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Based on Neil Simon's hit Broadway play, 'The Odd Couple' follows a pair of comically mismatched roommates. Divorced men looking to save on rent, prim Felix (Tony Randall) and gruff, sloppy Oscar (Jack Klugman) share a New York apartment—and find their lifestyles constantly clashing. Often celebrity guest stars would appear on the series to illustrate the differences between Oscar and Felix, including publisher Hugh Hefner and Betty White.

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Ep 1: The Laundry Orgy

Felix and Oscar's first date with the Pigeon sisters is a disaster, with a poker game, a laundry night and Felix's cleaning cramping Oscar's style. Aired: 9/24/1970

Ep 2: The Fight of the Felix

A tough hockey player challenges Felix to a boxing match. Aired: 10/1/1970

Ep 3: Felix Gets Sick

A bedridden Felix disrupts Oscar's plans for a fun weekend alone, including a date with a stewardess and a Sunday poker game. Aired: 10/8/1970

Ep 4: The Jury Story

Felix and Oscar tell the Pigeon sisters how they met during jury duty in a parody of 'Twelve Angry Men.' Aired: 10/15/1970

Ep 5: The Breakup

When Oscar throws Felix out of the apartment, he moves in with Murray, then Vinnie and then the Pigeon sisters. Aired: 10/22/1970

Ep 6: Oscar's Ulcer

Felix plays nagging nursemaid when Oscar begins to get an ulcer. Aired: 10/29/1970

Ep 7: I Do, I Don't

Felix keeps messing up the wedding plans of a young couple. Aired: 11/5/1970

Ep 8: Oscar the Model

A monster is created when Felix talks Oscar into posing for a cologne ad. Aired: 11/12/1970

Ep 9: The Big Brothers

Oscar and Felix become "Big Brothers," but while Felix tries to expose the boy to culture, he prefers to emulate Oscar. Aired: 11/19/1970

Ep 10: It's All Over Now, Baby Bird

A mourning Felix searches for a final resting place for his dead parrot while Oscar just wants throw the carcass in the trash. Aired: 12/3/1970

Ep 11: Felix is Missing

When Felix disappears on a photo assignment without leaving word, the guys assume he's dead and Oscar is accused of foul play. Aired: 12/10/1970

Ep 12: Scrooge Gets an Oscar

In a parody of 'A Christmas Carol,' Felix and the poker players become Dickens characters in a dream after a miserable Oscar refuses to be Scrooge in a children's play. Aired: 12/17/1970

Ep 13: The Blackout

Oscar's poker buddies believe that the eternally strapped Oscar stole $50 during a building-wide blackout. Aired: 12/24/1970

Ep 14: They Use Horseradish, Don't They?

Obstacles to Felix winning a cooking contest: His trick back and Oscar's accidental revelation of his recipe to a treacherous competitor. Aired: 1/7/1971

Ep 15: The Hideaway

Oscar negotiates with teams for a hot Eskimo quarterback, but Felix intervenes when he thinks the man has a better chance as a cellist. Aired: 1/14/1971

Ep 16: Lovers Don't Make House Calls

Oscar falls for Dr. Nancy Cunningham, a fellow sports fan who is filling in for Felix's regular doctor. Aired: 1/29/1971

Ep 17: Engrave Trouble

When Felix's gift to Gloria is stolen from the jeweler, Oscar convinces him to ask for help from a shady character. Aired: 2/5/1971

Ep 18: Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake

Oscar and a lovesick Felix go for a weekend in the woods, which is interrupted by a lost girls' troop. Aired: 2/12/1971

Ep 19: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Oscar is in a hurry to go to a sportswriters' dinner, but then Felix brings home an unexpected surprise—a baby left behind in his studio. Aired: 2/19/1971

Ep 20: A Taste of Money

Oscar and Felix try to figure out how their 11-year-old neighbor got $2,000. Aired: 2/26/1971

Ep 21: Oscar's New Life

When Oscar is fired because of Felix's meddling, he gets a new job at Harem, a men's magazine. Aired: 3/5/1971

Ep 22: What Makes Felix Run

After another fiasco with Gloria, Felix asks Oscar to help cure his neatness, with disastrous results. Aired: 3/12/1971

Ep 23: What Does a Naked Lady Say to You?

Oscar has to figure out how to tell Felix that his new girlfriend is in fact the lead actress in a nude play. Aired: 3/19/1971

Ep 24: Trapped

While preparing for a costume ball, Oscar, Felix and Nancy get locked in the basement. Aired: 3/26/1971

Ep 25: Natural Childbirth

Oscar's pregnant niece arrives, planning to deliver via natural childbirth, despite Oscar's objections. Aired: 9/17/1971

Ep 26: Felix's Wife's Boyfriend

Nancy sets up Gloria with her brother while Felix is away, but Felix unexpectedly returns and displays his jealous side. Aired: 9/24/1971

Ep 27: Hospital Mates

When Oscar ruptures his Achilles tendon as Felix is preparing for an operation on his deviated septum, the two end up sharing a hospital room. Aired: 10/1/1971

Ep 28: Sleepwalker

Oscar begins attacking Felix while sleepwalking. Aired: 10/8/1971

Ep 29: A Grave for Felix

Felix is sullen after Oscar costs him the burial plot he coveted. Aired: 10/15/1971

Ep 30: Murray the Fink

When his poker pals rib him about his poor arrest record, Murray decides to get tough—starting with arresting his friends for gambling! Aired: 10/29/1971

Ep 31: Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?

On the day Felix's local opera production is to perform, the star is injured and Felix is forced to take the role. Aired: 11/5/1971

Ep 32: The Fat Farm

The duo enter a "fat farm," where Felix's by-the-book attitude soon has the famished Oscar furious. Aired: 11/12/1971

Ep 33: The Odd Couple Meet Their Host

When Oscar gets big laughs with jokes about Felix's neatness on a television talk show, Felix demands equal time. Aired: 11/19/1971

Ep 34: Win One for Felix

Feeling that he is growing apart from his son, Felix makes the disastrous decision to coach the boy's football team. Aired: 12/3/1971

Ep 35: Being Divorced is Never Having to Say I Do

Oscar is happy that his ex-wife is remarrying, but Felix wants to stop the marriage. Aired: 12/10/1971

Ep 36: Surprise, Surprise!

Felix has plans to have a birthday party for his daughter at the same time Oscar scheduled a big poker game in the apartment. Aired: 12/17/1971

Ep 37: Felix the Calypso Singer

Felix feels like a fifth wheel when Oscar wants to be alone with Nancy on a Caribbean vacation. Aired: 12/24/1971

Ep 38: And Leave the Greyhound to Us?

When Oscar wins a greyhound in a card game, he wants to race it, but co-owner Felix wants to make it a loved housepet. Aired: 12/31/1971

Ep 39: Security Arms

When their apartment is robbed, Felix and Oscar decide to move into a maximum-security building but quickly become frustrated by the tough rules. Aired: 1/7/1972

Ep 40: Speak for Yourself

In this flashback episode, Oscar introduces Felix to Gloria. After the couple has been dating for a while, Felix wants to propose to Gloria, but loses his voice. Aired: 1/14/1972

Ep 41: You Saved My Life

Oscar has to put up with an overly thankful Felix after he saves his life. Aired: 1/21/1972

Ep 42: Where's Grandpa?

With Felix out of town, his grandfather mopes at the apartment after breaking up with his wife, and turns out to be as jealous, neurotic and fastidious as his grandson. Aired: 1/28/1972

Ep 43: Partner's Investment

Felix drags Oscar into being silent partners in a Japanese restaurant, which Felix's legendary persnicketiness quickly dooms. Aired: 2/4/1972

Ep 44: Good, Bad Boy

Felix is gung-ho about hosting a boy from a reform school—until the boy asks his daughter to a dance. Aired: 2/11/1972

Ep 45: A Night to Dismember

This "Rashomon"-style episode shows Blanche and Oscar's last day of marriage from three viewpoints, including Felix's, all three portraying their raconteurs as saintly victims. Aired: 2/18/1972

Ep 46: Oscar's Promotion

While helping Oscar cover an international exhibition wrestling match, Felix convinces the Chinese champion to quit wrestling. Aired: 2/25/1972

Ep 47: Psychic, Shmycic

Felix has a paranoid premonition that someone will try to murder Oscar. Aired: 3/3/1972

Ep 48: Gloria, Hallelujah

When Oscar's exaggerated computer dating application gets him matched with Felix's ex-wife, Felix tries to prove he's above jealousy. Aired: 9/15/1972

Ep 49: Big Mouth

Oscar and TV sports legend Howard Cosell engage in a tongue-to-tongue showdown. Aired: 9/22/1972

Ep 50: The Princess

Oscar falls in love with a princess from a very small country whose royal portrait is being shot by Felix. Aired: 9/29/1972

Ep 51: The Pen is Mightier Than the Pencil

Felix takes a writing course, showering a weary Oscar with pathetic poetry. Oscar suspects a fraud when the teacher compliments and encourages him. Aired: 10/6/1972

Ep 52: The Odd Monks

Exhausted by the real world, Felix and Oscar go to a retreat at an upstate mission to unwind. Aired: 10/13/1972

Ep 53: I'm Dying of Unger

When Oscar has writer's block, he and Felix retreat to a cottage in the woods in search of isolation. Aired: 10/20/1972

Ep 54: The Odd Couples

To spare Oscar's visiting mother, who is oversensitive about divorce and doesn't know about their situations, Felix, Oscar, Gloria and Blanche must pretend they're still married. Aired: 10/27/1972

Ep 55: Felix's First Commercial

Felix gets his first TV commercial assignment, but after Oscar gets football player Deacon Jones for the ad, he insists on being in the ad as well. Aired: 11/3/1972

Ep 56: The First Baby

In this flashback episode, Felix gets thrown out of the hospital at the time of his daughter's birth. Aired: 11/10/1972

Ep 57: Oscar's Birthday

Oscar tries to avoid having Felix throw one of his infamously embarrassing surprise birthday parties. Aired: 11/17/1972

Ep 58: Password

When 'Password' host Allen Ludden invites Oscar to be a celebrity guest on his show, super-fan Felix pesters Oscar to let him be his partner. Aired: 12/1/1972

Ep 59: The Odd Father

Felix tries to find common interests with his daughter, but her interests are closer to Oscar's. Aired: 12/8/1972

Ep 60: Don't Believe in Roomers

Oscar lets a free-spirited woman stay in the apartment, and soon both he and Felix fall for her. Aired: 12/22/1972

Ep 61: Sometimes a Great Ocean

When Oscar refuses to cut down on bad habits and junk food despite his ulcer, Felix books a calming trip for them—on an old folks' cruise. Aired: 1/5/1973

Ep 62: I Gotta Be Me

In an experiment to determine why they argue so much, Oscar and Felix play a role reversal game. Aired: 1/12/1973

Ep 63: The Ides of April

Reporting to the IRS in response to a letter, Felix panics and blurts out Oscar's poor tax preparations. Aired: 1/19/1973

Ep 64: Myrna's Debut

Oscar's secretary decides to pursue her dream of becoming a tap dancer, thanks to encouragement from Felix, who becomes her agent. Aired: 2/2/1973

Ep 65: The Hustler

There's only one way Felix can get new costumes for his opera group: Oscar has to win the money in a pool game. Aired: 2/9/1973

Ep 66: My Strife in Court

Felix becomes lawyer to himself and Oscar after they get charged with ticket scalping. Aired: 2/16/1973

Ep 67: Let's Make a Deal

When Oscar sets fire to Felix's bed, he tries to set things right by suggesting Felix appear on 'Let's Make a Deal,' hosted by Oscar's college friend, Monty Hall. Aired: 2/23/1973

Ep 68: The Odyssey Couple

Oscar lies to his mother, telling her that he has a girl—whom she then insists on meeting. Aired: 3/2/1973

Ep 69: Take My Furniture, Please

After repainting the apartment, Felix gets the redecorating bug and does the entire place over in ultra modern furniture. Oscar can't stand it, and redefines "bad taste" in his makeover with furniture from a discount house. Aired: 3/9/1973

Ep 70: The Murray Who Came to Dinner

Murray moves in after having a fight with his wife, upsetting Oscar and Felix's daily routines and plans to date a pair of stewardesses. Aired: 3/23/1973

Ep 71: Gloria Moves In

Felix's ex-wife visits and he thinks that he can convince her to take him back. Aired: 9/14/1973

Ep 72: Last Tango in Newark

Felix takes Edward Villella's ballet appreciation class (along with a reluctant Oscar). When the dancer threatens to miss a children's recital of 'Swan Lake,' Felix commandeers the lead role. Aired: 9/21/1973

Ep 73: The Odd Decathlon

After Oscar gets an insurance policy with a much lower premium, the he and Felix compete in a series of events to prove who deserves to be called the fittest. Aired: 9/28/1973

Ep 74: That Was No Lady

Felix unwittingly falls for the neglected wife of a violent football player. Aired: 10/5/1973

Ep 75: The Odd Holiday

In this flashback episode, Felix, Oscar and their wives take a tropical vacation, during which Felix hopes to salvage Oscar's failing marriage. Aired: 10/12/1973

Ep 76: The New Car

When Felix and Oscar win a car in a radio contest, they find that the prize may be more trouble than it's worth. Aired: 10/19/1973

Ep 77: That is the Army Mrs. Madison

Felix tells Myrna the story of how Oscar and Blanche had to spend their honeymoon in the Army barracks because he got Oscar into trouble. Aired: 10/26/1973

Ep 78: The Songwriter

When Oscar dates Jaye P. Morgan, Felix is certain he can write a tune for her next show. Aired: 11/2/1973

Ep 79: Felix Directs

Felix makes a movie about... Oscar Madison! Aired: 11/9/1973

Ep 80: The Pig Who Came to Dinner

When Oscar loses everything—including Felix and the apartment—betting with Bobby Riggs, Felix hatches a plan to win it all back. Aired: 11/16/1973

Ep 81: Maid for Each Other

Oscar and Felix try to find a maid who is beautiful enough for Oscar, and clean enough for Felix. Aired: 11/23/1973

Ep 82: The Exorcists

Felix is convinced the air-conditioner is haunted by a ghost. Aired: 12/7/1973

Ep 83: A Barnacle Adventure

Oscar and his dentist try to convince Felix to invest in a new product: barnacle-made glue! Aired: 12/21/1973

Ep 84: The Moonlighter

In order to repay borrowed money, Oscar takes a job working in a greasy-spoon cafe. Aired: 1/4/1974

Ep 85: Cleanliness is Next to Impossible

Oscar decides to be as clean as Felix after being called a slob by his girlfriend. Aired: 1/11/1974

Ep 86: The Flying Felix

Oscar tries everything to help Felix over his fear of flying, including flying with him to Houston. Aired: 1/18/1974

Ep 87: Vocal Girl Makes Good

The New York Metropolitan Opera's Marilyn Horne stars as Felix's new stage-fright afflicted discovery. Aired: 1/25/1974

Ep 88: Shuffling Off to Buffalo

Felix's brother gives him a job in Buffalo, to Oscar's delight. Aired: 2/8/1974

Ep 89: A Different Drummer

Felix tries to get his old college band on Monty Hall's nostalgia program. Aired: 2/22/1974

Ep 90: The Insomniacs

Suffering from sleeplessness, Felix keeps Oscar awake with his fussing. Aired: 3/1/1974

Ep 91: New York's Oddest

Fed up with citizen indifference, Felix joins the Police Reserve, dragging a reluctant Oscar along. Aired: 3/8/1974

Ep 92: One for the Bunny

Felix's first big assignment is to photograph a centerfold. Aired: 3/22/1974

Ep 93: The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in Vain

Oscar's secretary is upset over the loss of her errant beau. Aired: 9/12/1974

Ep 94: To Bowl or Not to Bowl

Felix drops a bombshell when he refuses to participate in the championship bowling match. Aired: 9/19/1974

Ep 95: The Frog

Oscar loses Leonard's entry in a frog-jumping event. Aired: 9/26/1974

Ep 96: The Hollywood Story

Felix becomes Oscar's agent, who lands a bit part in a movie. Aired: 10/3/1974

Ep 97: The Dog Story

Felix abducts Silver the Canine Wonder from a bad agent. Aired: 10/10/1974

Ep 98: Strike Up the Band or Else...

Oscar owes Texas football team owner Billy Joe $500 for a poker game. Lacking the money to pay, Oscar resorts to tricking Felix and his band to pay off the debt by playing at Billy Joe's country-style party. Aired: 10/17/1974

Ep 99: The Odd Candidate

Felix enters Oscar in an election against an incumbent city councillor. Aired: 10/24/1974

Ep 100: The Subway Story

When Oscar is fed up with New York City, Felix tries to show him it's a fun place, only to have them end up trapped in a stalled subway car. Aired: 10/31/1974

Ep 101: The Paul Williams Show

When Felix keeps a sick Edna from going to a Paul Williams concert, she runs away to become a groupie. Aired: 11/7/1974

Ep 102: Our Fathers

In this flashback episode, Oscar and Felix's fathers accidentally meet. Aired: 11/21/1974

Ep 103: The Big Broadcast

After Oscar takes a job as a radio host, Felix comes up with his own ideas to boost the ratings. Aired: 11/28/1974

Ep 104: Oscar in Love

Oscar meets a girl and decides that he wants to become a family man. Aired: 12/12/1974

Ep 105: The Bigger They Are

Oscar is volunteered by Felix to model for a series of weight-loss advertisements. Aired: 12/14/1974

Ep 106: Two on the Aisle

When Oscar fills in for the newspaper's theater critic, he has trouble understanding the plays. Aired: 12/19/1974

Ep 107: Your Mother Wears Army Boots

Felix helps Oscar get a job with Howard Cosell. Aired: 1/16/1975

Ep 108: Felix the Horse Player

Felix helps Oscar win at the horse track. Aired: 1/23/1975

Ep 109: The Rent Strike

Felix starts a picket line with his fellow tenants over high rent rates. Aired: 1/31/1975

Ep 110: Two Men on a Hoarse

Oscar resists throat surgery, so Felix keeps nagging him to have it. Aired: 2/7/1975

Ep 111: The Roy Clark Show

Oscar's old Army buddy visits, and his musical talent impresses Felix. Aired: 2/14/1975

Ep 112: Old Flames Never Die

Felix is upset when he learns that his high school girlfriend is now a grandmother. Aired: 2/21/1975

Ep 113: Laugh, Clown, Laugh

Felix is jealous when Oscar and Richard Dawson are selected to be co-hosts of a TV show. Aired: 2/28/1975

Ep 114: Felix Remarries

Felix convinces Gloria that he is a changed man, so she agrees to remarry him. Aired: 3/7/1975