Popeye and Pink Panther's Party

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 7 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
He's strong to the "finich" 'cause he eats his spinich! That's right, the world's most famous Sailor Man joins the MeTV Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup with his pals Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Wimpy… and Bluto. Now, he's joined by the clever and cool Pink Panther! These original Pink Panther shorts first ran in the 1960s, following the hit Peter Sellers comedy film The Pink Panther, which introduced the character in the opening credits. Also tune in for classics from Betty Boop and more!

Next Airings

  • 1/22 7:00AMCookin' With Gags, Doing Impossikible Stunts, Dizzy Divers, Prehistoric Pink, Gem Dandy, Ape Suzette, Pink on the Cob
    "Bluto plays tricks on Popeye when they take Olive for a picnic., Popeye tries to get a job as a movie stunt man by showing studio executives movies of some of his most daring exploits., Bluto attempts to get to sunken treasure before Popeye can., In prehistoric times, The Pink Panther and a caveman try to work out the best way to move stone blocks., Brave security guard Roland successfully guards a diamond from that sneaky jewel thief Ratfink., The Inspector tracks a gang of banana hijackers to an old English sailor and his pet ape., The Pink Panther deals with two cows who are eating his corn!"
  • 1/29 7:00AMThe House Builder-upper, Hello, How Am I?, Nearlyweds, Be Kind to “Aminals”, Rock-A-bye Pinky, Hawks and Doves, Napoleon Blown-aparte, Pink Posies
    "When Olive Oyl's house burns down, firefighters Popeye and Wimpy decide to build a new house with disastrous results., Popeye meets himself walking down the street toward Olive's house, where he has been invited to a hamburger feast., Popeye and Bluto both plan to marry Olive Oyl., Popeye and Olive see Bluto driving a wagon hitting his weak-looking horse because he cannot pull the wagon., A man's loud snore keeps the Pink Panther awake., Roland, the flying ace of Doveland, and Ratfink, the evil baron of Hawkland, go to war with each other in the sky., The Inspector tries to stop a mad bomber intent on getting even with the Commissioner., The Pink Panther replaces all the yellow posies in a garden with pink ones."
  • 2/5 7:00AMMess Production, Crystal Brawl, Child Psykolojiky, Little Beaux Pink, Crow De Guerre, Say Cheese, Please, Pink Punch
    "Popeye and Bluto, two rival factory workers, fight each other for privilege of saving Olive Oyl., When Bluto takes Olive to the fair, Popeye disguises himself as a fortune teller to get her attention., Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy disagree on how Swee'pea should be raised., The Pink Panther butts heads with a cattleman over his sheep., The Inspector tangles with a crow who is an expert jewel thief., Ratfink demands to be cast as "the hero" in a Hollywood movie -- with Roland as his stand-in., The Pink Panther introduces his own beverage line."
*available in most MeTV markets