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Hey, hey, they're The Monkees! Davy, Micky, Michael and Peter are four fellows looking to make it big as a rock 'n' roll band in this delightfully surreal, pioneering sitcom. Of course, in reality, the "Prefab Four" had no such struggles, as the Monkees became one of the biggest musical acts of the 1960s. Their television series won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series in 1967 and another Emmy for comedy writing. The musical numbers on the show helped send songs like "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer" to the top of the charts. Those tunes and many more can be heard in this rocking, timeless comedy.


Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
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Ep 1: Royal Flush

The Monkees must recuse a princess when Archduke Otto plots evil.

Ep 2: Monkee See, Monkee Die

The Monkees head to a haunted house when an eccentric millionaire writes them and other strangers into his will.

Ep 3: Monkee vs. Machine

The Monkees try to help an old toymaker who will be replaced by an efficiency expert's automation system.

Ep 4: Your Friendly Kidnappers

The Monkees are competing to win a talent contest when a shady manager offers to "help".

Ep 5: Spy Who Came in from Cool

Davy accidentally purchases a set of red maracas containing secret microfilm, setting off a spy mix-up.

Ep 6: Success Story

Davy's grandfather comes for a visit, expecting his grandson to be the rich and famous person described in his letters.

Ep 7: Monkees in a Ghost Town

One wrong turn winds leads the Monkees to dangerous bank robbers hiding out in a ghost town.

Ep 8: Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Davy's gift horse causes problems when their landlord disapproves.

Ep 9: The Chaperone

Davy falls for the daughter of an Army General, who will only let her go on dates with a chaperone.

Ep 10: The Monkees (Here Come the Monkees)

Davy's new crush has to pass her history exam of the Monkees will be fired from their gig.

Ep 11: Monkees à la Carte

The Monkees pose as gangsters when their favorite restaurant is taken by the mob.

Ep 12: I've Got a Little Song Here

When Mike is duped by a fraud, Micky plays a ruse of his own to get the stolen money back.

Ep 13: One Man Shy (Pete and the Debutante)

Bashful Peter gets help from the Monkees to win the heart of his crush.

Ep 14: Dance, Monkee, Dance

Pete's free dance lesson leads to a lifetime contract if the Monkees can't break it off.

Ep 15: Too Many Girls (Davy and Fern)

A domineering stage mother tries to use Davy to further her daughter Fern's career.

Ep 16: Son of a Gypsy

A band of gypsies force the Monkees to steal a priceless statuette called the "Maltese Vulture."

Ep 17: The Case of Missing Monkee

Peter becomes involved with the disappearance of the respected professor and then disappears himself.

Ep 18: I Was a Teenage Monster

A mad scientist has plans to steal the Monkees' musical talent for his monster.

Ep 19: Find the Monkees (The Audition)

The Monkees compete against other groups to win a gig from a big-time television producer.

Ep 20: Monkees in the Ring

A crooked fight promoter wants to make Davy a stooge in a fight with the champ.

Ep 21: The Prince and the Paupers

Davy doubles for a lookalike Peruvian prince in order to win the heart of his love or forfeit his throne.

Ep 22: Monkees at the Circus

To save a bankrupt circus, the Monkees pose as high-wire artists... but then they have to perform.

Ep 23: Captain Crocodile

The Monkees' appearance on popular children's show The Captain Crocodile Show is sabotaged by its host, who fears their popularity diminishes his own.

Ep 24: Monkees à la Mode

A chic magazine chooses the Monkees for an award that comes with strings.

Ep 25: Alias Mickey Dolenz

The police want to use Micky's striking resemblance to a crime kingpin to catch the criminal.

Ep 26: Monkees Chow Mein

Peter finds a secret message in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.

Ep 27: Monkee Mother

The Monkees play matchmaker for their new neighbor.

Ep 28: Monkees on the Line

The Monkees are hired by a telephone answering service, and everything goes wrong.

Ep 29: Monkees Get Out More Dirt

The Monkees' friendship is threatened when they all fall for the same girl.

Ep 30: Monkees, Manhattan Style (Monkees in Manhattan)

The Monkees fend off an irate hotel manager as they help a producer get backing for a Broadway musical.

Ep 31: Monkees at the Movies

The Monkees have a run-in with a snobbish movie idol on the set as extras in a beach movie.

Ep 32: Monkees on Tour

A mini-documentary chronicling a live Monkees concert gig!

Ep 33: It's a Nice Place to Visit... (The Monkees in Mexico)

Davy is captured by a bandito.

Ep 34: Bank Robbery (The Picture Frame)

Peter must prove the Monkees' innocence when they unwittingly rob a bank.

Ep 35: Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik

Davy faces the prospect of marriage to a lovely princess.

Ep 36: Monkee Mayor

Mike casts his wool hat into the ring to stop a crooked construction tycoon.

Ep 37: Art for Monkees' Sake

Peter gets wrapped up in an art scheme when he duplicates an old painting.

Ep 38: I Was a 99-Pound Weakling (Physical Culture)

After losing his girlfriend Brenda to a muscle man named Bulk, Micky starts a health program.

Ep 39: Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding (Hillbilly Honeymoon)

The Monkees get caught in the middle of a hillbilly feud.

Ep 40: Monkees Marooned

On a desert island, the Monkees go hunting for treasure—and are hunted by a mad man.

Ep 41: A Card Carrying Red Shoes

Peter is the target of a romantic prima ballerina and a dastardly plot choreographed by the rest of the ballet company.

Ep 42: The Wild Monkees

The Monkees turn chicken when they unwittingly befriend the girlfriends of a tough motorcycle gang.

Ep 43: A Coffin Too Frequent

A sinister scientist, his goony cousin, and his kooky aunt use the Monkees' pad for a séance to summon a relative from beyond.

Ep 44: Hitting the High Seas

Thoughts of mutiny are bountiful as the Monkees try to stop the hijack of a cargo ship by a vengeful sea captain.

Ep 45: The Monkees in Texas

In the Lone Star State, the Monkees must outwit Black Bart to save Mike's Aunt Kate's ranch.

Ep 46: The Monkees on the Wheel

In Las Vegas, the Monkees are mistaken for crooked gamblers.

Ep 47: The Monkees' Christmas Show

The Monkees try to instill the spirit of Christmas in a cynical little boy.

Ep 48: Fairy Tale

A Monkee pantomime romp through Fairy Tale Land.

Ep 49: Micky and the Outer Space Creatures (The Monkees Watch Their Feet)

The Monkees foil an alien invasion.

Ep 50: The Monstrous Monkee Mash

The Monkees attempt to rescue Davy from a castle with creepy characters.

Ep 51: The Monkee's Paw

A broken-down magician's magical monkey's paw starts to bring the equally broken Monkees luck.

Ep 52: The Devil and Peter Tork

Peter unknowingly sells his soul to the Devil for a golden harp.

Ep 53: Monkees Race Again (Leave the Driving to Us)

Davy enters a race with the Monkeemobile.

Ep 54: The Monkees in Paris

The Monkees take a vacation from the studio grind and are chased about by fans.

Ep 55: Monkees Lose Their Manor

Davy inherits an English manor but must first win a tournament against Sir Twiggley Toppen Middle Bottom.

Ep 56: Some Like It Lukewarm (The Band Contest)

To enter and win a band contest hosted by a radio DJ, David poses as a girl.

Ep 57: The Monkees Blow Their Minds

The Monkees swing to the rescue when a mentalist gains control of Peter's mind.

Ep 58: Mijacageo (The Frodis Caper)

The Monkees match wits with the insane Wizard Glick who is out to control the minds of television viewers worldwide.