The Loretta Young Show

A dramatic short story anthology series, 'The Loretta Young Show' features the Academy Award-winning screen legend performing in a variety of different roles. It originally aired from 1953 to 1961 (winning three Emmy Awards along the way) and was the first (and at the time longest running) primetime television series hosted by a woman.



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Episode Guide

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Ep : Trial Run

In the series opener, Loretta plays a perfume salesgirl who decides to test the love of her rich fiance.

Ep : The Mirror

A young wife's social activities cause her to ignore her primary duty as a mother.

Ep : Prisoner At One O'Clock

The sheriff in the town of One O'Clock helps a lynch mob that's wanting the man accused of murder. The officer's wife helps the innocent man escape.

Ep : Girl On A Flagpole

A teacher publicly opposes a candidate, only to be romanced by him, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend.

Ep : Turn Of A Card

A shipboard con artist falls for his mark.

Ep : Earthquake

A polio patient must rise to the challenge when an earthquake knocks out the power—and his iron lung.

Ep : The One That Got Away

A woman tries to raise a little jealousy in her unromantic husband. Her level-headed grandfather referees the experiment.

Ep : Kid's Stuff

The sucessful editor of a magazine falls in love with a lovely widow with a young boy. His suggestion that the child be sent to camp in Nova Scotia so they can proceed with their romance upsets the mother.

Ep : The Bronte Story

Loretta Young plays author Charlotte Bronte set in Yorkshire, England in the 1850's. Bronte struggles to assert her independence against her domineering father.

Ep : This is a Love Story

An attractive singer falls in love with a less-than-handsome burlesque comic. When Hollywood calls, Jane is torn between her comic and her career.

Ep : Laughing Boy

A woman uses a newspaper reporter as a ploy to make her boyfriend jealous and more attentive. As time passes, she becomes more interested in the reporter.

Ep : The Night My Father Came Home

A five-year-old boy writes to Santa asking for his father to come home for Christmas as a surprise for his mother.

Ep : Hotel Irritant

Young guests at at New Orleans hotel set up a series of problems for the manager during Marti Gras.

Ep : Inga: Part 1

A Minnesota woman who hires ex-cons to work on the farm becomes involved with the trouble-making son of a local leader. When the man disappears with a large sum of money, everyone assumes he skipped town with the loot. Inga is the only one who believes he's missing because he's been injured.

Ep : Lady Killer

A mystery writer becomes involved in two murders thanks to a case of mistaken identity.

Ep : Big Little Lie

The daughter of a widowed TV star starts a rumor that her neglectful mother is about to have another child.

Ep : The Hollywood Story

A young woman with stars in her eyes goes to Hollywood to become an movie actress. She gets a job in a dress shop.

Ep : The New York Story

A happily married wife enjoys the company and conversation of other men. She realize she's passing too much of her this way when she can't locate her young son one afternoon.

Ep : Nobody's Boy

A social worker comes into contact with an incorrigible young man and gives him hope, but it is soon dashed. Miss Young pays tribute to the 44th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.

Ep : Count of Ten

An ex-fighter considers going back into the ring. He needs the cash to care for his seriously ill wife who's in the hospital.

Ep : The Clara Schumann Story

In one of history's most tragic romances, composer Robert Schumann's devotion to music was total. His wife, Clara, struggled to convince him that a successful, happy marriage was more important than musical achievements, but to no avail. He eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent to a sanitarium.

Ep : Son, This is Your Father

A mother fears she will lose the love of her son because of the behavior of his irresponsible father.

Ep : Forest Ranger

The man responsible for putting a criminal behind bars is targeted by the convict after his escape.

Ep : The Judgement

The wife of an ambitious politician is determined to see justice done when her husband shirks his responsibility for an automobile death.

Ep : Oh, My Aching Heart

A plain spinster-type woman is the secretary to a businessman. She's forced into posing as her own sister who's a real glamor gal.

Ep : Dear Madge

A social worker challenges a pool shark to a game to demonstrate to a boy that the hustler is not one to idolize. Luckily, she has a good fairy that's helping her out.

Ep : Lady In War Paint

An elementary school teacher of poor Indian children struggles to keep her students attending class in the one-room adobe schoolhouse.

Ep : Guest in the Night

On parole, a convict steals a diamond necklace and heads with his wife to his mountain lodge hideout. A young boy suffering from pneumonia arrives at the lodge, but the thief refuses to go for medical help. The wife even locks the sick child in a storeroom.

Ep : Dr. Juliet

An alcoholic seeks help from Dr. Juliet after attempting suicide.

Ep : The Lamp

A couple is on the receiving end of good luck thanks to their new lamp.

Ep : Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Loretta Young plays the lone hold-out juror who's not convinced that the accused is guilty of murder.

Ep : Girl Scout Story

Loretta Young hosts a group of Girl Scouts and presents a story of how the heroism of a Scout defeated an escaped convict.

Ep : No Help Wanted

A restaurant owner takes an interest in a down on her luck woman.

Ep : Something About Love

An architect meets his next-door-neighbor, a dancer, the night before shipping out for military service.

Ep : Time and Yuletide

The head of the county rest home decides that Christmas isn't just for the kids; it's for the seniors as well.

Ep : Three Minutes Too Late

Sam and Alice Hendricks feel little reason to celebrate on New Year's Eve: the rent is late, he's unemployed and she's about to go into labor.

Ep : The Flood

As a flood rages outside, Susan Franklin awaits help for her sick son.

Ep : The Case of Mrs. Bannister

Pam Vernon overhears a murder being planned. Her parents think she's making the story up—until they meet the murderers.

Ep : Tale of the Cayuse

This is the enchanting story of how a woman’s love for her horse brings about an unexpected marriage proposal from a total stranger.

Ep : Dateline: Korea

A newspaperwoman assigned to post-war Korea finds her assignment boring, until she learns something about the spirit of the people who live in this war-shattered country.

Ep : Inga #2

Loretta Young portrays Inga Helborg, a Minnesota farm girl struggling to keep her family farm alive.

Ep : Mink Coat

A golf instructor’s wife receives a mink coat from one of her husband’s grateful pupils, but the gift threatens the couple’s modest way of life.

Ep : Feeling No Pain

Poor Judy is still a little loopy after some dental work so the doctor recruits good-looking Larry to drive her home.

Ep : The Little Teacher (aka The Little Creature)

When the quick-tempered father, John Hudson, of a five-year-old girl, played by Mimi Gibson, breaks his daughter’s little finger in a rage ,he must learn some valuable lessons.

Ep : I Remember the Rani

In this unforgettable costume drama, an English newspaperman reminisces about his visit to the kingdom of Caneshwar many years earlier where he encountered the beautiful and courageous Maharani of a small, destitute principality in India’s remote backcountry.

Ep : Christmas Stopover

A waitress in a deserted coffee shop is having an unhappy holiday; she has just broken up with her boyfriend. She ends up celebrating Christmas with a 9-year-old who cannot get home to his parents because of train delays. Loretta Young returns to the series with this episode.

Ep : Inga #3

In this, the third of four programs in the Loretta Young Show series loosely based on the Academy Award winning character she played in the movies, Loretta Young portrays Inga Helborg, a Swedish farm girl who has become the head of a prison farm.

Ep : The Pearl

This story deals with two dreams, and how they can become one reality. A Japanese fisherman by the name of Kiyoshi, played by Teru Shimada, finds a valuable pearl, but keeps it a secret from his wife Kiku, played by Loretta Young.

Ep : But for God's Grace

Loretta Young plays double roles in this episode, starring as both Ruth and Rosalie… As Ruth, she plays a young woman who becomes inconsolable after the loss of a child.

Ep : Little League

The world of little Petey Seaton, played by Ray Ferrell, seems to have come to an end when he fails to qualify for his Little League team, and that brings on big problems for the lad’s mother, Helen Seaton, played by Loretta Young.

Ep : Now, A Brief Word

An attractive copywriter for a local radio station gets into a big dilemma when she is faced with the task of writing speeches for opposing mayoral candidates.

Ep : End of the Week

A grammar school teacher is ready to quit her career until a troubled young boy asks her help for an upcoming spelling bee.

Ep : Inga #4

Loretta Young mirrors her Academy Award-winning role as a Swedish farm girl, in this series named Inga Helborg, who runs an honor farm for convicts on good behavior.

Ep : Three and Two, Please (aka Sister Anne's Christmas)

Sister Ann, a beloved nurse, tries to bring joy to a young boy and a grouchy man on Christmas.

Ep : Queen Nefertiti

In this elaborate production we go back in history some three thousand years, as Loretta Young presents an authentic dramatization of an incident in the life of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, wife of a Pharaoh.

Ep : My Favorite Monster

Madge (Loretta Young) and Victor (John Newland) must cope with the problems of Madge’s young daughter who has difficulty in properly distinguishing between the real world and her own vivid imagination.

Ep : Tension

An automobile accident and its harrowing aftermath affect the lives of a man and his wife in this powerful suspense drama.

Ep : Wedding Day

In this eerily suspenseful drama reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, a grieving widow, portrayed by Loretta Young, is planning to remarry and arises on her "wedding day” with great happiness and joy, only to discover that the carriage she thinks is taking her to the wedding ceremony is instead heading toward Fenwick Park, a sanitarium for the insane where a doctor is waiting to commit her for treatment.

Ep : The Room Next Door

In this film noir-style teleplay, Loretta Young plays a woman disappointed in love who meets an eligible widower, played by Richard Garland.

Ep : The Legacy

Loretta Young and John Newland star in this redemptive drama as the partners in a marriage of convenience.

Ep : Mind of Her Own

When a successful dress designer, Loretta Young, meets an unscrupulous dress manufacturer who steals her ideas, it takes an old professor and a young child, a trip to Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, and a little ESP to clear up the situation.

Ep : Royal Partners: Part 1

Loretta Young stars as a professional dancer whose personal happiness is at stake as she recovers from a serious accident.

Ep : Royal Partners: Part 2

In the continuation of this tale of a professional dance duo named Royal, played by Loretta Young and Robert Fortier, personal happiness is at stake as Edie Royal recovers from a serious accident.

Ep : A Dollar's Worth

Thelma Brown, played by Loretta Young, tries to hide an unhappy past behind a new identity in this poignant show in which Miss Young plays duel roles.

Ep : Little Witness

Loretta Young and Johnny Crawford (from The Rifleman series) portray mother and son in this suspense drama set in a remote beach home on the Outer Banks.

Ep : The Demon and Mrs. Devon

A young husband's business future is drastically altered when his wife goes treasure hunting for a Chinese vase and becomes an unwilling hostage of a surprise party in her very own home.

Ep : Dear Milkman

When August Dickens, played by Loretta Young, leaves notes for her husband in her empty milk bottles on her back porch, it almost ruins their marriage.

Ep : A Greater Strength

Loretta Young portrays Jean Kennedy, a missionary who is released after five torturous years in a prison camp to face her most difficult trial as a free woman, to reunite with the daughter she left at home before her capture.

Ep : The Oriental Mind

A Korean orphan “adopts” an American couple during their temporary stay in his country, but the friendship between the Korean waif and the American couple is almost severed through a series of silly misunderstandings just as the couple prepare to leave the country.

Ep : Dangerous Verdict

Judge Lila Brighton, played by Loretta Young, makes a startling decision in a grim murder case.

Ep : Strange Adventure

Loretta Young stars as a beautiful American traveler who experiences a strange adventure while vacationing alone in Rome.

Ep : A Day of Rest

When Mrs. Oliver (played by Loretta Young) awakens one morning with a cold, her husband, played by Robert Rockwell, insists that she take off for ‘a day of rest’.

Ep : A Visit to San Paulo

This episode takes place in a rundown Italian fishing village where Maria Gardella, played by Loretta Young, shines like a rare jewel—at least in the eyes of a visiting American tourist, Mike Roberts (played by James Philbrook).

Ep : The 20-Cent Tip

In this special program marking the start of National Education Week, Loretta Young stars as Margaret Hutchens, a widowed mother of two children who works as a part-time waitress to supplement her income as a high school history teacher.

Ep : The Woman Between

In desperation, Eleanor Stark, portrayed by Loretta Young, tries to safeguard her husband’s health by removing him from the center of his frantic business world.

Ep : The Happy Widow

Loretta Young plays a beautiful widow who meets a handsome bachelor, (played by James Philbrook) aboard an ocean liner.

Ep : Sister Ann

In this episode Loretta Young stars as the hard working and devoted nurse, Sister Ann.

Ep : Incident in India

Imprisoned during a series of riots in India, a women of high birth, played by Loretta Young, is saved from forced slavery by the intervention of not only a village policeman (played by Richard Devon), but by her own woman’s intuition as well.

Ep : Black Lace Valentine

An unsigned valentine card creates a romantic mystery for a couple. Loretta Young stars as Susan Glover who, finding an elaborate valentine in her mailbox, credits her husband David, played by Joe Maross, with a sudden surge of romanticism—until he disavows the gift.

Ep : The Portrait

A painter—played by Richard Garland—tries to capture on canvas the beauty of a mysterious recluse, Madeleine Vanderhoff, played by Loretta Young.

Ep : The Prettiest Girl in Town

This is the story of Connie Van, a successful New York fashion model played by Loretta Young, who returns home to her small town for the twentieth reunion of her high school class.

Ep : Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Loretta Young stars as Vera Wilson, an intelligent, beautiful woman with a devoted husband, a flawless home, wealth and social position.

Ep : Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 2

In the final part of this series, Vera Wilson is faced with the realization that her self-indulgence is threatening her life and makes a real attempt to rebuild her crumbling world.

Ep : The Accused

Loretta Young portrays a mother moved to civic action by what is happening in her own household.

Ep : The Road

This teleplay is a full hour drama filmed entirely in France. Loretta Young plays a wealthy American who has escaped to Paris in the 1960’s.

Ep : Mask of Evidence (aka Violence)

A woman dressed up for Mardi Gras is not too concerned when a stranger comes into her apartment. She dismisses him as just another party celebrant—until she sees him labeled in the newspaper as a maniac.

Ep : A New Step

Loretta Young stars as a dance instructor who teaches her students ‘a new step’ in unusual surroundings—and learns a valuable lesson in human understanding.

Ep : Lady in a Fish Bowl

Loretta Young stars as a woman who, for a lucrative fee, lives her life like a fish in a fishbowl! She becomes a mannequin in a department store window trying to raise $2,500 to help send her son off to college.

Ep : Little Monster, Tall Tales

Loretta Young and Clement Brace play a couple who are waiting a final adoption decision on young Jeff, played by Charles Herbert, a five-year-old they know to be a liar.

Ep : Mrs. Minton

Loretta Young stars as a beautiful and wealthy turn-of-the-century New York gentlewoman, Felice Minton, who risks personal scandal to save her foundering marriage.

Ep : Second Spring

Loretta Young stars as Betty Rogers, whose family are all distraught upon learning she is an expectant mother again ecause her husband has failed to get a promotion, her daughter is making elaborate wedding plans and her 15-year-old son wants a car.

Ep : The Trouble With Laury's Men

Janet Barlow (played by Loretta Young) believes that she drives away her daughter Laury’s boyfriends by being too talkative around them.

Ep : Faith, Hope and Mrs. Flaherty

Loretta Young once again plays Sister Ann, a character based on a nurse named Sister Mary Rose, who Miss Young met in an Oxnard, California hospital in the 1950s.

Ep : Eternal Now: Part 1

Loretta Young plays an American tourist in Greece who wonders away from her tour group and meets a French businessman who has done the same.

Ep : Eternal Now: Part 2

The romantic story of an American widow stranded on a Greek island with a handsome French businessman continues.

Ep : Love Between the Acts

A pretty widow insists she will marry for love, not money, when her interfering Auntie Lou begins a matchmaking campaign with prospective suitors.

Ep : The Seducer

This timely drama about the effects of television on children in the 1950s begins with Creighton Halliday (played by John Newland) appearing on a talk show.

Ep : Unconditional Surrender

After 15 years of happy marriage Henry Underwood, played by John Newland, asks his wife Margaret, portrayed by Loretta Young, for a divorce because he wants to marry a beautiful, ambitious young woman named Gloria, played by Patricia Blair.

Ep : These Few Years

Madge Lindsey, played by Loretta Young, finally concedes to her husband Curt, played by Preston Hanson, and attends a New Years Eve cocktail party given by Cur’s boss.

Ep : Subtle Danger

Henry Roberts (played by Richard Coogan) has become an addict to sedation pills during his slow and painful recovery from tuberculosis of the spine.

Ep : Quiet Desperation

Linda Perkins, played by Loretta Young, bitterly opposes her husband’s decision to accept a foreign post because it will uproot her and her young son from their comfortable suburban lifestyle in America.

Ep : Doesn't Everybody?

Loretta Young plays Marge Randall, an attractive widow who sees a wealthy widower (played by James Philbrook) at an art gallery and immediately decides he is the man she will marry next.

Ep : Emergency in 114

This is the story of Lucy Anderson (played by Loretta Young) and her failure to be a good wife to her husband, Wayne.

Ep : Forbidden Guests

Grieving over the death of her husband, sculptor Elizabeth Collier (played by Loretta Young) imagines that two of her prize-winning statues, "Youth" and 'Love," have mysteriously come to life to torment her.

Ep : Not In Our Stars

Loretta Young plays Harriet Sands in this episode, a woman so obsessed with her daily horoscope that she regulates her entire family life around the zodiac—until she receives shocking proof that in doing so, she disregards all reason and logic.