Planet of the Apes

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After their spacecraft enters a time warp, crash-landed astronauts Colonel Alan Virdon (Ron Harper) and Major Peter J. Burke (James Naughton) awaken to find that they have traveled more than 1,000 years into the future. The good news: They’re on Earth. The bad news: Apes are now the dominate species. Together with human sympathizer Galen (Roddy McDowall), the three fugitives rove the ruins of the former United States, avoiding capture by government officials and finding adventure at every turn.


Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
  • Season 1

Ep 1: Escape from Tomorrow

Two astronauts, Virdon and Burke, are thrown through a time warp in space and end up on a planet ruled by apes in the year 3085.

Ep 2: The Gladiators

Virdon and Burke fight to stay alive when they're forced into gladiator games by the governor of an ape village.

Ep 3: The Trap

After being buried underground after an earthquake, Burke must work with General Urko to escape.

Ep 4: The Good Seeds

A young ape boy believes the humans have cursed his family's cow when Virdon, Burke and an injured Galen take shelter in his home.

Ep 5: The Legacy

Virdon and Burke find a message left by scientists in their own time while exploring an ancient city.

Ep 6: Tomorrow's Tide

If Virdon and Burke can't prove themselves as fishermen, the apes will sacrifice them to the sharks.

Ep 7: The Surgeon

Galen shares a book on human anatomy with an old love who is now a surgeon when Virdon is injured.

Ep 8: The Deception

The blind daughter of a recently murdered ape falls in love with Burke, not knowing he's human, as Galen and the astronauts try to hunt down the murdering apes.

Ep 9: The Horse Race

Attempting to bargain for the life of a condemned human, Virdon saddles up for a horse race.

Ep 10: The Interrogation

After being captured by the apes, will Burke be killed by Urko or brainwashed?

Ep 11: The Tyrant

Galen, Virdon and Burke may be forced into a confrontation with General Urko while trying to disrupt the plans of an ape who is trying to take over a group of human farmers.

Ep 12: The Cure

Will the humans help find a cure for a disease-ridden village before General Urko burns it down?

Ep 14: Up Above the World So High

Unaware of her deadly intention, the astronauts help construct a hang glider for a chimpanzee scientist.

Ep 13: The Liberator

Virdon and Burke try to convince a group of humans to rebel against the apes instead of selling their own kind into slavery.