Popeye and Pink Panther's Party

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 7 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
He's strong to the "finich" 'cause he eats his spinich! That's right, the world's most famous Sailor Man joins the MeTV Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup with his pals Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Wimpy… and Bluto. Now, he's joined by the clever and cool Pink Panther! These original Pink Panther shorts first ran in the 1960s, following the hit Peter Sellers comedy film The Pink Panther, which introduced the character in the opening credits. Also tune in for classics from Betty Boop and more!

Next Airings

  • 2/11 7:00AMLittle Swee’pea, I Likes Babies and Infinks, Symphony In Spinach, Pink-A-boo, Cherche Le Phantom, Say Cheese, Please, Pinkadilly Circus
    "Popeye tackles lions, bears, snakes and countless other animals chasing after Swee'pea at the zoo only to find himself the victim of an assault by Olive for scaring Swee'pea with a toy on their arrival home., Popeye's pal Swee'pea causes consternation when Olive Oyl is unable to stop him from crying and she calls upon the sailor man to help., Singer Olive Oyl needs an accompanist, and both Popeye and Bluto apply for the job., The Pink Panther battles with a hungry mouse., The Inspector has to capture an opera-loving gorilla., Rattfink demands to be cast as "the hero" in a Hollywood movie -- with Roland as his stand-in., The Pink Panther tries to help a man who pulled a thorn out of his paw -- whether the man wants him to or not!"
  • 2/18 7:00AMCustomers Wanted, Fightin Pals, Let's Stalk Spinach, The Pink Blueprint, Carte Blanched, A Taste of Money, We Give Pink Stamps
    "Popeye tries to lure customers into his penny arcade at Coney Island., A modern Stanley and Livingston saga, with Popeye going to Africa to rescue his pal, Dr. Bluto., The Pink Panther fights with a contractor to make sure his house is built to his specifics., The Inspector has a hard time trying to return a supermarket trolley cart., Rattfink marries a rich widow, but must take care of her oversized son., The Pink Panther hides in a department store and spends the night trying to hide from the janitor."
  • 2/25 7:00AMThe Anvil Chorus Girl, I’ll Never Crow Again, Many Tanks, Slink Pink, The Pique Poquette of Paris, Flying Feet, Put-put, Pink
    "Popeye and Bluto pass by Olive's blacksmith shop and are smitten., When Olive notices a number of pesky crows ruining her vegetable garden, she calls for Popeye's assistance., Popeye is in the Navy and Bluto is in the Army, but Bluto is confined to camp limits., The Pink Panther finds himself hiding in a hunter's house!, The Inspector tracks down the wall-crawling menace, Spider Pierre., Roland is packing his bags as he is leaving for college. He gets to the train station too late so he decides to run all the way there. When he arrives he sees that they are going to have a big race and he decides to enter. Rattfink is also in the race and spends more time trying to slow up Roland than running the race, The Pink Panther tries his hand to building a motorcycle."
*available in most MeTV markets