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Keeping a stylish office at 77 Sunset Boulevard, Stu Bailey (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) and Jeff Spencer (Roger Smith) are former secret agents turned private investigators. Along with beautiful switchboard operator Suzanne (Jacqueline Beer) and slang-talking aspiring P.I. “Kookie” (Edd Byrnes), the wisecracking duo solve an assortment of capers in this lighthearted detective series.


Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Girl on the Run

Solo private eye Stu Bailey tries to locate a missing singer before a professional killer does.

Ep 2: Lovely Lady, Pity Me

Stu Bailey's infatuation with a beautiful woman leads him into blackmail and suspicion of murder.

Ep 3: A Nice Social Evening

Stu Bailey is hired by a government agent to keep a Latin playboy under surveillance while he's in Hollywood, but the playboy turns out to be on the run from a killer.

Ep 4: Casualty

Jeff Spencer uncovers an insurance scam when he is hired by a woman who swears that the husband she thought dead is still alive.

Ep 5: The Bouncing Chip

Stu Bailey is hired to find ot who is passing counterfeit chips in a Las Vegas casino.

Ep 6: Two and Two Make Six

Jeff Spencer is hired by a fashion designer to protect her ex-con husband, who has evidence that would convict a man engaged in revenge killings.

Ep 7: All Our Yesterdays

Stu Bailey is hired by the greedy relatives of a silent film star to prove her incompetent so that they can get their hands on the money she is spending to finance a remake of her old hit "Foolish Girl".

Ep 8: The Well-Selected Frame

Jeff Spencer is hired by a woman to get divorce evidence against her husband, but her real plan is to murder him and frame Jeff for the crime.

Ep 9: Iron Curtain Caper

Stu Bailey is hired to rescue a newspaper correspondent who is being held captive in an East German hospital.

Ep 10: Vicious Circle

Jeff Spencer is hired by the lawyer son of a former gangster to prevent his wrathful father from taking vengeance on the crminals who kidnapped him.

Ep 11: One False Step

Bailey & Spencer are hired by a Washington attorney to protect his wife after a man on a plane trip suggests they swap murders.

Ep 12: The Court Martial of Johnny Murdo

Jeff Spencer is hired by a military cadet's mother to find out if he is really guilty of stealing from a student fund, but someone seems willing to kill to prevent the truth from coming out.

Ep 13: Hit and Run

Stu Bailey loans his convertible to Kookie for a date, only to find that the young man has been arrested for reckless driving.

Ep 14: Not an Enemy in the World

Jeff Spencer searches for Suzanne's missing brother but discovers a murder-for-insurance plot.

Ep 15: The Secret of Adam Cain

Stu Bailey is hired to recover a seemingly worthless vase but is then kidnapped and taken to Algeria.

Ep 16: The Girl Who Couldn't Remember

Jeff Spencer is hired by a pretty amnesiac with lots of money in her purse, who turns out to be a murder witness with a killer on her trail.

Ep 17: Dark Vengeance

Stu Bailey becomes a target for murder when he agrees to help a newsman's crusade against the narcotics racketeers who blinded him.

Ep 18: Conspiracy of Silence

Jeff Spencer is hired to protect his client's student daughter from a killer.

Ep 19: Eyewitness

Stu Bailey is hired by an 8-year-old boy to prove that he's not making up stories when he says he witnessed a bear being killed. What he actually saw was the killing of a woman wearing a fur coat.

Ep 20: Lovely Alibi

Stu Bailey helps exonerate a framed and suspended policeman and prove a racketeer guilty of murder.

Ep 21: In Memoriam

Stu Bailey is hired by a publisher to find out why someone keeps faking reports of his death.

Ep 22: The Fifth Stair

Jeff Spencer becomes the subject of a husband's jealous suspicions and is not only approached by a blackmailer but is charged with murder.

Ep 23: Pasadena Caper

Stu Bailey, hired to find an elderly woman's missing son who was heavily insured, becomes suspicious when the body he dredges out of the bay is too decomposed to identify.

Ep 24: Hong Kong Caper

Jeff Spencer takes off for Hong Kong when a note from an army pilot puts him on the trail of a woman named Candy and a fortune in diamonds.

Ep 25: A Check Will Do Nicely

Stu Bailey is hired to go to Paris to rescue a kidnapped American schoolgirl and save a valuable painting.

Ep 26: The Grandma Caper

The firm is hired by a wealty family to watch out for their eccentric grandmother, who has embarked on a crime spree.

Ep 27: Honey from the Bee

Stu Bailey becomes involved after an ancient Russian tapestry donated to a Beverly Hills restaurant leads to multiple murder.

Ep 28: Abra-Cadaver

Jeff Spencer goes undercover as a prospective victim of a murder-for-insurance racket.

Ep 29: A Bargain in Tombs

Stu Bailey goes to Rome in search of a missing heiress and finds an archaeology student helping loot a tomb.

Ep 30: The Widow Wouldn't Weep

Jeff Spencer is hired by a sexy widow to find out if her husband's apparent suicide was actually murder.

Ep 31: Downbeat

Stu Bailey, though acquitted of the crime of sedition for lack of evidence, has his private investigator's license revoked and goes on a drinking spree. He is then recruited by a former friend to conduct business with Communists.

Ep 32: Canine Caper

Jeff Spencer becomes involved when stolen rubies are hidden in the collar of a wayward poodle belonging to a French starlet being pursued by Kookie.

Ep 33: Mr. Paradise

Stu Bailey is hired by a wealthy man's relatives to investigate the leader of a mysterious cult he has been lured into joining.

Ep 34: Strange Girl in Town

Jeff Spencer tries to protect a young woman who witnessed a murder in a nightclub.

Ep 35: Only Zeroes Count

Stu Bailey goes to Hawaii to help the government uncover a gang producing phony money, by romancing the girlfriend of the girlfriend of an imprisoned counterfeiter. He gets help from Tom Lopaka of "Hawaiian Eye".

Ep 36: The Kookie Caper

Kookie befriends a pretty teenager who is kidnapped, making him think that she is a runaway heiress and causing Bailey and Spencer to become involved.

Ep 37: Six Superior Skirts

Bailey and Kookie, charged with protecting the jewels at a charity bazaar, are outsmarted by a master swindler who replaces the Moorfield Diamond with a replica.

Ep 38: Clay Pigeon

Stu Bailey, hired to locate some old acquaintances of a disk jockey, finds himself framed for their murder.

Ep 39: Thanks for Tomorrow

Jeff Spencer tries to help a friend with a gambling problem, who has become an assassin's target after becoming involved in a race-fixing scheme.

Ep 40: Sing Something Simple

Stu Bailey is hired to protect a temperamental opera diva who has been receiving threats.

Ep 41: The Treehouse Caper

Jeff Spencer promises a dying convict that he will retrieve a stash of stolen diamonds and give the reward to the man's daughter, but he has to beat out a crooked insurance investigator.

Ep 42: Out of the Past

Bailey is asked by the government to go to Germany to purchase top-secret documents and foil the attempted kidnapping of a scientist.

Ep 43: The Widow and the Web

Jeff Spencer investigates an apparently accidental death and discovers a serial killer, thereby making himself the next victim.

Ep 44: Secret Island

Stu Bailey and four other survivors of a plane crash at sea reach an isolated island only to discover that it is the target of an H-bomb test.

Ep 45: The Texas Doll

Jeff Spencer, hired by a Texas oil dynasty to protect their teenage daughter from a fortune-hunting gigolo, must prove her innocent when she is found with his dead body.

Ep 46: Vacation with Pay

Stu and Kookie are in Paris trying to keep a millionaire's daughter from marrying a fortune hunter who is conspiring with her uncle.

Ep 47: The Jukebox Caper

Jeff Spencer poses as a singer to expose a jukebox racket that caused another singer's death.

Ep 48: Created He Them

Stu Bailey is hired by a woman to prove that she is innocent of the mercy killing of her invalid husband.

Ep 49: Collector's Item

Jeff Spencer discovers that the countess who hired him to deliver a valuable sculpture to New York is actually part of a ring of spies.

Ep 50: Switchburg

Stu Bailey finds that the supposedly deserted hotel a client is looking to buy is currently occupied -- by a gang of counterfeiters.

Ep 51: The One That Got Away

Jeff Spencer goes to Mexico to track down a photographer whose insurance company is reluctant to pay out $200,000 for his supposed death.

Ep 52: Ten Cents a Death

Stu Bailey's agency is hired to go undercover at a dance hall after two hostesses are murdered by an unknown assailant.

Ep 53: Who Killed Cock Robin?

Jeff Spencer is hired by a blind director to take part in a winner-take-all hunt for a dead movie producer's fortune.

Ep 54: Condor's Lair

Stu Bailey is hired by a teen novelist to find the person trying to blackmail her.

Ep 55: The Starlet

Jeff Spencer is hired to prove that the apparent suicide of a despondent actress was actually murder.

Ep 56: Safari

Stu Bailey is hired to protect the life of an eccentric tycoon on a safari.

Ep 57: Blackout

Jeff Spencer pursues robbers who kidnap Suzanne in the course of a jewel heist.

Ep 58: Return to San Dede: The Desert Story (Part 1)

Stu Bailey is waylaid while escorting a Latin American politician's daughter back to her homeland.

Ep 59: Return to San Dede: The Capital City (Part 2)

The wounded Bailey finally manages to get the girl to San Dede's capital city, only to find that the government is now in the hands of her father's enemies.

Ep 60: Publicity Brat

Stu Bailey's efforts to find a woman's missing necklace are hampered by the well-meaning efforts of her scatterbrained mother and her bratty daughter, both of whom are actresses with overactive imaginations.

Ep 61: The Fix

Jeff Spencer is nearly killed himself while investigating the death of a boxer involved in a fight that was fixed.

Ep 62: Legend of Crystal Dart

Stu Bailey is hired by a glamorous former dancer to evict her estranged husband from their remote mountain cabin, but murder intervenes.

Ep 63: Stranger Than Fiction

The firm tries to solve the murder of a former chorus girl who faked her own kidnapping and collected $200,000 from her elderly husband.

Ep 64: Genesis of Treason

A woman hires Stu Bailey to clear her boyfriend, an Air Force lieutenant who was convicted of espionage.

Ep 65: Fraternity of Fear

Jeff Spencer is hired to pose as a college student to investigate the death of his client's son in a fraternity hazing incident.

Ep 66: Spark of Freedom

On an intelligence mission in Budapest, Stu Bailey dons a series of disguises to try to rescue a young political prisoner and recover his scientific data.

Ep 67: Perfect Setup

Trailing a fugitive to a small island off Hawaii, Jeff Spencer finds that his cover as a beachcomber gets him into trouble when the man and his girlfriend decide to kill Jeff and pass off his body as that of the fugitive.

Ep 68: Sierra

Summoned to a friend's mountain home to help discover the reason for his daughter's strange behavior, Stu Bailey must overcome both a gang of outlaws and a man-killing animal.

Ep 69: The Silent Caper

Jeff's attempts to rescue a kidnapped mob witness lead to a lethal game of tag.

Ep 70: Family Skeleton

Stu Bailey is in a race with time as he investigates the kidnapping of Philip Stanton, a businessman with a rare disease that will kill him unless he's supplied with daily medication.

Ep 71: Attic

Jeff is caught by the criminals he was tracking to an abandoned farmhouse.

Ep 72: The Fanatics

Stu goes undercover as a secretary to a Middle East peace mediator and becomes involved in a life-and-death struggle.

Ep 73: The President's Daughter

Jeff and Rex go undercover in a Latin American nation to rescue the daughter of the deposed leader.

Ep 74: The Office Caper

A mobster's cronies put out a hit on Stu, who is the main witness against the criminal.

Ep 75: The Widescreen Caper

The detectives play bodyguard for six movie stars at a film festival that turns deadly.

Ep 76: The Negotiable Blonde

Exporter Henry Packer hires Jeff to find a missing woman and a small fortune.

Ep 77: The Laurel Canyon Caper

Rex is suspected of murder when he tries to help a friend deal with blackmail.

Ep 78: Double Trouble

Stu goes undercover as a hit man to gather evidence against a mobster.

Ep 79: Trouble in the Middle East

A vacationing Jeff is drawn into dangerous politics when he rescues the daughter of a Middle Eastern president from a mob.

Ep 80: The Duncan Shrine

Rex searches for a vanished statue of a movie idol and tries to catch the mystery woman who makes an annual visit to the shrine of a former cowboy star.

Ep 81: The Double Death of Benny Markham

Jeff repays a debt owed a safecracker and finds a traitor.

Ep 82: The Antwerp Caper

Stu searches for a woman supposedly killed by the Nazis.

Ep 83: The Affairs of Adam Gallante

A woman hires Jeff and Kookie to search for her missing husband. They find a killer, an inheritance, and several other wives.

Ep 84: The Valley Caper

Rex poses as an actor to find the reason an actress is in debt to the mob.

Ep 85: The Dresden Doll

Jeff walks into a trap when he's hired to protect a young woman's elderly husband from her ex-boyfriend.

Ep 86: The Rice Estate

Stu loses his heart to the recluse he's been assigned to protect.

Ep 87: The Hamlet Caper

Rex has a tough time protecting a nasty actor from his fed-up co-stars.

Ep 88: The Man in the Mirror

Jeff proves that a man who fears he is going insane has other problems -- someone pretending to be his other personality is actually trying to kill him.

Ep 89: The College Caper

Bailey is hired by a crime boss to protect his son Mark, a college football player, who is being threatened by an ex-convict. Bailey and Kookie work undercover at the college to save Mark's life.

Ep 90: Mr. Goldilocks

An injured Jeff chases jewel thief Abern Wills into the desert.

Ep 91: The Corsican Caper

Rex goes after a lawyer who sells non-existent European real estate.

Ep 92: Once Upon a Caper

Stu, Jeff, and Kookie tell Rex three very different versions of the events that launched the agency.

Ep 93: Strange Bedfellows

Jeff refuses to help a former film star fake the theft of her jewelry, but becomes entangled in her dealings with several former flames.

Ep 94: Face In the Window

A fading star hires Rex to safeguard his leading lady.

Ep 95: Tiger By the Tail

Stu is hired as a bodyguard for a visiting king.

Ep 96: The Space Caper

Jeff goes undercover at a missile base to clear a friend accused of leaking classified information.

Ep 97: Open and Close in One

Silent film star Baxter Kellogg hires Stu to find his missing good luck charm before he undertakes a dangerous stunt.

Ep 98: The Legend of Leckonby

Jeff tracks paroled crook Stanley Leckonby in hopes of finding a hidden fortune.

Ep 99: Old Card Sharps Never Die

Rex is hired to protect a man during Nugget City's Frontier Week.

Ep 100: Vamp 'Til Ready

Hired to find a brilliant young pianist, Stu uncovers a plot to kill him.

Ep 101: The Common Denominator

Suzanne becomes bait when Jeff and Lt. Gilmore become desperate to find a serial killer who targets French women.

Ep 102: The 6 out of 8 Caper

Stu tries to discover the secret of a man who can pick winners at the track.

Ep 103: The Celluloid Cowboy

Jeff is hired to get to the bottom of a series of near-fatal accidents.

Ep 104: The Eyes of Love

A woman's glove gives Bailey a vital clue for catching a killer before he claims his second victim.

Ep 105: Designing Eye

Jeff tries to uncover the source of design leaks from one fashion house to another by having Suzanne pose as a model.

Ep 106: Caper in E Flat

Rex searches for the person who shot at country singer Billy Baines.

Ep 107: Hot Tamale Caper (Part 1)

Rex is assumed dead in a plane crash but his partners, realizing the plane was sabotaged, believe he's still alive. They get assistance from the Miami-based detectives of another Warner Bros. show, Surfside 6.

Ep 108: Hot Tamale Caper (Part 2)

After discovering that Rex Randolph is still alive, the Sunset Strip team head for the Latin-American country where they believe he is being held.

Ep 109: The Positive Negative

In the process of recovering a stolen diamond tiara, Rex and Kookie uncover the identity of a former Nazi who is also a killer.

Ep 110: The Rival Eye Caper

A successful new detective agency tries to buy Stu out. Kookie joins the firm of Bailey & Spencer as a detective.

Ep 111: The Desert Spa Caper

Suzanne's spa getaway turns dangerous and she calls Jeff for help.

Ep 112: The Man in the Crowd

Someone calling himself R.E. Venge begins sending threatening letters and trying to kill Jeff.

Ep 113: The Inverness Cape Caper

Stu finds a college student's long-lost uncle, who has been running from the mob for fifteen years.

Ep 114: The Lady Has the Answers

Jeff's bedroom is invaded by a beautiful woman who wants him to investigate a mystery involving stolen jewels, murder, and sleepwalking.

Ep 115: The Unremembered

A cat burglar who dons the costumes of films past confounds Stu.

Ep 116: Big Boy Blue

Jeff checks into the background of a talent agency's newest find, a trumpet player.

Ep 117: The Cold Cash Caper

Stu's date provides a vital clue in a $400,000 robbery.

Ep 118: The Missing Daddy Caper

Kookie and Jeff protect their godchild from becoming the target of a mobster's revenge.

Ep 119: The Turning Point

Stu does a minister friend a favor by taking an interest in a rebellious kid, but a fabulous jewel heist threatens to undo his good deed.

Ep 120: The Deadly Solo

The detectives protect a threatened jazz musician and his family.

Ep 121: Reserved for Mr. Bailey

Stu finds himself in a ghost town, plagued by a ghostly voice that promises him a terrible death.

Ep 122: The Navy Caper

Jeff is hired to test the security of a Naval base and enlists the help of Kookie, Suzanne, and Roscoe to go undercover to infiltrate the closely guarded facility.

Ep 123: Bullets for Santa

Jeff is hired by a movie executive who suspects the attempted murder of a parade Santa during a televised event may have been an attempt on the life of the actress sitting beside him.

Ep 124: The Chrome Coffin

Stu, Kookie and Roscoe infiltrate a hotrod group to unmask a killer.

Ep 125: The Down Under Caper

Jeff becomes enraptured with a lovely rancher in Australia.

Ep 126: Mr. Bailey's Honeymoon

An amnesiac Stu wakes up in a small town with a wealthy woman claiming to be his bride, and a concerned waitress watching over him.

Ep 127: Penthouse on Skid Row

Jeff and Roscoe help a group of poor friends keep the fixer-upper mansion they've just bought.

Ep 128: The Diplomatic Caper

Foreign agents plot to pressure a UN delegate.

Ep 129: The Bridal Trail Caper

A former rodeo star interrupts a wedding, threatening to expose secrets from the bride's past.

Ep 130: Brass Ring Caper

Kookie picks up a hitchhiking kid bound for Hollywood, and later comes to his rescue when the youth is suspected of a murder.

Ep 131: The Bel Air Hermit

Stu searches for the mysterious source of an heiress's bad stock tips.

Ep 132: The Parallel Caper

A murdered fisherman and a rich girl's concern for her troubled brother send Kookie and Jeff off on seemingly unrelated cases.

Ep 133: Twice Dead

An ex-con hires Stu to find his daughter.

Ep 134: Jennifer

Jeff is hired to check up on a young woman who's recently lost both her husband and her father.

Ep 135: Baker Street Caper

Stu and Roscoe, vacationing in England, are asked to find some paintings.

Ep 136: The Long Shot Caper

Roscoe is duped into being the middleman for a botched mafia hit.

Ep 137: Violence for Your Furs

Undercover Roscoe falls in love while spying on a gang of hijackers, but his infatuation with a waitress proves dangerous for Kookie.

Ep 138: The Pet Shop Caper

Stu's memory is stirred when a hood is killed in a way that was the trademark of a man who was deported six years earlier.

Ep 139: The Steerer

Kookie is hired to track down a missing beauty queen and a high-stakes poker game beomes lethal.

Ep 140: Ghost of a Memory

A ghostly appararition at the funeral of a teen singing sensation causes Jeff to send Kookie and J.R. undercover among the singer's fans to uncover the truth.

Ep 141: The Disappearance

Stu chases a brilliant kidnapper with a flawless plan for escaping with a $1 million ransom.

Ep 142: The Lovely American

Jeff delivers an inheritance to an Italian village and becomes the target of a plot to discredit America.

Ep 143: The Gemmologist Caper

The detectives provide security at a gem sale, but an expert discovers that some of the valuable jewels have been stolen from under their noses.

Ep 144: Flight from Escondido

A hijacker takes over the plane carrying Jeff and the runaway he was sent to find.

Ep 145: Dress Rehearsal

Kookie's first real solo case is as bodyguard to a wealthy woman.

Ep 146: Framework for a Badge

The detectives turn their skills toward helping Lt. Gilmore, who's apparently being set up.

Ep 147: Pattern for a Bomb

The detectives again team up to help Lt. Gilmore, who in this case is trying to solve the bombings of a lunchroom and a tailor shop.

Ep 148: Upbeat

Stu becomes the target of a spy's revenge. A sequel to episode 31, "Downbeat."

Ep 149: Nightmare

A psychiatrist hires Jeff to look for the truth behind a patient's recurring dream of murder.

Ep 150: The Gang's All Here

The detectives help a cop reform his son, who idolizes a bored, rebellious pool shark.

Ep 151: The Reluctant Spy

Stu searches for the reasons behind an old friend's hit-and-run death in Austria.

Ep 152: Leap, My Lovely

A con man hypnotizes an actress into jumping out a window, then blackmails a film's producer with threats of doing the same to his leading man.

Ep 153: Terror in a Small Town

After a rash of practical jokes at the office, Kookie can't convince his partners that he really has been arrested for a serious crime.

Ep 154: The Raiders

Stu arrives in the corrupt small town where an old friend is chief of police and with the help of a senaor's wife uncovers a murder and a blackmail scheme.

Ep 155: The Floating Man

Jeff becomes a bodyguard for a judge who says that if he's killed, he wants Jeff to find his murderer.

Ep 156: The Catspaw Caper

Suzanne and Stu help her Hungarian friend find her mother, who fled the Communists in Budapest.

Ep 157: Wolf, Cried the Blonde

An actress cons the detectives into helping her pull off a publicity stunt, but gets more than she bargained for when a man from her past shows up with his hand out.

Ep 158: The Dark Wood

Stu reunites with an old flame, a recent widow, and investigates her daughter's belief that her father's death was no accident.

Ep 159: Shadow on Your Shoulder

Stu teams up with private detectives from Hawaii and French and English police to discover how a pair of criminals steal from their victims and leave them physical wrecks. Folk singers Peter, Paul & Mary perform.

Ep 160: Adventure in San Dede

Jeff and J.R. deliver an attache case to Latin American clients.

Ep 161: The Odds on Odette

An astrologer hires Jeff when he begins receiving threatening phone calls, but Jeff discovers his secretary may be the real target.

Ep 162: The Snow Job Caper

Jeff teams up with an insurance adjuster to recover an armored truck's lost shipment.

Ep 163: Falling Stars

Stu becomes involved in film society when a suicide, a murder, and subseuqent attempted murders disrupt the entertainment world.

Ep 164: The Tarnished Idol

Suzanne finds love when she posses as an heiress to investigate the person who's suing a client.

Ep 165: Scream Softly, Dear

A borrowed car with sabotaged brakes leads to murder, and Kookie's quest to find the killer leads him into a tangle of romantic triangles and blackmail.

Ep 166: Terror in Silence

Stu helps a deaf librarian who "overheard" a a death threat in the reading room.

Ep 167: Crash Out!

Jeff and Roscoe go undercover in prison to help a thief break out, in hopes he'll lead them to his hidden stash. But the man's cronies have their own plans for the escape and the cash.

Ep 168: The Night Was Six Years Long

The detectives' former secretary walks back in after six years, suffering from amnesia.

Ep 169: Six Feet Under

Gang boss Marco Deederman was reported killed in an automobile accident. But after the funeral, a series of fur and jewels thefts show the unmistakable hand of the old master—while Jeff falls for Deederman's girlfriend.

Ep 170: Escape to Freedom

Stu is asked to rescue scientist Marie Harben's son, being held hostage by East German Communists to prevent her defecting to the West.

Ep 171: Dial "S" for Spencer

Sandra Keene fears that someone may try to prevent her brother Michael, a skid-row bum, from collecting his inheritance.

Ep 172: Nine to Five

Stu visits an old friend in New York who is having business and marital problems.

Ep 173: Stranger from the Sea

Kookie helps a Japanese friend find his uncle, who vanished with $50,000.

Ep 174: The Man Who Wasn't There

Jeff investigates a former G.I.'s story of seeing a man who was reported killed in Korea.

Ep 175: Flight 307

Stu's flight to Hawaii is stalled by a busy airline official trying to cope with a murder, a fleeing thief, a messy love triangle, and a sick pilot in the air.

Ep 176: Target Island

J.R. seaches for his date's missing brother, a sailor.

Ep 177: Reunion at Balboa

Kookie and J.R. are on assignment at the beach when a hit-and-run accident injures a girl they've been watching.

Ep 178: Walk Among Tigers

Stu finds a trap when he goes to collect the belongings of an industrialist and humanitarian killed in a train wreck.

Ep 179: The Left Field Caper

An unhappy little boy on a Little League team is the clue to a murder.

Ep 180: The Heartbeat Caper

Visiting professor Stu stumbles across a real mystery while teaching criminology.

Ep 181: To Catch a Mink

Stu attends a charity auction and spots an old flame—who promptly robs the place.

Ep 182: Lady in the Sun

Stu goes after a dangerous lady thief who's stolen a realtor's books.

Ep 183: Our Man in Switzerland

Con men take $1 million in securities from under Kookie's nose, and Stu gives chase to restore the firm's reputation.

Ep 184: Your Fortune for a Penny

A millionaire hires Stu to protect his daughter from her rogue lover, a suspected swindler recently returned to the U.S. from an overseas hideaway.

Ep 185: The Checkmate Caper

Stu ends up holding the bag when he's hired to help fake a robbery for the heir to a criminal family.

Ep 186: Never to Have Loved

An agent hires Stu and Kookie to protect a client from a charismatic director with a Svengali-like hold over her.

Ep 187: 5: Part 1

Stu's quest to solve the hit-and-run murder of an art collector's brother takes him to Europe and the Middle East. (Part 1 of 5)

Ep 188: 5: Part 2

Questioning various artists for clues to the killing, Bailey finds only further confusion in a mysterious blonde and a missing painting.

Ep 189: 5: Part 3

Stu discovers that he may be hunting for two killers rather than just one, but broadening his search results in two attempts to kill him, and his search for answers leads him to Italy.

Ep 190: 5: Part 4

Bailey's continuing search for two murderers leads him all over Europe, through Holland to France and an ambush on the river Seine.

Ep 191: 5: Part 6

Bailey's international search for murderers and missing treasure finally takes him back to New York for the startling conclusion.

Ep 192: White Lie

Stu's search for the owner of some oil-rich land in Oklahoma takes him to Connecticut, and a black man who is passing for white.

Ep 193: 88 Bars

Bailey is hired by wealthy Constance Wingate to protect her brother, whose life is being threatened. In the course of his investigation, Bailey encounters big-time gamblers and a piano player who is being framed because he is in love with Constance.

Ep 194: Don't Wait for Me

A woman hires Stu to get to the truth behind her daughter's near-fatal shooting.

Ep 195: By His Own Verdict

Acquitted of murder, Max Dent confesses his guilt to his lawyer, who decides on vengeance.

Ep 196: Deposit with Caution

Stu goes to New York to clear police lieutenant John Frazier, who is accused of corruption, but finds his client hates private detectives.

Ep 197: The Toy Jungle

A husband's anxieties about his wife's double life leads to a drug ring.

Ep 198: The Fumble

Bailey is hired by his friend Diana to keep an eye on her husband, Charlie, so that he doesn't drink too much and lose his job. Charlie is then framed for murder by a colleague who wants his job, and Bailey must expose the murderer.

Ep 199: Bonus Baby

Stu investigates a paternity case involving bulldozers and baseball when Antonio Malfi hires him to find the son he deserted years ago.

Ep 200: Paper Chase

Bailey is hired by the Clinton Paper Company to find Paul Keddy, an employee who has stolen a formula for a new product. Keddy needs money because he is being blackmailed; later, he is framed for murder. Bailey uncovers the blackmailing ring and identifie

Ep 201: Lovers' Lane

Politician Boss Gates hires Stu to clear his son Chuck, who is on death row for rape and murder but insists he was framed.

Ep 202: Alimony League

Eccentric millionaire Jerry Kenzie wants to remarry, and hires Stu to attend a meeting with his four ex-wives on his island retreat to negotiate alimony cutbacks—with deadly results.

Ep 203: Not Such a Simple Knot

Stu babysits an 11-year-old mathematical genius in Vegas, not realizing his client is the key to breaking the casino.

Ep 204: The Target

A woman hires Stu to protect her husband, an author on the verge of publishing a crime exposé, who has become the taget of an assassin while serving time himself.

Ep 205: Dead as in "Dude"

Stu is hired to investigate a man's death at a dude ranch when his widow rejects the coroner's verdict of suicide.

Ep 206: Queen of the Cats

A Philadelphia heiress hires Stu to find her long-lost mother.