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He may not be a gunslinger, but he’s unstoppable in a fistfight. Bret Maverick (James Garner) is an Old West anti-hero, an adroit cardsharp always looking out for number one, yet never taking the easy way out when it comes to matters of right and wrong. Seeking high stakes and perpetually on the move, Maverick and his brother, Bart (Jack Kelly), travel the Wild West finding trouble and adventure around every corner.

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Ep 1: War of the Silver Kings

Bret strikes a deal with a money-hungry gambler in the town of Echo Springs. Aired: 9/22/1957

Ep 2: Point Blank

Bret meets a delightful and cunning girl named Molly Gleason. Within minutes, she makes plans for his future: a permanent plot on Boot Hill. Aired: 9/29/1957

Ep 3: According to Hoyle

George Cross once lost $50,000 to Bret Maverick and is determined to get it back. He hatches a scheme and employs a female con artist to get the better of Maverick. Aired: 10/6/1957

Ep 4: Ghost Rider

Bret begins to doubt his sanity: He swears he had a midnight meeting with a lovely woman who reportedly died weeks earlier. Aired: 10/13/1957

Ep 5: The Long Hunt

Bret tries to prove the innocence of a man serving a life sentence—but there's someone who doesn't want the prisoner freed. Aired: 10/20/1957

Ep 6: Stage West

Fleeing a band of angry Indians, Bret takes shelter in a way station where a family of psychotic murderers are planning their bloodiest deal. Aired: 10/27/1957

Ep 7: Relic of Fort Tejon

Bret wins an "Arabian mount" in a card game. He's ecstatic until he sees the animal: a lop-eared, long-faced, overly friendly...camel. Aired: 11/3/1957

Ep 8: Hostage

While in New Orleans, the Maverick brothers are asked to rescue the lovely young daughter of a Creole businessman after she is abducted by kidnappers. Aired: 11/10/1957

Ep 9: Stampede

Bret sets up a boxing match between two bruisers. But when one of the boxers quits, Bret must step in and face the burly Battling Krueger. Aired: 11/17/1957

Ep 10: The Jeweled Gun

Accompanying pretty Daisy Harris through the Badlands, Bart finds that he's the one who needs protecting—from her! Aired: 11/24/1957

Ep 11: The Wrecker

Bart takes to the sea after buying a derelict cargo ship. The wreck is extremely valuable and he wants to know why. Aired: 12/1/1957

Ep 12: The Quick and the Dead

Bret, trying to clear himself of a robbery charge, must protect a man marked for murder by Doc Holliday. Aired: 12/8/1957

Ep 13: The Naked Gallows

Bart pokes his nose into an unsolved murder case and ends up facing the business end of a killer's .45. Aired: 12/15/1957

Ep 14: Comstock Conspiracy

A stranger in Virginia City, Bret finds more excitement than he bargained for when a man he believes is dead comes back to haunt him. Aired: 12/29/1957

Ep 15: The Third Rider

Bart does a good deed by helping two exhausted travelers but ends up being framed for a bank robbery. Aired: 1/5/1958

Ep 16: Rage for Vengeance

Bret is happy to escort a lovely widow to the bank with a large sum of cash until he learns the money is counterfeit. Aired: 1/12/1958

Ep 17: Rope of Cards

In an effort to acquit a young man of murder, Bret uses a long-odds poker trick to change the verdicts of 11 fellow jurors. Aired: 1/19/1958

Ep 18: Diamond in the Rough

Needing money to finance a nefarious plot, a gentleman thief, Van Buren Kingsley, beats up Bart, takes his cash and plunks him on an ocean bound steamer. Aired: 1/26/1958

Ep 19: Day of Reckoning

Fearless Bret feels it's about time someone did something about the town bully. Aired: 2/2/1958

Ep 20: The Savage Hills

Caught in a confusing spy caper, Bart has his troubles: like telling the good guys from the bad and getting himself arrested. Aired: 2/9/1958

Ep 21: Trail West to Fury

The open range is home for the brothers Maverick, who are searching for the one man who can clear them of murder. Aired: 2/16/1958

Ep 22: The Burning Sky

In the desert, an Indian ambush leaves Bart and other stagecoach passengers to battle their attackers, each other and the sun. Aired: 2/23/1958

Ep 23: The Seventh Hand

Bret, with his reputation and possibly his life at stake, hunts for the two men who made off with a plump poker pot. Aired: 3/2/1958

Ep 24: Plunder of Paradise

There's gold in them thar hills, and Bart is after it, along with a quartet of Mexican bandits who would easily kill for the treasure. Aired: 3/9/1958

Ep 25: Black Fire

Bret desperately tries to solve the triple murder of millionaire General Eakins' heirs. Why is he so concerned? He's posing as one of the heirs. Aired: 3/16/1958

Ep 26: Burial Ground of the Gods

While search of a thief who stole his money, Bart is sidetracked by a young woman, Laura Stanton, who is in search of her presumably dead husband. Aired: 3/30/1958

Ep 27: Seed of Deception

Bret recognizes a delightful but deceitful dancer, suggesting that her maneuvers outside the dance hall also bear watching. Aired: 4/13/1958

Ep 28: The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick

Bret attends a hanging under very uncomfortable conditions: he's the intended victim. Aired: 9/21/1958

Ep 29: The Lonesome Reunion

Bret falls for the tempting trickery of pretty woman Abigail Johnson and finds himself helplessly involved in a swindle. Aired: 9/28/1958

Ep 30: Alias Bart Maverick

Bart meets a gentleman after his own heart who skips town with his money, and leaves him to face a murder rap and man-hungry female Cindy Lou Brown. Aired: 10/5/1958

Ep 31: The Belcastle Brand

In a desert, Bret and a hunting party are ambushed and left to fight a blazing sun. Aired: 10/12/1958

Ep 32: High Card Hangs

When Bart and two of his friends are charged with murder, the town's citizens demand a confession from one of the three men, or else all three will be prosecuted. Aired: 10/19/1958

Ep 33: Escape to Tampico

In Mexico, Bret tries to trick an American renegade into returning to the U.S. where he's wanted for murder. Aired: 10/26/1958

Ep 34: The Judas Mask

Bart tails a pretty dancer who stole his money only to find himself being followed by two very sinister characters. Aired: 11/2/1958

Ep 35: The Jail at Junction Flats

Good-hearted Bret lends a pal $2,000 for an "honest" transaction, which lands the pal in jail. Aired: 11/9/1958

Ep 36: The Thirty-Ninth Star

A case of mistaken suitcases unfolds into political warfare, leaving Bart the unhappy target of ruthless killers. Aired: 11/16/1958

Ep 37: Shady Deal at Sunny Acres

Bret, helpless against crafty banker Bates, who robbed him, bides his time while Bart and friends set up an elaborate con game. Aired: 11/23/1958

Ep 38: Island in the Swamp

Bret tries to help a pair of star-crossed lovers whose feuding families have taken him prisoner. Aired: 11/30/1958

Ep 39: Prey of the Cat

Bart is a helpless victim of his charms. Two scheming women are after him: one wants to murder for his love; the other just wants to murder him. Aired: 12/7/1958

Ep 40: Holiday at Hollow Rock

After he's cheated in a crooked card game, Bret tries to even the score by beating his opponent and the odds in a horse race. Aired: 12/14/1958

Ep 41: The Spanish Dancer

After scuffling with a pal over a dancer, Bart must do some fancy footwork to escape his plight: he's accused of murdering his friend. Aired: 12/28/1958

Ep 42: Game of Chance

Bret and Bart are pursuing the same woman. What's the attraction? The $10,000 she copped from them. Aired: 1/4/1959

Ep 43: Gun-Shy

Bret and a host of others ride into a small town looking for hidden money from pre-Civil War days. The only problem is Marshal Mort Dooley, who won't allow any nonsense in his town and keeps running Bret off. Aired: 1/11/1959

Ep 44: Two Beggars on Horseback

Bret and Bart's devotion to one another is tested when they're offered a deal that can mean $10,000 for one of them—but just one. Aired: 1/18/1959

Ep 45: The Rivals

A rich man hires Bret to switch identities with him in hopes of winning the affections of a young heiress who desires an adventurous suitor from a different walk of life. Aired: 1/25/1959

Ep 46: Duel at Sundown

Bret Maverick finds himself caught in a deadly love triangle with a lovely woman (Abby Dalton) and a young gunman (Clint Eastwood). Aired: 2/1/1959

Ep 47: Yellow River

After losing his money in a bank robbery, Bart invests in a get-rich-quick deal with a beautiful but not-so-dumb blonde. Aired: 2/8/1959

Ep 48: The Saga of Waco Williams

Bret and his buddy Waco Williams ride straight into trouble in Bent City, where they are suspected of being cattle rustlers. Aired: 2/15/1959

Ep 49: Brasada Spur

In a high-stakes poker game, Bart wins stock in a railroad and finds himself on the track to a colossal headache. Aired: 2/22/1959

Ep 50: Passage to Fort Doom

A pair of con artists, Bart and an old girlfriend survive a hazardous stagecoach ride and reach Fort Doom, where their troubles begin. Aired: 3/8/1959

Ep 51: Two Tickets to Ten Strike

Bret uncovers a bizarre plot of murder and blackmail in the town of Ten Strike, New Mexico. Aired: 3/15/1959

Ep 52: Betrayal

Keeping cool during a stage holdup, Bart catches a twinkle of recognition between his lovely traveling companion (Pat Crowley) and one of the outlaws. Aired: 3/22/1959

Ep 53: The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill

Bret accompanies a beautiful singer (Peggy King) on a search for her missing husband and finds himself falling helplessly in love. Aired: 3/29/1959

Ep 54: Pappy

When Bret and Bart learn that their father is planning to wed a young girl against her will as part of a business arrangement, they set out to sabotage the wedding plans. Aired: 9/13/1959

Ep 55: Royal Four Flush

Bart double-crosses a double-crosser and winds up hogtied and kidnapped, with only his wits as a weapon with which to save his neck. Aired: 9/20/1959

Ep 56: The Sheriff of Duck 'N' Shoot

Sheriff Bret successfully subdues sundry wrongdoers in town, but must invoke the aid of Bart when his eye for a woman lands him in his own lockup. Aired: 9/27/1959

Ep 57: You Can't Beat the Percentage

Bart is involved in a bizarre murder plot in which he is high on the list of planned victims. Aired: 10/4/1959

Ep 58: The Cats of Paradise

Bret and his soft-spoken new girlfriend go into business supplying cats to a mining camp overrun with rat. But rumor has it most men lose either their lives or their money when dealing with the young beauty. Aired: 10/11/1959

Ep 59: A Tale of Three Cities

Bart has trouble retrieving his poker winnings from thieves. But help is on the way from the local Ladies Aid Society. Aired: 10/18/1959

Ep 60: Full House

Bret runs into a notorious bunch of bank robbers, believing him to be the infamous Foxy Smith. Aired: 10/25/1959

Ep 61: The Lass with the Poisonous Air

After a rebuff by mysterious Linda Burke (Joanna Moore), Bart is left holding the bag for murder. Aired: 11/1/1959

Ep 62: The Ghost Soldiers

Bret finds himself one of three men secretly defending a deserted government fort against war hungry Indians. Aired: 11/8/1959

Ep 63: Easy Mark

Bart, for whom cowardice is a virtue, "turns yellow" when he learns that his friendship with a tycoon could cost him his life. Aired: 11/15/1959

Ep 64: A Fellow's Brother

When George Henry Arnett hears that Bret Maverick is in town to collect his money, Arnett (Adam West) starts a "top gun" rumor about Bret and creeps out of town. Aired: 11/22/1959

Ep 65: Trooper Maverick

Bart swings into trouble when he tries to help the Cavalry uncover a traitor and winds up facing a hangman's rope. Aired: 11/29/1959

Ep 66: Maverick Springs

Bret is hired by a wealthy Texan to save her brother from a conniving woman, soon realizing that he's up against a master crook. Aired: 12/6/1959

Ep 67: The Goose-Drownder

Taking shelter in a ghost town, Bart impatiently awaits a storm's end. But when four gunmen arrive, he fears he'll never get out alive. Aired: 12/13/1959

Ep 68: A Cure for Johnny Rain

After saving Bret's life, Johnny Rain (William Reynolds) is arrested for robbing a stage coach. While Bret goes to his rescue he becomes ensnarled in a plot that involves a case of split personality. Aired: 12/20/1959

Ep 69: The Marquesa

Bart wins a saloon in a card game, but finds that staking his claim my cost him his life. Aired: 1/3/1960

Ep 70: Cruise of the Cynthia B.

When Bret and seven other owners of a riverboat start down the Mississippi for Memphis to sell the broken-down craft, the stakeholders mysteriously start dying one by one. Aired: 1/10/1960

Ep 71: Maverick and Juliet

Bret's freedom hinges on the outcome of a card game. He's ecstatic... until he meets his opponent: Bart who will make a bundle if he wins. Aired: 1/17/1960

Ep 72: The White Widow

A beautiful widow (Julie Adams) asks Bart to protect her from an unknown killer. He accepts unaware that he is the intended victim. Aired: 1/24/1960

Ep 73: Guatemala City

While trying to straighten out his romance with a woman, Bret works to solve a million-dollar jewel theft and becomes the target for a ruthless murderer who won't stay dead. Aired: 1/31/1960

Ep 74: The People's Friend

When Bart runs for U.S. Senate, his political opponents will stop at nothing to stifle his political aspirations. Aired: 2/7/1960

Ep 75: A Flock of Trouble

Bret wins a sheep ranch located in the midst of cattle ranchers bent on wiping out the sheep—and their new owner. Aired: 2/14/1960

Ep 76: Iron Hand

Hired to protect a cattle drive, Bart dutifully chases Indians while a masterful swindle takes place right under his nose. Aired: 2/21/1960

Ep 77: The Resurrection of Joe November

A $10,000 temptation puts Bret unwittingly in the middle of a fantastic smuggling scheme. Aired: 2/28/1960

Ep 78: The Misfortune Teller

Bret is fighting a murder charge. But when he meets his lawyer—a numerologist, astrologer and bungler—he knows his number is up. Aired: 3/6/1960

Ep 79: Greenbacks, Unlimited

Bank robber Big Ed Murphy is at his wit's end: someone keeps beating him to the loot and that someone is Bret. Aired: 3/13/1960

Ep 80: The Bundle from Britain

Cousin Beauregard Maverick (Roger Moore) arrives back in America and is quickly enlisted by Bart to impersonate the son of the Marquis of Bognor, who had been indentured to work on a ranch in Wyoming for six months. Aired: 9/18/1960

Ep 81: Hadley's Hunters

Bart meets a comical sheriff (Edgar Buchanan) who is dead serious about killing him. Aired: 9/25/1960

Ep 82: The Town That Wasn't There

Beau runs afoul a crooked railroad agent after winning ownership of a seemingly worthless ore mine called Silver Hill. Aired: 10/2/1960

Ep 83: Arizona Black Maria

In hostile Sioux territory, Bart is caught between a woman prisoner's devastating charms and a pending Indian attack. Aired: 10/9/1960

Ep 84: Last Wire from Stop Gap

On their way to Denver, Beau and Bart pick up $6,500 in a poker game. When they try to wire the money to Denver, they fall into a well-laid trap. Aired: 10/16/1960

Ep 85: Mano Nera

Looking for a peaceful and profitable poker game in New Orleans, Bart is plunged into a mysterious murder involving the Black Hand society. Aired: 10/23/1960

Ep 86: A Bullet for the Teacher

In St. Joseph, Missouri, Beau wins half-ownership of the Golden Wheel Casino. The business venture is short-lived, however, when his partner, Rand Storm, is shot to death. Aired: 10/30/1960

Ep 87: The Witch of Hound Dog

Toil and trouble overcome Bret when he tangles with two burly thieves and their enchanting sister (Anita Sands), who claims she's a witch. Aired: 11/6/1960

Ep 88: Thunder from the North

Crooked shopkeepers try to instigate an Indian war when a tribeswomen threatens to report them to the Army Commission for selling faulty goods. Aired: 11/13/1960

Ep 89: The Maverick Line

Inheriting a stagecoach line from Uncle Micah is only the beginning of financial problems for the Maverick brothers. Aired: 11/20/1960

Ep 90: Bolt from the Blue

Beau befriends a prospector who turns out to be a notorious horse thief, which leads an angry mob to believe Beau is involved in the thieving. Aired: 11/27/1960

Ep 91: Kiz

While in Virginia City, Beau is hired by eccentric socialite Kiz Bouchet, who believes her life to be in danger. Aired: 12/4/1960

Ep 92: Dodge City or Bust

Chivalrous Bart saves the life of a beautiful woman. His reward? A place on the wanted list for robbery and murder. Aired: 12/11/1960

Ep 93: The Bold Fenian Men

Beau is blackmailed into infiltrating the ranks of an Irish revolutionary group that has gathered in Dakota City before they march into Canada to attack a British outpost. Aired: 12/18/1960

Ep 94: Destination Devil's Flat

Bart substitutes a rock-filled suitcase for a fortune in gold to foil hijacking plans of phony sheriff Dan Trevor (Peter Breck). Aired: 12/25/1960

Ep 95: A State of Siege

Proving once again that he's basically nonviolent, Bart witnesses a battle of bullets that leaves him stunned and almost dead. Aired: 1/1/1961

Ep 96: Family Pride

In New Mexico, Beau is taken for more than $4,500 by con artists Warren and Crippen and Warren's granddaughter, Rosanne. Aired: 1/8/1961

Ep 97: The Cactus Switch

Thinking all's well with the world after he cleans up in a card game, Bart offers to help a troubled young woman. Aired: 1/15/1961

Ep 98: Dutchman's Gold

Attempting to raise funds for their floundering saloon, Beau and his partner, Charlotte, strike a deal with a mysterious gold prospector. Along the trail to Superstition Mountain, where the gold is located, the three encounter no shortage of danger. Aired: 1/22/1961

Ep 99: The Ice Man

After discovering a long-dead body encased in ice, Bart finds himself in hot water. Aired: 1/29/1961

Ep 100: Diamond Flush

Con artist Ferguson knocks Beau unconscious during an unsuccessful attempt to hoist a priceless diamond necklace from a French countess. Ferguson claims that the countess' diamond is fake and that he was in the process of replacing it with the real thing. Aired: 2/5/1961

Ep 101: Last Stop Oblivion

Good guy Bart warns the wrong people that their hosts are murderers and ends up as the next possible victim. Aired: 2/12/1961

Ep 102: Flood's Folly

While finding shelter during a blizzard at the home of Martha Flood and her niece, Beau and his friend, Judge Scott, uncover a nefarious plot. Aired: 2/19/1961

Ep 103: Maverick at Law

Bart has a lot of explaining to do: the bank has been robbed and his saddlebags are bulging with stolen loot. Aired: 2/26/1961

Ep 104: Red Dog

After stumbling onto the cave hideout of a group of outlaws, Beau tries to pass himself off as a notorious Texas outlaw. Aired: 3/5/1961

Ep 105: The Deadly Image

Bart's in jail: he's the unfortunate and helpless victim of mistaken identity. Aired: 3/12/1961

Ep 106: Triple Indemnity

Cowardly George Parker (Alan Hewitt) offers Doc Holliday a tempting reward. All Doc has to do is kill his best friend, Bart. Aired: 3/19/1961

Ep 107: The Forbidden City

Brent (Robert Colbert) joins the series in true Maverick style: he gets involved with two beautiful women and is thrown in jail for gambling. Aired: 3/26/1961

Ep 108: Substitute Gun

Bart matches wits and bullets with a professional gunman... and learns that a beautiful woman can be more deadly than hired killers. Aired: 4/2/1961

Ep 109: Benefit of the Doubt

In typical Maverick fashion, cousin Brent gets involved with two beautiful sisters; one of which is planning to do him in. Aired: 4/9/1961

Ep 110: The Devil's Necklace: Part 1

Bart just made the deal of a lifetime: he blindly purchased a wagonload of merchandise including a bound and gagged Indian girl. Aired: 4/16/1961

Ep 111: The Devil's Necklace: Part 2

The Apaches catch Bart red-handed with a wagonload of liquor and a kidnapped Indian girl—and that means war. Aired: 4/23/1961

Ep 112: Dade City Dodge

Bart tries to track down Pearly Gates, a smooth con man who cheated him out of $5,000. Aired: 9/17/1961

Ep 113: The Art Lovers

When investors put the squeeze on railroad owner Paul Sutton, Bart tries to help by dealing with them directly in a friendly card game. Aired: 10/1/1961

Ep 114: The Golden Fleecing

Bart forsakes the poker table for the stock market and finds himself trying to bluff wealthy Loftus Jaggers and his glamorous daughter (Paula Raymond). Aired: 10/8/1961

Ep 115: Three Queens Full

Bart must either face two years in jail or chaperone three brides to their intendeds, the sons of wealthy Joe Wheelwright (Jim Backus). Aired: 11/12/1961

Ep 116: A Technical Error

Bart feels like a million when he wins a bank in a poker game. But the unlucky Maverick soon learns the truth: the bank's broke and so is he. Aired: 11/26/1961

Ep 117: Poker Face

Bart's latest poker adventure has him playing for a full house: the lives of his fellow stagecoach passengers. Aired: 1/7/1962

Ep 118: Mr. Muldoon's Partner

After being granted a wish by a "leprechaun," Bart faces a pot of trouble: he must be either jailed, murdered or married. Aired: 2/11/1962

Ep 119: Epitaph for a Gambler

Bart, waiting to collect on a $10,000 IOU, makes an uncomfortable observation: murder may be the pay-off in a gambler's life. Aired: 3/4/1962

Ep 120: The Maverick Report

When Bart wins a newspaper in a poker game, he quickly discovers that a senator is suing it for libel. Aired: 3/11/1962

Ep 121: Marshal Maverick

Bart is closer to tears than laughter when he is forced to battle the funniest and fastest gun in the West. Aired: 4/1/1962

Ep 122: The Troubled Heir

Life is anything but heaven when Bart meets Pearly Gates and his girl, who steal Maverick's poker winnings so they can be married. Aired: 4/8/1962

Ep 123: The Money Machine

A money-making machine costs Bart a bundle. His cousin (Kathy Bennett) has just bought one with the $10,000 he lent her. Aired: 4/15/1962

Ep 124: One of Our Trains is Missing

While trying to get a young girl's romance back on the right track, Bart gets involved in a train robbery to end all train robberies. Aired: 4/22/1962