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After the death of his housekeeper, Manhattan millionaire Phillip Drummond (Conrad Bain) adopts her two young African-American sons, Arnold and Willis Jackson (Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges). Having gone from rags to riches overnight, the boys have difficulty adjusting to their new life at first but soon fit in as part of the family, which also includes Drummond’s daughter, Kimberly (Dana Plato). While many episodes consist of light, comedic misadventures, 'Diff'rent Strokes' also is known for special episodes dealing with serious topics such as racism, drug use and sexual abuse.

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  • 11/20 6:30AMBule Collar Drummond
    "When Drummond is accused of being out of touch with his employee, he secretly takes a job in one of his own factories working on an assembly line. Much to his surprise, his job is threatened when he makes suggestions to boost morale and improve production."
  • 11/21 6:30AMStreet Smarts
    "Although Arnold boasts he held his own in a mugging, Drummond fears the incident goes deeper than Arnold will admit and becomes concerned when he finds Arnold has sought a dangerous method of protection."
  • 11/22 6:30AMA Special Friend
    "Arnold and Sam's new friendship with a street performer gets mired in fear and confusion when they discover she has epilepsy."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Movin' In

Multi-millionaire Phillip Drummond, who has agreed to the death-bed wish of his housekeeper to raise her two small sons as his own, welcomes eight-year-old Arnold and 12-year-old Willis into his lavish penthouse.

Ep 2: The Social Worker

Arnold's eavesdropping leads to trouble when a misunderstanding causes Willis and him to think that Mr. Drummond no longer wants them around; he has heard Drummond tell a social worker that "black children belong with black families."

Ep 3: Mother's Last Visit

Mr. Drummond's socialite and rather snobbish mother arrives and finds there's a lot she doesn't like about her son's new sons, but she soon learns a valuable lesson about what's really important in a person.

Ep 4: Prep School

When Mr. Drummond tries to get Arnold and Willis into an exclusive prep school, it turns out to be just a little too exclusive for everyone's tastes.

Ep 5: The Spanking

Arnold ignores warnings and continues to drop water balloons from the balcony. Mr. Drummond's decision to punish Arnold for the prank with a spanking becomes a learning lesson for Willis, too, when he insists that he be the one to spank Arnold — but where's Arnold?

Ep 6: Goodbye Dolly

When Arnold loses his favorite doll, he makes sure that his misery is shared equally by the various members of his household, who soon try everything to get it back.

Ep 7: The Trial

When Arnold is in trouble for putting his goldfish in Mr. Drummond's hot tub, Willis insists that it is wrong to convict him without a trial. The whole family, with Mrs. Garrett as judge, comes up with an important verdict.

Ep 8: Retrospective: Part 1

Mr. Drummond and family gather around their Christmas tree and recall the many humorous incidents that the family has shared since Arnold and Willis moved in. This special one-hour episode features highlights from previous shows.

Ep 9: Retrospective: Part 2

Mr. Drummond and family gather around their Christmas tree and recall the many humorous incidents that the family has shared since Arnold and Willis moved in. This special one-hour episode features highlights from previous shows.

Ep 10: The Fight

Willis puts Arnold in training to fight the local bully, but Mr. Drummond insists more civilized solutions be employed.

Ep 11: The Club Meeting

Willis invites his neighborhood club from Harlem to visit, but things get out of hand when he tries to impress them with his new wealth.

Ep 12: The Woman

Mr. Drummond's intention to marry an attractive widow doesn't meet with his children's approval, and Arnold, Willis and Kimberly devise a scheme they hope will turn his "romantic" proposal into a disaster.

Ep 13: No Time For Arnold

A lonely Arnold comes up with a method of gaining his family's attention. Unfortunately his plan works a little too well; he ends up with everyone's attention, including the family doctor.

Ep 14: The Relative

LaWanda Page guest stars as a cousin of Willis and Arnold who, after seeing the boys in their comfortable new surroundings, knows she should stay closer to her long-lost little relatives.

Ep 15: The Tutor

Drummond hires a tutor for Willis and Arnold who does practically everything but teach.

Ep 16: The New Landlord

The kids devise a scheme hoping to make Arnold convince the new landlord to let the family keep the penthouse.

Ep 17: Willis' Privacy

To get rid of his pesky little brother, Willis divides the bedroom in half and spends more time at his friend's house.

Ep 18: Mrs. Garrett's Crisis

When Mrs. Garrett decides her life as a housekeeper is unfulfilling, she ends up being a guest in the Drummond home, and then makes an important decision concerning the future.

Ep 19: The Job

In order to earn the money to buy disco skates, and to prove a point to Mr. Drummond, Willis gets a job...but is fired on his first working day.

Ep 20: The Trip: Part 1

The stars of 'Diff'rent Strokes' and 'Hello, Larry' get together in a special, hilarious hour in which Phillip Drummond realizes that the purchase of a Portland radio station could mean the loss of a job for his old friend, Larry Alder.

Ep 21: The Trip: Part 2

The stars of 'Diff'rent Strokes' and 'Hello, Larry' get together in a special, hilarious hour in which Phillip Drummond realizes that the purchase of a Portland radio station could mean the loss of a job for his old friend, Larry Alder.

Ep 22: Getting Involved

When Arnold is witness to a hold up, the robber tries to ensure that the youngster will not identify him.

Ep 23: Willis' Birthday

Willis is hurt when he thinks his family has forgotten his upcoming birthday. After dropping several unsubtle hints he discovers that not only has everyone remembered, but also his fondest wish has been granted — a birthday party in his old Harlem neighborhood.

Ep 24: The Girls School

Mrs. Garrett visits Kimberly's school and takes on its pushy principal with surprising results.

Ep 25: Arnold's Girlfriend: Part 1

Arnold has appendicitis and Drummond has to deal with the bigotry of Fred Tanner, a potential housing project investor whose daughter is the key to getting Arnold to sit still for the operation.

Ep 26: Arnold's Girlfriend: Part 2

Arnold's life is endangered when the kids find out they can't share a room in the hospital and run away on the eve of Arnold's surgery.

Ep 27: Feudin' and Fussin': Part 1

Arnold's well-intentioned endorsement of Larry Alder's hosting talents to a New York TV big-wig gives Larry the opportunity of a lifetime and brings the family to the big apple.

Ep 28: Feudin' and Fussin': Part 2

Arnold's well-intentioned endorsement of Larry Alder's hosting talents to a New York TV big-wig gives Larry the opportunity of a lifetime and brings the family to the big apple.

Ep 29: Mrs. Garrett's Romance

The Drummond household's curiosity over Mrs. Garrett's new beau turns first to surprise and then to alarm. Mrs. Garrett is in a dither over her first date with Leon, especially when it is followed by a very important question.

Ep 30: Birds and Bees

Willis' fishy version of the facts of life leaves Arnold with misconceptions and Mr. Drummond on tender hooks. Arnold repeats his "knowledge" to a neighbor's daughter, and the girl's mother is not amused.

Ep 31: Arnold's Hero

Arnold's wildest dream is realized when he comes face-to-knee with "The Champ" — special guest star Muhammad Ali. When the meeting arranged by Mr. Drummond between Arnold and his idol, Muhammad Ali, falls through, Kimberly and Willis concoct a wild scheme.

Ep 32: The Adoption: Part 1

The Drummond family celebrates the day Arnold and Willis are supposed to be officially adopted until the visit of a "relative" leaves their plans in jeopardy. Whitman Mayo guest stars as Jethro Simpson, who sees his way to go from junk to jewels in a last will and testament leaving a fortune to Willis and Arnold.

Ep 33: The Adoption: Part 2

It appears that Mr. Drummond's attempts to adopt Arnold and Willis will be aborted by a conniving junk dealer until the boys take matters into their own hands. Whitman Mayo guest stars as "long-lost relative" Jethro Simpson who has arrived with a letter supposedly written by the boys' father, leaving Arnold and Willis in his custody.

Ep 34: Father and Son Day

Willis' cut-throat competitiveness with another boy at his gym leads him to a decision that he will very much regret, especially after it hurts Mr. Drummond and gives Arnold the right to say, "I told you so." Baseball great Reggie Jackson makes his acting debut playing a key, but unsuspecting, role in Willis' questionable scheme.

Ep 35: Thanksgiving Crossover: Part 1

The Alders and the Drummonds are together again in New York, and Arnold, Willis and Kimberly plan a second Thanksgiving feast with friends Diane and Ruthie. But even the huge Drummond penthouse isn't big enough to hold the exploding tempers that threaten Phil and Larry's long-standing relationship.

Ep 36: Thanksgiving Crossover: Part 2

The Alders and the Drummonds are together again in New York, and Arnold, Willis and Kimberly plan a second Thanksgiving feast with friends Diane and Ruthie. But even the huge Drummond penthouse isn't big enough to hold the exploding tempers that threaten Phil and Larry's long-standing relationship.

Ep 37: The Rivals

Arnold and Willis' relationship is threatened when a fickle female classmate, the object of Arnold's affection, turns her attention toward Willis. Arnold's first love is also his first lesson in jealously as he competes with Willis for the same girl.

Ep 38: Hot Watch

Discovered in the wrong place at the wrong time, Willis and Arnold become prime suspects when their neighbor's apartment is robbed and they're caught with one of the stolen items. Mr. Drummond is convinced of his sons' innocence even though Willis' fingerprints are all over the place.

Ep 39: The Dog Story

Arnold saves a dog's life, is bitten and then the dog is needed to save Arnold. The Drummond household members frantically search for the ungrateful canine, while Arnold faces a series of rabies shots or death.

Ep 40: The Election

Mr. Drummond puts his convictions on the line to run for city council, and rooting him on are Arnold, Willis, Kimberly and an "unexpected" new addition to the household. Nedra Volz plays Adelaide Brubaker, the small but sassy housekeeper who helps Drummond mobilize the family for a "win."

Ep 41: Friendly Mate

Mr. Drummond is in "double-trouble" when Willis and Arnold decide to get him a date. Feeling a little lonely, Drummond tells the kids what he needs is a little companionship, so they decide to call a computer dating service.

Ep 42: Poor Drummond

A crucially important business deal keeps Mr. Drummond on edge and Arnold and Willis wondering whether they should pack for a California vacation or a move back to Harlem.

Ep 43: Big Business

Willis and Arnold scheme to make extra "dough" by selling brownies, only to discover they can't stand the heat of big business and may soon have to get out of the kitchen.

Ep 44: Return of the Gooch

The "Gooch" is back and this time he's terrorizing Arnold, but Arnold plans to be ready when the bully strikes. In building Arnold's confidence, Willis convinces him that his martial arts lesson has given him a "killer" foot.

Ep 45: Valentine's Vigil (aka Valentine's Day Retrospective)

Arnold and Willis are trapped in the basement and while they await rescue they reminisce about their recent past...both the good times and the bad.

Ep 46: Guess Who? (aka Skin Deep or True Blue)

Kimberly's new beau, Roger, suggests pairing his sister with Willis for a double-date, until he finds out the color of his true love's brother. When Kimberly discovers her new friend is a bigot, her face burns red and then a far darker shade.

Ep 47: Teacher's Pet

Parent-teacher night leads Mr. Drummond to a romance with Arnold's teacher and poor Arnold to the jealousy of his classmates. Arnold tries every trick in the book to win back his classmates, including one which may have him expelled.

Ep 48: Slumber Party

Leaving Willis in charge of the house for Kimberly's slumber party is a mistake Mr. Drummond soon regrets as the ensuing chaos disrupts his own date with a lovely lady. 'The Facts of Life' stars Mindy Cohn, Kim Fields, Julie Anne Haddock and Molly Ringwald guest star.

Ep 49: The Will (aka Arnold Faces Fatality)

Arnold fears that his loved ones are checking out of his life when he stumbles upon Drummond's will and then uncovers the fact that his goldfish has given up the ghost.

Ep 50: The Squealer

Willis seeks comradeship as a member of the Tarantulas, a street gang, but finds only deceit as he gets caught in a web of misplaced loyalties. Willis allows himself to be arrested rather than "squeal" on his fellow-gang members by telling the truth.

Ep 51: The Blank Job: Part 1

Willis accompanies Arnold as he sets out to withdraw some money from his bank account to pay for his first "real" date, but two bank robbers force a change of plans when they attempt their own, very large, withdrawal.

Ep 52: The Blank Job: Part 2

Drummond offers himself and his company airplane as hostages to protect Arnold and Willis, but his sons' future hangs in the balance when the robbers announce their own very different choice of hostages.

Ep 53: Small Claims Court

Arnold has his day in court when an unfortunate "train" of events puts him at odds with a less than understanding merchant.

Ep 54: Substitute Mother

Arnold falls head-over-heels for a temporary housekeeper and embarks on a romantic scheme he hopes will make her a permanent member of the Drummond household.

Ep 55: The Accident: Part 1

The festive family celebration of Drummond's 50th birthday suddenly becomes a disaster after a drunk driver puts Drummond in the hospital, unconscious, his life hanging in the balance.

Ep 56: The Accident: Part 2

When Drummond finally comes to, he is suffering from amnesia and unless he can regain his memory, he may lose not only his business, but also custody of Arnold, Willis and Kimberly.

Ep 57: Little Mother

Kimberly's efforts to help a pregnant friend have Willis and Arnold convinced the Kimberly's the one expecting.

Ep 58: Football Father

After Arnold fails to measure up to the demands of the basketball, baseball and volleyball teams, Drummond convinces the boy to try football on for size and then pays the coach a clandestine visit to ensure Arnold a place on the team.

Ep 59: First Love

Drummond orders Willis to spend more time with his studies and less time with his "first love," but Willis and Arnold concoct a plan they're sure will fulfill the wishes of both father and son.

Ep 60: Count Your Blessings

Arnold tries a regimen of stretching exercises and a change of diet to speed his growth, but Drummond finds he must go to a very special source to get the boy to accept that he will never be tall.

Ep 61: The Loan

Arnold learns the true value of a dollar when Drummond turns down his request to lend $4,000 to the apartment building doorman anxious to take part in an attractive business deal.

Ep 62: Roots

Willis and Arnold turn the Drummond household upside down as they try to prove to their old Harlem neighbors — and themselves — that they haven't lost touch with their roots.

Ep 63: Junk Food Junkie

Arnold's poor dental checkup and a visit by Drummond's health-conscious sister, Sophia, launches Drummond on a campaign to have "junk" food machines banned from Arnold's school, even though Arnold's drive for his class presidency may depend on keeping the machines in place.

Ep 64: The Bus

Arnold's excitement at being one of a small group of students in an exchange program with an all-white school is turned to fear by a threatening phone call from a zealous busing opponent.

Ep 65: The Older Man

Through Blair's makeup artistry, 15-year-old Kimberly discovers she can pass for 20, but when she accepts a date with a 25-year-old and the passes start flying, she finds there may be more to being older than looking it.

Ep 66: Where There's Hope

Arnold's tenth birthday party means a lot to him, but for some reason it means a whole lot more to the one person he's determined won't be invited — a pesky young lady who always tries just too hard to be friends.

Ep 67: The Magician

Arnold's "famous" magic disappearing act, designed to impress a magazine reporter and special guest star Dallas Cowboys' defensive end Ed "Too Tall" Jones, leaves him dangerously high and dry, with no place to go but down — about 30 stories.

Ep 68: Drummond's Fair Lady

Drummond runs into some stiff competition to the candidate he's chosen to head a new division of his company — his board members think the attractive young executive's sex disqualifies her — and his family thinks he's being used.

Ep 69: The Ancestors

Drummond and his sister, Sophia, inherit a prime piece of land in Harlem from a long-lost ancestor, but their plan to dedicate it to a cultural center in his name could spell disaster if the truth of their ancestor's life gets out.

Ep 70: Almost American

Arnold's dejection at being grounded for a "D" on a history test turns to inspiration after an immigrant studying for naturalization introduces him to another perspective on America.

Ep 71: Room For One More

Dudley, fearing his foster father's lost job means he's headed back to the orphanage, cons Arnold into getting Drummond to consider adopting him into their family.

Ep 72: The Athlete

The coach of the city's top high school baseball team is after Willis and is prepared to do anything to make it possible for Willis to attend his school.

Ep 73: Growing Up

His friends' stories of their sexual exploits convince Willis it's time he "became a man" — now he must convince his steady girlfriend, Charlene.

Ep 74: First Day Blues

Willis has the normal jitters on his first day of high school, and in his hurry to make friends, hooks up with a bad group, goes overboard to impress them and, for his efforts, could wind up in jail.

Ep 75: The Model

Kimberly hopes a summer job will make her more independent, but when it becomes an undreamed chance at international modeling, it may be more independence than her father will agree to.

Ep 76: The Team

A happy household is torn by the repercussions of meeting racial quotas — Drummond faces a lawsuit when he hires a black man from outside his company for a prized executive position and Willis seeks justice when told his color is the only thing preventing him from making the school's predominantly black basketball team.

Ep 77: The Big Heist

Arnold is elated when he's accepted into an "elite" club at school, but his membership could lead to consequences far beyond his wildest dreams when he learns he must commit a crime as part of his secret initiation.

Ep 78: Double Date

Arnold's big plans for his first real "date" are quickly deflated when parental-imposed restrictions threaten to ruin his encounter before it ever gets off the ground.

Ep 79: The Ski Weekend

Kimberly must face the biggest decision of her life — whether to spend a ski weekend with a popular boy or turn down the opportunity to get away on her own and remain, in her mind, daddy's "little girl."

Ep 80: Health Club

Arnold and Willis face a puzzling dilemma — how to tell Mr. Drummond that the award he worked so hard for comes from a health club with a "restricted membership."

Ep 81: Burial Grounds

Arnold and Willis go on a hunger strike to save a historic landmark when they learn construction by Drummond's company may destroy what could be an ancient Indian burial ground.

Ep 82: Hello, Daddy

Does Drummond have a third son? There's a young man at the door who claims he does and that he is.

Ep 83: Jilted

When Willis takes his steady girlfriend for granted, his selfishness sends her out with another guy — who won't ignore her, but there may be hope for happiness if a self-appointed Cupid succeeds in his plan.

Ep 84: Dreams

A cancelled fishing trip leaves Arnold having a series of bad dreams that the entire family loses sleep over, until a psychiatrist's examination reveals what really is causing his nighttime terror.

Ep 85: Kathy

Arnold and his friend, Kathy, face big challenges in their lives and each holds the key to overcoming the other's obstacles, but when Arnold takes the first step forward, their entire relationship takes a big step backwards.

Ep 86: Fire

A fire traps Drummond and his family in their penthouse and has him "working" overtime trying to protect them without letting on that there's anything wrong.

Ep 87: The Squatter

Drummond learns the hard way that converting apartments into condominiums can mean hurting lots of innocent people when he becomes the unsuspecting "victim" of an eccentric tenant he's displacing.

Ep 88: The Car

When his girlfriend plans on taking a drive with someone else, a "carless" Willis — refusing to be outdone — gets an idea for a real joyride neither of them will forget.

Ep 89: Crime Story: Part 1

Arnold and his friend Dudley are scared to death by two teenage bullies who pose the intimidating demand "your lunch money or your life."

Ep 90: Crime Story: Part 2

Arnold doesn't know when to leave well enough alone after Willis comes to his rescue. He gets himself involved in an "undercover" scheme to capture the "punks" at school who have been harassing him.

Ep 91: B.M.O.C.

Willis' obsession with joining an "exclusive" high school club rocks the Drummond household and leaves several victims in its wake, including a shaken Arnold who takes his brother's "insensitive" actions to heart.

Ep 92: Green Hair

An adamant Drummond ignores sister Sophia's pleas to get involved in a group effort to combat air pollution, until Kimberly becomes victimized by the unnatural phenomenon.

Ep 93: Have I Got a Girl for You

Aunt Sophia's matchmaking unites an unsuspecting Drummond with her "working-class" hairdresser, but a slip of Arnold's tongue ignites charges that Drummond is a snob, turning a "budding romance" into a roaring feud.

Ep 94: Life Savers

A quick-thinking, fast-acting Willis saves Arnold from a near-fatal accident and in doing so unleashes an adoring monster who dedicates his life to repaying his "hero."

Ep 95: Stress, What Stress?

Stress is diagnosed as the cause of hard-working Drummond's frequent attacks of pain, but suddenly young, healthy and "normal" Willis learns that he, too, is a prime candidate for the same debilitating "attacks."

Ep 96: The Music Man

Willis sets what he's sure is a "cinch" audition for girlfriend Charlene to sing with his musical group, but his "big plans" hit a sour note when Arnold's intervention threatens to destroy both Charlene's chances with the group and her relationship with Willis.

Ep 97: Short But Sweet

Arnold is growing older but he's not getting any taller and he's convinced that's the reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Ep 98: On Your Toes

A famed choreographer encourages Arnold to learn ballet, but his youthful dancing days could be numbered when Willis' taunting remarks convince Arnold to drop out of an upcoming recital.

Ep 99: Shoot Out At The O.K. Arcade

Arnold is determined to defeat Willis at his own game and dethrone him as local video game champ, but in doing so Arnold's passion becomes a destructive "addiction" that could have serious consequences.

Ep 100: In the Swim

Willis is completely supportive of Kimberly's transfer into his public school, until his sister's "innocent" actions begin getting him into hot water.

Ep 101: Cyrano De Jackson

Arnold's on the outs with his best friend, Dudley, after he innocently offers to help his bashful buddy win the heart of a young lady — who falls for Arnold instead.

Ep 102: Big Brother

Arnold's got a "can't lose" plan for curing a new classmate's loneliness — sharing big brother Willis — but his kind intentions leave Arnold feeling like the lonely, only child.

Ep 103: The Peacemaker

Willis' personal safety is in jeopardy when his noble attempt to mediate a feud between rival gangs backfires, forcing him to take a drastic step to ensure his protection — purchasing a handgun.

Ep 104: Substitute Teacher

Arnold and his buddies fabricate a "little white lie" in an attempt to get rid of an overly conscientious substitute teacher, but their tall tale could result in more than just removing the teacher from the classroom — it could destroy his entire career.

Ep 105: The Older Woman

A false I.D. and a false bravado create real problems for Willis and a beautiful "older" woman when an evening on the town doesn't go quite as he had planned.

Ep 106: The Case of Overexposure

Arnold must face the bare facts — his chances of winning a prestigious school election seem desperately slim, thanks to an "overexposed" campaign photo taken by sister Kimberly.

Ep 107: Memories

A long-lost trunk returned to the boys contains a tape recording of their deceased mother, which brings to the surface a previously unrecognized problem that triggers uncharacteristic behavior from a usually happy-go-lucky Arnold.

Ep 108: Push Comes to Shove

Arnold's unexpected confrontation with the new building manager's son leads to a chilling series of events that could get the entire Drummond family evicted.

Ep 109: The Executive

Willis learns that even a little power in the wrong hands can be dangerous when he oversteps the bounds of his authority in his after-school job at his father's office.

Ep 110: Santa's Helper

Arnold falls innocent victim to a beguiling street-corner Santa who has an ulterior financial motive for hiring him as a holiday "helper."

Ep 111: A Growing Problem

At 16, Willis thinks he's man enough and old enough to "top" a few drinks with the guys, but Drummond's objections send Willis storming out of the house intent on proving his father wrong.

Ep 112: Parent's Have Rights, Too

Drummond's plans for a quiet and private weekend "alone" don't quite work out as he had intended, when a storm sends Arnold, Willis and Kimberly home from a camping trip early — catching him off guard in a compromising situation.

Ep 113: Independent Woman

A new job and a handsome new boss add up to trouble for an innocent Kimberly when her employer starts displaying a more than casual interest in her — hoping that his "special attention" will help land him a position within Drummond's prestigious company.

Ep 114: The Bicycle Man: Part 1

Unaware that he's being lured into the carefully crafted trap of a child molester, Arnold eagerly agrees to perform a simple task in return for an overly generous reward from a "friendly" neighborhood merchant.

Ep 115: The Bicycle Man: Part 2

Arnold and Dudley's "friendship" with a local merchant reaches a dangerous turning point when, unbeknownst to the boys, the man, who is actually a child molester, is about to make his move.

Ep 116: Family on Ice

Kimberly is overjoyed when Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill sees great promise in her as a competitive figure skater, but she's even more astounded when Drummond agrees to let her leave the New York "nest" to train full time with the award-winning skater — in Los Angeles.

Ep 117: Hall Monitor

Arnold's good intentions backfire when his efforts to help his handicapped friend, Kathy, adjust to life in public school cost him the esteem of his classmates and the friendship of pals Dudley and Robbie.

Ep 118: The Cricket

To try to curb Arnold's run of bad luck, Drummond gives him a pet cricket, but the Japanese "good luck charm" brings nothing but sleepless nights and dreams of "pesticide" to the rest of the household.

Ep 119: Roommates

The household's turned upside down when Drummond becomes Arnold's roommate for a week.

Ep 120: The Reporter

Determined to prove he didn't fabricate a story about drug abuse in his grade school just to win a journalism contest, Arnold takes his article to the New York City newspaper sponsoring the competition, and when they run his story on the front page, Arnold receives some unexpected support from First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Ep 121: Romeo and Juliet

Arnold's Romeo is steeped in more turmoil than Shakespeare ever intended when he's tricked by his "best friends" into playing opposite arch nemesis Lisa's Juliet.

Ep 122: My Fair Larry

School "thug" Larry coerces Willis into teaching him how to "make it" with girls, but things go from bad to worse when Larry's first target is Willis' sister Kimberly.

Ep 123: Mr. T and Mr. T

Arnold's ecstasy over meeting his hero Mr. T goes from elation to emulation when the young girl he's trying to impress snubs him in favor of his idol.

Ep 124: The Goat

Arnold's first day at junior high is emotionally devastating when he's shunned for not measuring up to the expectations that everyone had for Willis Jackson's brother, but Arnold devises a risky scheme that he feels certain will elevate his prestige.

Ep 125: Rashomon II

Drummond, Willis and Arnold bravely subdue a burglar who had been holding the family at gunpoint, but the arresting officer is befuddled when the three "crime fighters" relate differing versions of the apprehension.

Ep 126: The Lie

Willis' seemingly harmless disregard for the truth turns dangerous when a self-serving lie about knowing CPR jeopardizes Arnold's life.

Ep 127: Drafted

When 13-year-old Arnold is notified to register for the draft, Drummond's overreaction to the obvious error turns Arnold's dreams into nightmares.

Ep 128: The Van Drummonds

A short visit to the United States by Phillip Drummond's Dutch cousin, Anna, and her son, Hans, becomes an eternity for Arnold and Willis, who are made scapegoats for cousin Hans' mischief.

Ep 129: The Moonlighter

Arnold is disappointed to discover that his favorite teacher moonlights as a cocktail waitress, but he's stunned when he learns why she has to work the second job.

Ep 130: Coming Of Age

Kimberly's 18th birthday present from daddy — a trust fund — will make her a wealthy woman, but her free-spirited dreams of independence could be cut short when Drummond discovers just how she intends to spend her "fortune."

Ep 131: Assert Yourself

Arnold turns a pal into an opponent when he resigns as Dudley's campaign manager and declares his own candidacy for class president.

Ep 132: Mrs. Z.

Drummond's provided with police protection of a most unusual kind after his charitable philanthropy leads to a $1,000,000 extortion threat against him.

Ep 133: Senior Class Queen

When Kimberly starts a campaign to open the school's Lettermen's Club to female membership, an embarrassed Willis retaliates with chauvinistic aplomb by becoming the first male contestant in the Senior Class Beauty Pageant.

Ep 134: Where There's Smoke

Arnold and Dudley succumb to peer pressure and ignore warnings against cigarette smoking, only to have the harsh realities brought to light by Dudley's father, a chronic smoker.

Ep 135: Drummond's Lady

Arnold unwittingly solves his father's dilemma — trying to make romance and finance go hand-in-hand — when Drummond finds himself falling for an attractive local television aerobics instructor that his company is attempting to turn into an international success. Veteran Broadway and television actress Dixie Carter is introduced in the role of fitness instructor Maggie McKinney.

Ep 136: The Hitchhikers: Part 1

Kimberly and Arnold break a long-standing family rule and face death when, on their return from a shopping trip, they find themselves short of cash and decide to hitch a ride home rather than call home for assistance.

Ep 137: The Hitchhikers: Part 2

Hitchhiking leads to kidnapping for Arnold and Kimberly, but Arnold escapes and he is so disoriented he is unable to remember the location of the kidnapper's apartment, where Kimberly is being held captive.

Ep 138: Hooray For Hollywood: Part 1

Upset over Maggie breaking off their relationship, Drummond chases her to Hollywood to win back her heart, but while he woos Maggie, Arnold and Dudley sneak away from a studio tour to find the star of Knight Rider and wind up in a life threatening situation.

Ep 139: Hooray For Hollywood: Part 2

Arnold's joy over being saved from an explosion by "Knight Rider's" David Hasselhoff quickly turns to dismay when he learns his father is getting married and a little brother comes along with the package.

Ep 140: The Wedding: Part 1

Maggie's reaction to a proposed pre-nuptial agreement threatens to hamper Phillip's happiness — but could eliminate Arnold's fear about "inheriting" a strict new mother and a pesky little brother.

Ep 141: The Wedding: Part 2

Their family and friends assembled, Phillip and Maggie meet at the altar, only to realize each has made a major mistake, in the concluding part of a special two-part story.

Ep 142: The Honeymoon's Over

Arnold and Pearl fall into a depression when Maggie and Phillip return from their honeymoon with a temporary eviction notice for Pearl, and orders for Arnold to babysit for his "tag-along" little brother, Sam, instead of going to a party.

Ep 143: The Bar Mitzvah Boy

In a quest for religion, Arnold thinks he has found it after attending an impressive bar mitzvah where his friend "becomes a man" at age 13.

Ep 144: Kathy's Olympics

The money for the National Wheelchair Games that Arnold's class has raised and entrusted to him is missing — leaving Arnold embarrassed and his family "in the dumps."

Ep 145: The Houseguest

Willis and Charlene's budding young love begins to wilt when she moves in as a temporary houseguest at the Drummond's. Janet Jackson returns in her role as Willis' girlfriend, Charlene.

Ep 146: The Boyfriend

Blinded by love, Kimberly takes an enormous and deceptive risk when she talks her father into allowing her to move into an apartment, allegedly with her girlfriend.

Ep 147: A Haunting We Will Go

When Arnold and Sam creep through the crevices of the neighborhood's haunted house they find the ghost boasts a bounty of surprises — the biggest being a love for people and contempt for war.

Ep 148: Arnold and Lisa's Mother

Arnold thinks the school science fair is the perfect opportunity to sabotage the project of his least favorite female classmate, but with a closer look he wonders if her aggravating behavior is really a cry for help.

Ep 149: Bed-wetting

The Drummond household is faced with Sam's bed-wetting problem, trying everything from scolding to fawning, only to have Sam become more frustrated and hurt.

Ep 150: Undercover Lover

Willis becomes the middleman in a police effort to halt use and trafficking of drugs at his high school.

Ep 151: Arnold's Strike

Arnold risks expulsion from school when he leads a strike against some new rules he feels are "unfair."

Ep 152: Sam's Father

Sam must choose between a penthouse apartment and a honky-tonk club when his real father comes knocking on the Drummond's door, wanting to take Sam with him.

Ep 153: Carmella Meets The Gooch

"The Gooch" returns to taunt Arnold and take on a new target — Sam, only to face his first challenge in the Drummond's new neighbor, an Italian foreign exchange student.

Ep 154: Arnold the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Arnold reluctantly allows Sam to be a part of his new scheme. When Sam realizes only Arnold will reap the profits, he breaks up the partnership and becomes the competition.

Ep 155: The Honorable Arnold J. Jackson

When Arnold is appointed judge of the school court, he is suddenly faced with jeopardizing a longtime friendship or losing a date with the school heartthrob.

Ep 156: U.S. Olympic Gymnastics

Drummond's surprise meant to encourage an Olympic hopeful felled by a tragic accident backfires when the young man instead becomes embittered at meeting the 1984 Men's Olympic Gold Medal-winning Gymnastics Team.

Ep 157: Tonsils

Drummond is a tower of strength for Sam as he prepares to have his tonsils removed, but what will happen when Drummond finds out he is to be Sam's roommate while having some "minor" knee surgery.

Ep 158: Arnold's Songbird

In order to be elected the entertainment chairman for a school charity fundraiser, Arnold promises to get a celebrity but when it's time to deliver, he's forced to look to his nemesis, Carmella, for help.

Ep 159: Baseball Blues

Sam persuades a reluctant Mr. Drummond to become the coach of his bad news baseball team and then regrets it after he winds up on the bench.

Ep 160: Arnold Saves The Squirrel

When Sam visits a taping of "The Sandy Squirrel Show" he is overcome by the news his favorite television idol is about to be cancelled, but it's Arnold to the rescue as he rallies the Boy Scouts of Manhattan to demand the Squirrel be given a reprieve.

Ep 161: Sam Adopts a Grandparent

The Drummonds are concerned when the normally lovable Sam battles with a cynical senior who rejects the Cub Scout's "Adopt A Grandparent" program, leaving Sam with a tainted view of older people.

Ep 162: Happy Birthday, Drummond

Kimberly returns home from school in Paris to surprise Drummond on his birthday, prompting Arnold and Willis to try and match her special gift.

Ep 163: Sam's New Pal

Sam is taken aback when he realizes his new "buddy" is a girl, but Mr. Drummond is even more dumbfounded when the kids want to have a sleepover.

Ep 164: Russian Embassy

When Arnold's rocket for his school project is accidentally set off and lands atop the Russian Embassy, the state department is led to suspect foul play.

Ep 165: Cheers to Arnold

Arnold's attempt to stop a friend from drinking backfires as he's left standing in the boy's bathroom holding a bottle of booze when the teacher walks in.

Ep 166: A Camping We Will Go

A camping trip with Arnold and Sam intended to strengthen Drummond's relationship with Sam goes awry when Sam's real father shows up and invites himself along.

Ep 167: Beauty in the Eye of Arnold

Arnold is faced with a dilemma when his friends insist he take a cute cheerleader to the dance instead of the girl Arnold really likes who they consider an "ugly duckling."

Ep 168: Bule Collar Drummond

When Drummond is accused of being out of touch with his employees, he secretly takes a job in one of his own factories working on an assembly line. Much to his surprise, his job is threatened when he makes suggestions to boost morale and improve production.

Ep 169: Street Smarts

Although Arnold boasts he held his own in a mugging, Drummond fears the incident goes deeper than Arnold will admit and becomes concerned when he finds Arnold has sought a dangerous method of protection.

Ep 170: A Special Friend

Arnold and Sam's new friendship with a street performer gets mired in fear and confusion when they discover she has epilepsy.

Ep 171: Sam's Missing: Part 1

A family whose little boy died forces the father to kidnap Sam, who is shopping for some snacks in a grocery store. After the kidnapping, the man threatens to kill Sam's parents if he attempts in any way to escape.

Ep 172: Sam's Missing: Part 2

The Drummonds, desperate to get Sam back, go on the news to try to get Sam back. In the meantime, Sam risks everything to tell the Drummonds where he is.

Ep 173: Bully for Arnold

Guarding the school bully's girlfriend, Ramona, seems like a simple task to Arnold, until his natural Jackson "charm" creates some problems. Ramona falls head over heels for him and Herman, the bully, wants to rearrange his face.

Ep 174: Love on the Run

Sam and Arnold fear that the time their parents are spending apart is a symptom of an ailing marriage and the boys attempt to give them a dose of romance.

Ep 175: Willis Goes to College

Willis takes a big step when he leaves home for college, but fears his initiation to dorm life is only one of the freshman experiences he may not be ready to handle.

Ep 176: Arnold's Job

Arnold's dream of becoming an "overnight" success as a photo-journalist run headlong into reality when he gets his first job on a local newspaper.

Ep 177: A Tale of Two Teachers

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guest stars as a high school English teacher who gives Arnold a "classic" punishment for "goofing off" in class and the freshman quickly learns his lesson when his penance is teaching "A Tale of Two Cities" to his rowdy classmates.

Ep 178: So You Want to Be A Rock Star

A music instructor "backs up" Arnold after he claims to be an expert sax player in order to impress a girl.

Ep 179: Speak No Evil

Father and son are feuding over First Amendment rights when an outraged Arnold objects to a white supremacy organization speaking at his high school and a discerning Drummond can't support Arnold's fury on the basis of the American right to free speech.

Ep 180: Arnold's Bad Rep

Arnold succumbs to peer pressure and boasts he went "all the way" with his girlfriend, but his lie puts him in a more awkward position once the girl finds out about his claim to fame.

Ep 181: It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

Drummond has "ensured" that Sam will have an unforgettable birthday party by arranging for a local television personality to be the main attraction, until the swash-buckling "Captain Jack" steals the show and the birthday boy jumps ship.

Ep 182: Arnold's Initiation

Arnold's initiation into the "cool" club at school jeopardizes his friendship with the mentally handicapped dishwasher at the Hamburger Hangar.

Ep 183: Bulimia

Arnold suspects that Kimberly has an eating disorder when his slender sister is secretly gorging herself, but not gaining any weight.

Ep 184: Sam's Big Brother

Arnold's preoccupation with girls and school leaves younger brother Sam alone and bored until Willis steps in, takes over as "big bro" and causes a row when Arnold decides to fight back for the title.

Ep 185: Arnold's Tangled Web

To prevent Drummond from seeing his "F" in geometry, Arnold arranges to have Drummond's signature forged on his report card, but the scheme backfires when Drummond insists on a personal inspection of Arnold's grades.

Ep 186: Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown

Sam's contempt for a classmate who incessantly insults and badgers him is pacified when he learns that the boy is an orphan who's jealous of Sam's "perfect" family life.

Ep 187: The Big Bribe

A date with a gorgeous girl has Arnold walking on a cloud, until he learns she was bribed by Willis to go out with him.

Ep 188: The Photo Club

Arnold is disgruntled over being partnered with archenemy Lisa in photography class but his frustration soars when the two are accidentally locked together in the basement darkroom.

Ep 189: The Front Page

Arnold's feature story about his high school football team threatens to turn into a controversial expose for the school newspaper when he witnesses team members buying steroids.