

Ep 15: Nirvana

Chet Brooks, one of Jack's old friends, shows up on the run from gamblers, begging for help. Aired: 4/8/1994

Ep 16: Broadcast Blues

A convict being treated at Community General Hospital takes a hostage and demands news coverage. Aired: 4/15/1994

Ep 17: Shaker

When a friend of Dr. Sloan's is apparently killed by an armoire during an earthquake, Sloan soon discovers that the man may have already been dead before the quake. Aired: 4/29/1994

Ep 18: The Plague

A gangland "protector" under surveillance by Steve becomes infected with the plague when a medicine bottle is mysteriously switched. Aired: 5/6/1994

Ep 19: Sister Michael Wants You

Dr. Sloan goes undercover at a convent when mysterious circumstances surround a murder. Aired: 5/13/1994

Ep 20: Many Happy Returns

Dr. Sloan is under suspicion after his tax preparer is killed and Mark is spotted "hovering" over the body. Aired: 9/16/1994

Ep 21: A Very Fatal Funeral

Suspicion is cast on Norman Briggs after the chairman of a philanthropic medical group, of which Norman is a member, is murdered. Aired: 9/23/1994

Ep 22: Woman Trouble

Two women involved in a love triangle plot to murder a man, take his millions and leave the country. Aired: 9/30/1994

Ep 23: Busy Body

Dr. Sloan's birthday is less than festive when he discovers the body of a prominent divorce lawyer in the hospital pharmacy. Aired: 10/7/1994

Ep 24: My Four Husbands

A famous actress, a patient at Community General, is implicated in the murder of one of her four ex-husbands. Aired: 10/14/1994

Ep 25: Murder Most Vial

A cantankerous patient at Community General is given a double injection of his medication, eventually leading to his death. Aired: 10/21/1994

Ep 26: You Can Call Me Johnson

When a mob boss dies on Mark's operating table, the man's son and heir blames and threatens Mark. Aired: 10/28/1994

Ep 27: Georgia On My Mind

Jack and Steve vie for a young woman's affections as she leads them in an investigation of a PI's death. Aired: 11/4/1994

Ep 28: Last Laugh: Part 1

A plastic surgeon dies from an overdose of laughing gas... with no shortage of suspects. Aired: 11/11/1994

Ep 29: Last Laugh: Part 2

Realizing that he's been duped, Mark goes all out to thwart a murderer's plans. Aired: 11/18/1994

Ep 30: Death By Extermination

The body of a real estate agent is found in the walk-in closet of Mark's sister's new house. Aired: 12/2/1994

Ep 31: Standing Eight Count

A newly crowned boxing champion is found murdered shortly after winning the title. Aired: 12/9/1994

Ep 32: Bella Lugosi Blues

Mark entertains unorthodox theories when several dead bodies are found drained of blood with puncture marks on their necks. Aired: 1/6/1995

Ep 33: The New Healers

When an unpopular actor on a hot new medical drama suddenly dies, Mark suspects everyone from the writer to other cast members. Aired: 1/13/1995

Ep 34: Call Me Incontestable

A rash of murders made to look like suicide leads to a dating service and its beautiful customers. Aired: 1/20/1995

Ep 35: A Blast From The Past

One of Steve's old "collars" gets out of prison and comes looking for revenge. Aired: 2/3/1995

Ep 36: Playing For Keeps (aka Beach Blanket Bump-off)

Dr. Sloan investigates the murder of an antagonistic pro volleyball player. Aired: 2/10/1995

Ep 37: Sea No Evil

IRS Agent Gretchen McCord returns when her lifeguard nephew is accused of murder. Aired: 2/24/1995

Ep 38: How To Murder Your Lawyer

After Steve's night school law teacher is nearly run down in the parking lot, he and a paralegal investigate shady dealings in their law firm. Aired: 2/24/1995

Ep 39: Naked Babes

A friend of Amanda's gives birth to quadruplets and then vanishes, leaving the gang scrambling over what to do about the four babies and their missing mother. Aired: 3/31/1995

Ep 40: Death In The Daytime

After landing a guest role on 'The Young and the Restless,' Amanda walks right into a murder. Aired: 4/28/1995

Ep 41: My Baby Is Out Of...

The death of a popular musician raises suspicious questions. The musician's pregnant wife, who claims to be carrying an alien's child, complicates matters. Aired: 5/5/1995

Ep 42: An Innocent Murder

Mark Sloan encounters a devious daughter. Aired: 12/8/1995

Ep 43: Witness To Murder

Dr. Sloan looks after a young girl found at the scene of a murder while Steve and Jesse work on tracking down the killer. Aired: 12/15/1995

Ep 44: All American Murder

The murder of a beautiful woman near a Marine encampment raises suspicions. Aired: 12/22/1995

Ep 45: Murder In The Courthouse

Dr. Sloan suspects a cunning D.A. in the murder of an acquitted defendant. Aired: 12/29/1995

Ep 46: Murder On The Run: Part 1

A man wrongfully convicted of murder takes Dr. Sloan hostage. Aired: 1/5/1996

Ep 47: Murder On The Run: Part 2

Dr. Sloan shields George Karn from both Steve and Lt. Delaney while investigating his wife's murder. Aired: 1/12/1996

Ep 48: Love Is Murder

Steve heads up the investigation into a serial cop killer—while inadvertently dating the murderer! Aired: 1/19/1996

Ep 49: Misdiagnosis Murder

Coming off a 48-hour stint at the hospital, an exhausted Jesse witnesses a man die in the parking garage. Aired: 1/26/1996

Ep 50: The Pressure To Murder

Amanda's cousin falls to his death when his motorcycle suddenly veers off the road. Aired: 2/9/1996

Ep 51: Living On The Streets Can Be Murder

Dr. Sloan investigates a free health clinic after several homeless people turn up dead... with missing organs. Aired: 2/16/1996

Ep 52: Murder Murder

Dr. Sloan tries to solve a friend's murder while Steve investigates the deceased's ex-wife and her identical twin sister. Aired: 2/23/1996

Ep 53: Murder In The Dark

A visiting surgeon must deal with his alcoholism after a fellow doctor is murdered during one of his blackouts. Aired: 3/8/1996

Ep 54: 35 Millimeter Murder

When a photo shop sends Dr. Sloan the wrong set of photographs, he becomes embroiled in the murder investigation of an escort girl. Aired: 3/29/1996

Ep 55: The Murder Trade

In an episode reminiscent of Hitchcock's 'Strangers on a Train,' Dr. Sloan is drawn into a murder pact by a psychiatrist in need of money. Aired: 4/5/1996

Ep 56: Mind Over Murder

Jesse is attracted to a beautiful psychic, who also happens to be the prime suspect in a murder. Aired: 4/12/1996

Ep 57: Murder By The Book

The daughter of one of Mark's friends writes a juicy tell-all exposé targeting prominent public figures. Aired: 4/19/1996

Ep 58: Murder

Mark investigates a perky morning television personality for the murder of a Howard Stern-like radio host. Aired: 4/26/1996

Ep 59: Left-Hander Murder

Dr. Sloan becomes the executor of his friend's estate after the man's body is found in a shark. Aired: 5/3/1996

Ep 60: Murder By Friendly Fire

One police officer is accidentally shot by another during a raid gone wrong. Aired: 9/19/1996

Ep 61: Murder Can Be Contagious

A burglar inadvertently becomes infected with a deadly virus. Aired: 9/26/1996

Ep 62: Murder On Thin Ice

A figure skater's ex-coach attacks a rival skater and then is found dead, murdered with her skates. Aired: 10/3/1996

Ep 63: X Marks The Murder: Part 1

Mark, Steve and the gang investigate a string of the so-called "Casanova" murders. Aired: 10/10/1996

Ep 64: X Marks The Murder: Part 2

Dr. Sloan loses his detached perspective of the case when the killer begins calling him. Aired: 10/10/1996

Ep 65: A Model Murder

Dr. Sloan investigates the overly protective mother of Jesse's friend's fiancée in the murder of a private investigator. Aired: 10/17/1996

Ep 66: Murder Can Be Murder

A respected cardiologist murders an innocent man in an insurance scam.  Aired: 10/24/1996

Ep 67: An Explosive Murder

A young undercover detective investigates a militia-type organization to solve a terrorist bombing witnessed by Mark. Aired: 10/31/1996

Ep 68: Murder By The Busload

A bus accident brings multiple victims into the hospital. Aired: 11/7/1996

Ep 69: A Candidate Murder

A U.S. Senator's scheming advisor covers up the accidental death of his drug-addicted daughter. Aired: 11/14/1996

Ep 70: The ABC's Of Murder

After a drive-by shooting at a high school leaves one teacher dead, an ADA sets out on a personal vendetta against an Asian youth. Aired: 11/21/1996

Ep 71: Murder In The Family

Mark's daughter returns after eight years, leaving an abusive husband who later turns up dead. Aired: 12/12/1996

Ep 72: In Defense Of Murder

When a famous prostitute writes a tell-all book, an executive's job at Community General is in serious jeopardy. Aired: 1/9/1997

Ep 73: A History In Murder

Mark investigates a 30-year-old murder when the body of his old mentor is discovered entombed in a wall of the hospital. Aired: 1/16/1997

Ep 74: Murder Two: Part 1

Jesse is arrested and charged with murder after a doctor testifying against him in a malpractice suit is poisoned. Aired: 1/30/1997

Ep 75: Murder Two: Part 2

Amanda and Ben investigate the murder of Eric Spindler while Jesse continues to languish in jail. Aired: 2/6/1997

Ep 76: Hard Boiled Murder

Mark aids an old friend, Joe Mannix, in solving a 25-year-old cold case. Aired: 2/13/1997

Ep 77: Murder, Country Style

When a musician is found murdered at a Country Music Awards ceremony, Dr. Sloan and company rush to find the culprit before the show ends and the crowd disappears. Aired: 2/20/1997

Ep 78: Delusions Of Murder

A devious psychologist uses hypnotism to facilitate his criminal acts, including the murder of his wife. Aired: 2/27/1997

Ep 79: Passion For Murder

An aggressive female pharmaceuticals representative stalks the hospital's new chief of staff after a one-night stand, hoping to break up his marriage and have him all for herself. Aired: 4/3/1997

Ep 80: Blood Brothers Murder

Mark investigates when a beach boy is suspected of murdering his girlfriend's gang member brother. Aired: 4/10/1997

Ep 81: Physician, Murder Thyself

Dr. Sloan investigates when an unpopular colleague drops dead while performing an operation.  Aired: 4/24/1997

Ep 82: Murder In The Air

Dr. Sloan and Amanda investigate when the co-pilot of the airplane carrying them to a medical conference is murdered and the remainder of the flight crew are incapacitated with a mysterious illness. Aired: 4/24/1997

Ep 83: Merry Widow Murder

A wealthy woman and her boyfriend dupe Mark and plot to murder her husband. Aired: 5/1/1997

Ep 84: Comedy Is Murder

A bungling comedian seeks revenge on his former partner when he's cheated out of millions. Aired: 5/8/1997

Ep 85: The Murder Of Mark Sloan (aka Marked For Murder)

Dr. Sloan is stalked by a mad bomber whom he helped incarcerate.  Aired: 5/8/1997

Ep 86: Murder Blues

Steve becomes embroiled in political intrigue after the murder of a city councilman's wife appears to be part of a larger political strategy. Aired: 9/18/1997

Ep 87: Open And Shut

Mark investigates when his older lover, a new State Supreme Court Justice, murders a teenage girl. Aired: 9/25/1997

Ep 88: Malibu Fire

A Malibu Hills fire is the backdrop for rising tensions between a disgraced stockbroker, a naturalist, a worried father and a land developer. Aired: 10/2/1997

Ep 89: Deadly Games

Community General is already under increased security, with a high-profile criminal hospitalized, when an important businesswoman is brought in.  Aired: 10/9/1997

Ep 90: Slam Dunk Dead

Jesse's new part-time job as trainer of the pro basketball Mustangs turns deadly when he's accused of murdering a star player. Aired: 10/16/1997

Ep 91: Looks Can Kill

Dr. Sloan investigates a plastic surgeon when an actress' death apparently results from an infection contracted during surgery. Aired: 10/23/1997

Ep 92: Fatal Impact: Part 1

Mark and Amanda are assigned to a task force investigating an airplane crash. Aired: 10/30/1997

Ep 93: Fatal Impact: Part 2

Steve and Ron lead a chase for stolen nuclear material. Aired: 10/30/1997

Ep 94: Must Kill TV

The Sloans run into plenty of industry politics when they investigate the death of a television network executive. Aired: 11/6/1997

Ep 95: Discards

After they narrowly elude an assassin, Jesse begins to realize his father isn't the accountant he's always claimed to be—but rather a spy! Aired: 11/13/1997

Ep 96: A Mime Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

A dead mime leads to an investigation of a crooked auto dealer. Aired: 11/20/1997

Ep 97: Down & Dirty Dead

Steve investigates after a motorcycle stunt driver has a fatal accident while filming an action video. Aired: 12/11/1997

Ep 98: Retribution: Part 1

When Steve is shot and falls into a coma, Mark does all in his power to find the assailant, even threatening a suspect with bodily harm.  Aired: 1/8/1998

Ep 99: Retribution: Part 2

Steve slowly recovers from the attempt on his life while Mark sits in prison, framed for two murders. Aired: 1/15/1998

Ep 100: Drill For Death

A hospital emergency preparedness drill turns deadly when an unpopular and ambitious nurse is found dead, with only an eccentric artist as a witness. Aired: 1/22/1998

Ep 101: Rain Of Terror

A spat between a girl and her boyfriend leads to an apparent murder—just as dinner guests Mark and Amanda arrive! Aired: 1/29/1998

Ep 102: Baby Boom

A madman charges into a Lamaze class with a bomb, claiming that a fertility doctor was cheating him. Aired: 2/5/1998

Ep 103: Talked To Death

Ratings-seeking stunts by TV talk show hosts Darren and Mary end with tragic results. Aired: 2/26/1998

Ep 104: An Education In Murder

When a rash of deaths at a high school revolve around one "helpful" girl, Dr. Sloan risks his own life to uncover the culprit. Aired: 3/15/1998

Ep 105: Murder At The Finish Line

Dr. Sloan investigates the death of a driver in a speedway crash. Aired: 3/26/1998

Ep 106: First Do No Harm

When a young girl is rushed to Community General but dies due to an HMO's negligence, Dr. Travis and the hospital are sued. Aired: 4/16/1998

Ep 107: Promises To Keep

An ex-cop resorts to scamming Dr. Sloan and Community General to keep his family safe from a criminal mastermind. Aired: 4/23/1998

Ep 108: Food Fight

Dr. Travis gets involved in the treacherous and deadly trade of catering when he oversees the annual charity banquet. Aired: 4/30/1998

Ep 109: Obsession: Part 1

Dr. Sloan insists that a man he helped condemn to death for a series of bombings is guilty, even after a post-execution explosion. Aired: 5/7/1998

Ep 110: Obsession: Part 2

Three months after the execution of bomber Lewis Sweeney, explosions are still rocking the L.A. area every four days. Aired: 5/14/1998

Ep 111: Resurrection: Part 1

Mark and the gang become trapped within the rubble of Community General in the aftermath of a bombing. Aired: 9/24/1998

Ep 112: Resurrection: Part 2

Mark is kidnapped and forced to mastermind a $100-million-dollar theft. Aired: 9/24/1998

Ep 113: Till Death Do Us Part

Two fiancées plot to murder the bride's father on their wedding day.  Aired: 10/1/1998

Ep 114: Wrong Number

Mark stumbles onto a kidnapping case when the kidnapper accidentally calls the Sloan residence with a ransom demand. Aired: 10/8/1998

Ep 115: Blood Will Out

Community General Hospital becomes the scene of a manhunt when a corpse comes to life and attacks Amanda. Aired: 10/15/1998

Ep 116: Alienated

Jesse is haunted by shadowy figures after having been returned from what would appear to be an alien abduction. Aired: 10/29/1998

Ep 117: Write, She Murdered

When a best-selling mystery author comes down with writer's block, she commits a murder herself in hopes of stimulating her creative juices. Aired: 11/5/1998

Ep 118: Rear Windows 98

Amanda enlists Jesse's computer nerd friends to find a killer after she discovers a murder online. Aired: 11/12/1998

Ep 119: The Last Resort

Steve and his abrasive partner are confined to a therapy home for 90 days after Steve shoots and kills a fleeing suspect. Aired: 11/19/1998

Ep 120: Murder X 4

Steve investigates a series of seemingly unconnected murders committed by terminally ill patients. Aired: 12/3/1998

Ep 121: Dead In The Water

Jesse's car breaks down while he and Susan are on their way to a fun-filled vacation in Carmel.  Aired: 12/17/1998

Ep 122: Trapped In Paradise

Steve goes undercover as a doctor in a private community after several mysterious deaths occur within its confines. Aired: 1/6/1999

Ep 123: Voices Carry

Harry Trumble, a newly retired detective, returns to the force when it appears "The Clown Killer" has remerged from obscurity. Aired: 1/21/1999

Ep 124: Murder, My Suite

Mark, Jesse and Amanda are trapped in a quarantined hotel after a deadly virus is released. Aired: 1/28/1999

Ep 125: Murder On The Hour

A serial murderer strikes Community General every hour on the hour, choosing victims who've been seriously injured but "brought back to life." Aired: 2/4/1999

Ep 126: Rescue Me

After Jesse rescues a woman from a crashed car, she tells him that a jealous lover ran her off the road. Aired: 2/11/1999

Ep 127: Down Among The Dead Men

A criminal with a death wish stalks Steve. Aired: 2/18/1999

Ep 128: Never Say Die

Steve enlists troubled teenager Tommy to work at a boxing club as community service after too many brushes with the law. Aired: 2/25/1999

Ep 129: Trash TV: Part 1

The Community General doctors are dragged back into the world of network television when a producer revamps the pilot for 'Dr. Danger,' the television program based on Dr. Sloan. Aired: 4/29/1999

Ep 130: Trash TV: Part 2

Mark matches wits with a murderous television network executive. Aired: 4/29/1999

Ep 131: Blood Ties

Corrupt homicide cops are murdering felons to harvest their organs for those they deem more deserving. Aired: 5/6/1999

Ep 132: This Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of My Life

Dr. Sloan crusades to keep a physician-assisted-suicide advocate from practicing her trade. Aired: 5/13/1999

Ep 133: The Roast

A comedy roast in Mark's honor is ruined by a double murder. Aired: 9/23/1999

Ep 134: Sleeping Murder

Mark worries that his sleepwalking brother may be guilty of murder. Aired: 9/30/1999

Ep 135: Bringing Up Barbie

Mark babysits Barbie, the daughter of one of Steve's friends, while her father hides from a gangster. Aired: 10/7/1999

Ep 136: Murder At Midterm

A fiendish med student sells prescription pads to a drug dealer and murders his partner when she becomes too needy. Aired: 10/14/1999

Ep 137: The Flame

Steve investigates a murder in which the main suspect is the husband of Mark's old flame. Aired: 10/21/1999

Ep 138: The Killer Within

A med student is sent to a rehab program to kick drugs. Aired: 10/28/1999

Ep 139: Gangland: Part 1

Mark's life becomes hectic when a lookalike gangster moves to L.A. and is caught up in a struggle for power. Aired: 11/4/1999

Ep 140: Gangland: Part 2

Mark's life becomes hectic when a lookalike gangster moves to L.A. and is caught up in a struggle for power. Aired: 11/4/1999

Ep 141: The Mouth That Roared

A radio host searching for her birth mother is suspected of murder when a woman falsely claiming to be her mother turns up dead. Aired: 11/11/1999

Ep 142: The Seven Deadly Sins

Mark matches wits with a beautiful jewel thief who's being framed for murder. Aired: 11/18/1999

Ep 143: Santa Claude

Hospital horticulturist Claude is revealed to be an escaped convict living under an assumed name for the past 10 years.  Aired: 12/16/1999

Ep 144: Man Overboard

Working as a physician on a cruise ship, Mark gets involved in the search for a murderer after a disagreeable man is killed. Aired: 1/6/2000

Ep 145: Frontier Dad

Steve goes undercover as a TV stunt man to discover who's trying to kill an abrasive young star. Aired: 1/13/2000

Ep 146: Too Many Cooks

Mark investigates when a philandering chef is murdered during a televised charity cook-off. Aired: 1/20/2000

Ep 147: Jake’s Women

Mark is stunned to learn that his late friend was married to two women. Aired: 2/3/2000

Ep 148: Murder By Remote

A devious home security programmer plots to murder the children of everyone involved in the accidental death of his son. Aired: 2/10/2000

Ep 149: Teacher’s Pet

A young med student is suspected of killing her abusive husband after her story of murderous burglars proves false. Aired: 2/17/2000

Ep 150: The Unluckiest Bachelor In LA

Steve investigates when his new girlfriend is found dead. Aired: 2/24/2000

Ep 151: A Resting Place

Dr. Sloan goes undercover as a patient in a retirement home to solve the murder of an ex-cop. Aired: 4/6/2000

Ep 152: Murder At BBQ Bob’s

Steve teams with a Naval investigator when the apparent suicide of a military officer turns out to be a case of cold-blooded murder. Aired: 4/20/2000

Ep 153: Two Birds With One Sloan

Mark appears on a quiz show to uncover the killer of a former contestant. Aired: 4/27/2000

Ep 154: Swan Song

Mark's old friend, singer Danielle Marsh, visits and begins exhibiting erratic behavior while dodging attempts on her life.  Aired: 5/4/2000

Ep 155: Out Of The Past: Part 1

An old friend of med student Alex Martin is mixed up in the murder investigation of an L.A. "madam." Aired: 5/11/2000

Ep 156: Getting Mad, Getting Even: Part 2

Madison moves in with her new paramour—unaware that he's trying to kill her! Aired: 5/11/2000

Ep 157: Death By Design

Mark's office decorator is murdered. Aired: 10/12/2000

Ep 158: Blind Man’s Bluff

After a woman is blinded in a car accident, it isn't long before her soon-to-be ex-husband winds up dead. Aired: 10/19/2000

Ep 159: Slight Of Hand

A body found on the beach turns out to be that of Community General Hospital's late janitor. When the man's twin brother identifies the body, something about him raises suspicion in Mark and Steve. Aired: 10/26/2000

Ep 160: By Reason Of Insanity

Dr. Sloan tries to save one of his former students, a schizophrenic, from a murder charge, but is challenged by the man's seemingly incoherent babbling. Aired: 11/2/2000

Ep 161: The Patient Detective

After nearly dying in a car accident, Steve announces that he has just witnessed a murder. Aired: 11/9/2000

Ep 162: Cradle Will Rock

When a nurse's husband is murdered, the woman's young lover is the prime suspect. Aired: 11/16/2000

Ep 163: Hot House

An abusive man is murdered while appearing as a contestant on a reality show in which he and four other people are monitored 24-hours a day. Aired: 11/30/2000

Ep 164: All Dressed Up And No Place To Die

Mark goes after a man who killed a groom on his wedding day. Aired: 12/7/2000

Ep 165: Confession

Dr. Mark Sloan, Steve and Amanda become involved when a priest is accused of murdering an old friend. Aired: 1/4/2001

Ep 166: Playing God

Dr. Sloan seeks the murderer who killed a med student, drained his blood and stored the body in the Community General morgue. Aired: 1/11/2001

Ep 167: Less Than Zero

When an actress with an eating disorder dies from an apparent heart attack, Mark believes she was murdered. Aired: 1/18/2001

Ep 168: Sins Of The Father: Part 1

A young woman is assassinated while Dr. Sloan is examining her, setting off an investigation that plunges him into dark memories of his own childhood. Aired: 2/2/2001

Ep 169: Sins Of The Father: Part 2

Mark searches for clues as to why his father abandoned him as a child. Aired: 2/9/2001

Ep 170: You Bet Your Life

Dr. Sloan investigates the apparent suicide of a gifted heart surgeon who hid a dark secret. Aired: 2/16/2001

Ep 171: Bachelor Fathers

Dr. Sloan tries to solve the murder of a young woman whose twin sister claims that Jesse fathered her infant son. Aired: 2/23/2001

Ep 172: Being Of Sound Mind

Dr. Sloan tries to save Jesse and Amanda from a murderer after a multi-million-dollar inheritance. Aired: 3/2/2001

Ep 173: Dance Of Danger

A tabloid reporter gets caught up in a murder investigation when one of her sources is stabbed to death on a dance floor. Aired: 3/3/2001

Ep 174: The Red’s Shoes

When Amanda visits the studio where she learned ballet, a talented Chinese dancer drops dead on the dance floor. Aired: 4/20/2001

Ep 175: No Good Deed

Dr. Sloan investigates a controversial attorney who confesses to murder while near death but recants after he recovers. Aired: 4/27/2001

Ep 176: Deadly Mirage: Part 1 (aka Deja Vous)

While deeply disturbed that Steve is falling in love with a woman who is a dead ringer for his murdered former girlfriend, Dr. Sloan begins watching his neighbors through binoculars and becomes convinced that one of them is a murderer. Aired: 5/4/2001

Ep 177: Deadly Mirage: Part 2 (aka On The Beach)

After breaking his leg, Mark begins spying on his neighbors and thinks he may have spotted something suspicious! Aired: 5/4/2001

Ep 178: The Blair Nurse Project

When a filmmaker begins using Community General Hospital as the location for an eerie documentary, Dr. Sloan discovers that it may be haunted. Aired: 5/11/2001

Ep 179: Town Without Pity

After receiving a frantic phone call from his daughter, Mark travels to a small town and finds that she and her husband have been killed. Aired: 2/2/2002

Ep 180: Without Warning

A dead body on the beach leads Steve's investigation to migrant farm workers who have been dying from an unknown ailment. Aired: 4/26/2002