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Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman (Robert Culp) serves as de facto sheriff in the Texas town of Porter. He’s a lawman of steely coolness, with an easy way about him—but when injustice strikes or criminals run amok, Gilman’s quick drawn and unflappable courage ensure that law and order will prevail in the Lone Star state.

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  • 10/3 7:00AMUnwanted
    "Gilman is summoned when a religious group panics superstitious townspeople."
  • 10/3 7:30AMToss Up
    "A family quarrel threatens to erupt in violence."
  • 10/10 7:00AMInquest
    "A boy is implicated in his stepfather's mysterious death."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
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  • Season 2

Ep 1: Marple Brothers

Hoby tracks the notorious Marple Brothers gang to Stockton, where they take women and children as hostages and hole up inside a church.

Ep 2: Law in Lampasas

When a vengeful lynch mob mentality takes over a small Texas town, it falls to Ranger Hoby Gilman to see that justice prevails.

Ep 3: San Saba Incident

En route to the state prison in Huntsville, Hoby discovers that he and his wagonload of prisoners, including a young woman convicted of manslaughter, are being tracked—through Indian territory.

Ep 4: Eastern Texas

Uneasy questions arise as the Ranger investigates the robbery of a Texas Railroad office in Easton. Finding two dead bodies and a suspiciously dynamited safe, Hoby is stymied by a town that doesn't sit well with the dying station agent being suspected.

Ep 5: Like Father

After capturing a dangerous bank robber, Hoby tries to show his wild teenage son the kind of vicious killer his father really was.

Ep 6: Sweetwater Texas

Hoby comes across the remnants of a deadly stagecoach robbery with but one survivor—a baby. Finding a photograph and the name of a woman, Gilman leaves the infant with a doctor and sets off for Sweetwater.

Ep 7: Alpine Texas

Sent to Alpine to investigate the death of a fellow Ranger, Hoby finds a cauldron of hostility and a fierce hatred for the Texas Rangers in a lawless town determined to drive him out.

Ep 8: Self Defense

Sharpshooting Polly Webster tries to force her husband's killer into a showdown.

Ep 9: End of an Outlaw

Gilman tries to prevent a bank robbery.

Ep 10: Look for the Woman

Gilman's only link to an outlaw band: the sister of a gunman he killed.

Ep 11: Town

Gilman, captured by outlaws, hatches a daring escape plan.

Ep 12: Man and Money

Gilman poses as a bank robber to nab a thief.

Ep 13: Reward

Gilman searches for a frightened murder witness.

Ep 14: Farrand Story

Hoby tracks the murderer of a married man who may have been ready to leave his wife for another woman.

Ep 15: Right of Way

A trigger-happy youth becomes involved in Gilman's murder investigation.

Ep 16: Witness

Gilman enters the deep wilderness in pursuit of the murderer of a shopkeeper.

Ep 17: Toll Road

A greedy landowner is murdered.

Ep 18: Young Gun

A bank teller-turned-robber is Gilman's only link to an outlaw gang.

Ep 19: Wedding

Hoby probes the mysterious death of a groom-to-be.

Ep 20: Trail

An injured Gilman is charged with helping a criminal escape.

Ep 21: Bounty Hunter

Hoby teams up with a bounty hunter named Josh Randall to locate a philandering husband. Steve McQueen guest stars as his bounty hunter alter ego from the series 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'

Ep 22: Judge

A judge is forced to preside over his son's trial.

Ep 23: House

Gilman helps a blind girl search for her mother.

Ep 24: Boy

Hoby has one witness to a young woman's murder: the victim's son.

Ep 25: Pueblo Kid

A young gunslinger's reputation has his hometown terrified.

Ep 26: Winter (aka Winter Boys)

Hoby's problem: keeping a key murder witness alive until trial.

Ep 27: Mistake

Gilman isn't prepared for repercussions when he helps clear a suspected murderer.

Ep 28: Deal

A boy becomes a pawn in an outlaw's robbery scheme.

Ep 29: Jailbreak

A convicted murderer grabs three hostages in a desperate bid for freedom.

Ep 30: End of the World

A town panics after a con man predicts a cosmic explosion.

Ep 31: Brothers

Gilman must discover which identical twin is the real murder.

Ep 32: Governor

Hoby tries to protect the governor from assassin.

Ep 33: Killer Takes All

Gilman learns that a murdered gambler made an unusual wager before he was killed.

Ep 34: Outlaw's Wife

Marriage to an outlaw makes Abigail Duke unwelcome in her hometown.

Ep 35: Chinese Cowboy

Gilman tries to shield a Chinese laundry owner from a town bully.

Ep 36: Setup

Gilman tries to crack a robbery suspect's seemingly foolproof alibi.

Ep 37: Stone for Benny French

Gilman tries to shield his prisoner from a backwoodsman and his brood.

Ep 38: Trapped

An outlaw, her wounded accomplice and a blinding snowstorm add up to danger for Gilman.

Ep 39: Matter of Justice

It's Gilman vs. townspeople who are afraid outlaws will attack unless a prisoner is released from jail.

Ep 40: Tenner Smith

Gilman's quarry: a gambler on the run from a group of angry cowhands.

Ep 41: Avenger

Gilman's investigation of a payroll robbery is stymied when the chief suspect is murdered.

Ep 42: Schoolteacher

A gunslinger puts a damper on a teacher's efforts to give his students a good education.

Ep 43: Deadly Decoy

A corpse holds the key to an outlaw plot.

Ep 44: Sunday's Child

Gilman is caught in a woman's struggle to keep her baby from its gunman father.

Ep 45: Day Of Vengeance

Michael Landon guest stars as an ex-convict out to avenge his brother's death.

Ep 46: Three-Legged Fox

A gang of elderly criminals sets out to prove that they haven't lost their touch.

Ep 47: The Kid

Forced to gun down a teenage robbery suspect, Hoby must then face the wrath of angry townspeople.

Ep 48: Guilt

The return of a convicted killer panics the three men who testified against him.

Ep 49: Every Man a Witness

Gilman battles lynch-law justice to save a suspected murderer.

Ep 50: McCallin's Daughter

A young girl alerts Gilman to an impending bank robbery.

Ep 51: Bad Judgement

A murder witness agrees to testify—then his family is threatened.

Ep 52: Terror

Gilman's quarry: a typhoid carrier.

Ep 53: The Feud

Gilman steps in when a family feud threatens to erupt in bloodshed.

Ep 54: Samaritan

Rita Moreno and Chill Wills guest star in a drama of survival. On a lonely trail, a killer menaces a wounded Gilman and his two companions.

Ep 55: The Gang

A group of young saddle tramps overrun a town.

Ep 56: The Threat

A crazed bomber threatens to blow up a bank if his demands for money are not met.

Ep 57: Hard Lines

James Coburn plays a cowboy trying to overcome his cowardly past.

Ep 58: Fear

Gilman's nerves are put to the test by a vengeful cowboy.

Ep 59: Stranger in Town

Gilman tries to trace a threatening letter.

Ep 60: Protector

Gilman stumbles upon a town that is a refuge for outlaws who pay rent to the sheriff.

Ep 61: False Witness

Bethel Leslie plays Marcy, who provides a fresh lead in a murder case.

Ep 62: The Trick

A vengeful ex-convict goes after the man whose testimony sent him to jail.

Ep 63: The Eyes of Jerry Kelso

Gilman tries to unravel a murder mystery.

Ep 64: Gift Horse

Gilman's deputy is duped by two ingenious crooks.

Ep 65: The Vote

A confidence couple wangles money from women who want to help the suffragette movement.

Ep 66: The Unwanted

Gilman is summoned when a religious group panics superstitious townspeople.

Ep 67: Toss Up

A family quarrel threatens to erupt in violence.

Ep 68: Back to Crawford

Gilman's joy is short-lived when his childhood sweetheart returns to town.

Ep 69: Blind Alley

Gilman joins forces with a blind man bent on revenge.

Ep 70: Quiet Night in Porter

A senile woman leads her son on a criminal rampage.