Mr. Lucky

Mondays at 5 AM

An honest professional gambler with extraordinary luck, Mr. Lucky (John Vivyan) and his good friend, Andamo (Ross Martin), operate a casino aboard the luxury yacht Fortuna. Anchored outside a major American port city, the business never fails to bring the pair trouble in the form of shady criminal elements and individuals on the run.



Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
  • Season 1

Ep 1: The Magnificent Bribe

Mr. Lucky and his associate, Andamo, are forced to abandon their casino in Andamo's island country when the corrupt president learns that their yacht, the Fortuna, has been used by a group of revolutionaries to bring in arms.

Ep 2: They Shall Not Pass

Lucky and Andamo, penniless, crash a costume party aboard an enormous yacht, and Lucky turns it into a floating casino, the Fortuna II.

Ep 3: Bugsy

A man that a mob boss is looking for hides out on the Fortuna II. Mr. Lucky and Andamo, initially unaware of this fact, later help the man.

Ep 4: The Money Game

Lucky is on the lookout for counterfeit money when the police inform him that phony bills are being put into circulation from the Fortuna's port.

Ep 5: That Stands for Pool

Lucky is challenged to a high-stakes game of pool by a gambler who brings a pair of thugs with him to ensure that he wins.

Ep 6: My Little Gray Home

An ex-convict who can't handle the outside world seeks Mr. Lucky's help in returning to prison.

Ep 7: The Gordon Caper

A woman devises an elaborate blackmail scheme to obtain money from her rich ex-employer to pay off a gambling debt to Mr. Lucky.

Ep 8: Little Miss Wow

Lucky and Andamo find a missing heiress who has been living in poverty.

Ep 9: A Business Measure

A pair of smugglers board the Fortuna, one to distract Mr. Lucky while the other hides gems.

Ep 10: Hijacked

Thieves seem particularly interested in stealing a check given to Mr. Lucky to pay off a large gambling debt.

Ep 11: Aces Back to Back

A wartime buddy sends Mr. Lucky a hideous painting for a birthday gift. It turns out the artist who created the painting desperately wants it back.

Ep 12: Maggie the Witness

An insurance company owes Maggie money inherited from an uncle. Not long after she gets it, Mr. Lucky puts her into hiding when she witnesses a mob killing.

Ep 13: The Two Million Dollar Window

Mr. Lucky is informed that money he won gambling with a scar-faced man was stolen from a race track.

Ep 14: The Leadville Kid Gang

The police inform Mr. Lucky that they can't go after three elderly men who robbed the Fortuna because the crime occurred outside the three-mile limit.

Ep 15: The Sour Milk Fund

Andamo falls for a lady who boards the Fortuna in an effort to stop gambling there.

Ep 16: The Brain Picker

After Lucky decides to change the Fortuna from a gambling casino to a supper club, a woman, who Lucky rescues when she attempts suicide, asks him for a very large loan.

Ep 17: The Last Laugh

A gangster is pressuring a comedian who works on the Fortuna to quit his job.

Ep 18: The Parolee

Mr. Lucky gets some legal problems when he tries to intervene with the police, who are throwing his salad chef in prison for parole violations.

Ep 19: The Tax Man

A businessman under investigation for tax fraud tries to place a similar rap on Mr. Lucky to keep the IRS investigator busy until he can fix his own books.

Ep 20: The Gladiators

Lucky holds a charity boxing match on board the Fortuna.

Ep 21: Big Squeeze

Bandits set out to frame Mr. Lucky when he turns down their request to use the Fortuna as a getaway vehicle.

Ep 22: Cold Deck

After a ruined poker player attempts suicide, Lucky sets out to find who has been using marked cards at a friend's club.

Ep 23: His Maiden Voyage

A lawyer in a custody battle over his daughter tries to smuggle her out of the country on the Fortuna.

Ep 24: I Bet Your Life

Lucky hires himself a hit man to find out who is trying to kill him.

Ep 25: Hair of the Dog

A known criminal tries to strong-arm Mr. Lucky when he refuses to sell the Fortuna for a ridiculous price.

Ep 26: Vote the Bullet

Lucky runs for city council to try to oust the criminals who run the town.

Ep 27: Hit and Run

Lucky is accused of a hit-and-run murder when he loans his car to a friend.

Ep 28: Taking a Chance

Lucky wins a lottery in which the prize is a date with a popular Hollywood actress, who asks Lucky for help against blackmailers.

Ep 29: Last Journey

During the middle of the night a small boy is smuggled onto the Fortuna from a small fishing vessel.

Ep 30: Operation Fortuna

In an efficiently executed heist, armed juvenile delinquents rob the Fortuna II's customers and knock out the ship-to-shore radio. Mr. Lucky and Andamo suspect an awkward young waiter may be involved.

Ep 31: Stacked Deck

A runaway heiress stows away on board the Fortuna, but a peculiar man is pursuing her.

Ep 32: Odyssey of Hate

Stowaways plan to enter the United States on board the Fortuna and once there spread pro-Nazi literature.

Ep 33: Dangerous Lady

Lucky is approached by a woman who needs a large sum of money very quickly.

Ep 34: Election Bet

After losing a large bet on the outcome of a Latin American election, a man decides to kill Lucky rather than pay off.