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Yaba-daba-DOOOOOOOOO! Meet The Flintstones on MeTV!  The first animated sitcom in a primetime slot, The Flintstones premiered in 1960 and introduced the "modern Stone-Age family" to America over six hit seasons. Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty (Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm came along in the third and fourth seasons, respectively) became pop culture icons — not to mention cereal mascots and vitamins.

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  • 5/26 10:00AMDial "S" For Suspicion
    "Fred becomes suspicious when Wilma insists he take out life insurance."
  • 5/26 10:30AMFlashgun Freddie
    "Fred invests Barney's funds in an instant camera for their new business venture."
  • 5/26 11:00AMThe Kissing Burglar
    "Wilma upsets Fred by claiming he's never given her anything even a burglar would want."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep 1: The Flintstone Flyer

Fred and Barney scheme to go bowling with the boys instead of a promised evening at the opera with their wives.

Ep 2: Hot Lips Hannigan

Fred believes he's made Wilma and Betty disappear with a magician's kit but soon finds that he's mistaken.

Ep 3: The Swimming Pool

Fred and Barney's friendship is tested when they become partners in a backyard swimming pool.

Ep 4: No Help Wanted

Fred helps Barney get a job, but soon wishes he hadn't!

Ep 5: The Split Personality

An accident leaves Fred with a completely changed and unrecognizable personality.

Ep 6: Monster From the Tar Pits

Trouble ensues when Fred, Wilma and Betty get involved with a Hollyrock movie company.

Ep 7: The Baby Sitters

Fred and Barney's evening of babysitting turns into a chaotic nightmare.

Ep 8: At The Races

Fred encounters unforeseen problems when he wins money at the dinosaur racetrack.

Ep 9: The Engagement Ring

A case of mistaken identity over an engagement ring gets Barney in a fight--literally!

Ep 10: Hollyrock, Here I Come

The Flintstones and Rubbles travel to Hollyrock and try to become actors.

Ep 11: The Golf Champion

An argument over membership dues leads to a wild feud between Fred Flintstone and club president Barney Rubble.

Ep 12: The Sweepstakes Ticket

Confusion reigns when the Flintstones and Rubbles each hide their sweepstakes ticket.

Ep 13: The Drive-In

Fred and Barney's plan to become wealthy by becoming restaurant owners goes awry.

Ep 14: The Prowler

Mayhem ensues when Fred, trying to prove a point to Wilma, disguises himself as a masked burglar.

Ep 15: The Girls' Night Out

An evening at the amusement park transforms Fred into a teen singing idol.

Ep 16: Arthur Quarry's Dance Class

To avoid looking foolish at the charity ball, Fred and Barney plan to take dancing lessons without their wives' knowledge.

Ep 17: The Big Bank Robbery

Fred and Barney get involved in a bank robbery when crooks throw their stolen money in Barney's backyard.

Ep 18: The Snorkasaurus Story

A camping trip in the mountains becomes a vacation never to be forgotten.

Ep 19: The Hot Piano

When Fred finally remembers his wedding anniversary, the result is almost disastrous.

Ep 20: The Hypnotist

Barney becomes "man's best friend" when Fred's inept hypnotism goes awry.

Ep 21: Love Letters On The Rocks

The discovery of a love poem addressed to Wilma makes Fred a jealous husband.

Ep 22: The Tycoon

The fun begins when commoner Fred Flintstone discovers that he looks exactly like J. L. Gotrocks, the business tycoon.

Ep 23: The Astro-Nuts

Barney and Fred accidentally join the army.

Ep 24: The Long, Long Weekend

A fun-filled weekend at an old friend's resort turns into a nightmare for the Flintstones and the Rubbles.

Ep 25: In The Dough

Fred and Barney impersonate their wives in a TV baking contest.

Ep 26: The Good Scout

Fred learns that being a Boy Scout troop leader is not all glory.

Ep 27: Rooms For Rent

Fred and Barney's peaceful homes are jeopardized when Betty and Wilma rent rooms to two bongo-playing college students.

Ep 28: Fred Flintstone - Before & After

Fred appears on TV in a weight reduction commercial.

Ep 29: The Hit Song Writers

Fred and Barney encounter unexpected problems when they plan to get rich as songwriters.

Ep 30: Droop-a-Long Flintstone

On a visit to a ranch, "Indians" who are actors in a movie that is filming nearby chase Fred and Barney.

Ep 1: The Missing Bus

After leaving his job at the quarry, Fred becomes the nervous driver of a school bus.

Ep 2: Alfred Brickrock Presents

Fred and Barney suspect the worst when a neighbor's wife disappears.

Ep 3: Fred Flintstone Woos Again

Fred and Wilma go on a second honeymoon.

Ep 4: The Rock Quarry Story

The girls fail to recognize their film idol when Fred invites him to dinner.

Ep 5: The Soft Touchables

Part-time sleuths Fred and Barney are tricked by a charming female thief and inadvertently help her rob a bank.

Ep 6: Flintstone Of Prinstone

Fred attends night classes and is drafted to be a quarterback on the school football team.

Ep 7: The Little White Lie

Fred has to explain poker winnings to Wilma, who thought he was visiting a sick friend.

Ep 8: Social Climbers

Fred and Barney are sent to charm school in preparation for an ambassador's reception.

Ep 9: The Beauty Contest

Beauty contest judges Fred and Barney are pressured to vote for candidates favored by Fred's boss and a racketeer.

Ep 10: The Masquerade Ball

Fred plans to exploit his knowledge of what costume his boss is wearing to a masquerade ball.

Ep 11: The Picnic

To win the annual Field Day events at his lodge outing, Fred discards his regular partner, Barney, in favor of a proven champ.

Ep 12: The House Guest

Trouble arises when Fred invites the Rubbles to spend a week at his home.

Ep 13: The X-Ray Story

Fred is mistakenly treated for a rare dinosaur disease.

Ep 14: The Gambler

Psychiatric treatment seems to have cured Fred's gambling fever until he is tempted into a wager.

Ep 15: A Star Is Almost Born

When Wilma is "discovered" by a famous TV producer, Fred quits his job to manage her career.

Ep 16: The Entertainer

With Wilma away, Fred tries to earn extra money and his boss assigns him to entertain an important buyer.

Ep 17: Wilma's Vanishing Money

Fred finds funds Wilma is hiding and spends the money on himself.

Ep 18: Feudin' and Fussin'

Barney's errant golf shot causes the famed Flintstone temper to flare.

Ep 19: Impractical Joker

After enduring too many of Fred's practical jokes, Barney plots revenge.

Ep 20: Operation Barney

Fred and Barney fake illness to go to a ball game.

Ep 21: The Happy Household

After quarreling over the household budget with Fred, Wilma applies for a job at the Bedrock Radio-Television Corp.

Ep 22: Fred Strikes Out

Fred plans to take Wilma to the movies and bowl with his team simultaneously.

Ep 23: This Is Your Lifesaver

Fred rescues a wily stranger and discovers he is endlessly responsible for the life he saved.

Ep 24: Trouble-In-Law

Fred looks for an "out" when his mother-in-law moves in.

Ep 25: The Mailman Cometh

Fred mails a nasty letter to his boss when he fails to receive notice of an annual raise.

Ep 26: The Rock Vegas Story

Fred, Wilma and the Rubbles travel to a desert gambling resort where Fred expects big winnings.

Ep 27: Divided We Sail

When Barney substitutes for Fred on TV game show and wins a prize, he and Fred squabble over ownership of the gift.

Ep 28: Kleptomaniac Caper

Ignorant of Wilma's donation to a rummage sale, Fred calls the police when he discovers his closet ransacked.

Ep 29: Latin Lover

After Wilma sees Latin lover Roberto Rockelini on TV, she decides to recreate Fred in the dashing actor's image.

Ep 30: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

While umpiring for Bedrock's Little League team, Fred is discovered by a big league scout.

Ep 31: Dino Goes Hollyrock

Fred enters Dino in auditions for a popular TV series.

Ep 32: Fred's New Boss

Fred agrees to talk to his boss about hiring unemployed Barney.

Ep 1: Barney The Invisible

Fred invents a soft drink formula that causes Barney's hiccups to disappear--along with Barney!

Ep 2: The Bowling Ballet

Fred secretly becomes a ballet pupil in order to regain his form for a big bowling match.

Ep 3: The Twitch

Fred boasts to Wilma that he'll find a big star to entertain at her Ladies' Auxiliary benefit.

Ep 4: Here's Snow In Your Eyes

Trouble ensues when lodge delegates Fred and Barney attend a convention at a ski resort.

Ep 5: The Buffalo Convention

Wilma's talking bird is silent until lodge brothers Fred and Barney start planning a secret outing.

Ep 6: The Little Stranger

Fred frantically calls his overbearing mother-in-law when he thinks Wilma is expecting a baby.

Ep 7: Baby Barney

Fred's rich uncle Tex expects to meet his little namesake when he visits Bedrock.

Ep 8: Hawaiian Escapade

Wilma and Betty win a men-only contest offering a trip for two to Rockiki Beach.

Ep 9: Ladies' Day

To be admitted to the ball game for free on Ladies' Day, Fred masquerades as Barney's date.

Ep 10: Nothing But The Tooth

When Barney has a toothache, Fred decides to save money by pulling the tooth himself.

Ep 11: High School Fred

Wilma thinks Fred is about to be promoted when Mr. Slate sends Fred to school for two weeks.

Ep 12: Dial "S" For Suspicion

Fred becomes suspicious when Wilma insists he take out life insurance.

Ep 13: Flashgun Freddie

Fred invests Barney's funds in an instant camera for their new business venture.

Ep 14: Kissing Burglar, The

Wilma upsets Fred by claiming he's never given her anything even a burglar would want.

Ep 15: Wilma, The Maid

Wilma campaigns for household help and ends up with gorgeous Gina Lollobrickida as her maid.

Ep 16: Hero, The

Fred suffers from a guilty conscience when Barney rescues a baby and Fred gets all the credit.

Ep 17: Surprise, The

After Fred and Barney's friendship is threatened by Fred's reaction to the Rubbles' visiting nephew, Wilma announces a surprise!

Ep 18: Mother-In-Law's Visit

Fred promises Wilma that he will try to like her mother.

Ep 19: Foxy Grandma

Wanting to help Wilma, Fred unknowingly hires a bank robber to be their housekeeper.

Ep 20: Fred's New Job

With the baby coming, Fred tries to get a raise from his boss.

Ep 21: Blessed Event/Dress Rehearsal

Nervous father-to-be Fred rehearses a trip to the hospital maternity ward with Barney taking Wilma's place.

Ep 22: Carry On Nurse Fred

Fred's effort to achieve tranquility is tested by the nurse who takes over his home.

Ep 23: Ventriloquist Barney

Barney fools Fred into thinking that the Flintstone's new daughter, Pebbles, can talk.

Ep 24: Big Move, The

Fred leases a luxurious mansion to get Pebbles away from the uncouth Barney.

Ep 25: Swedish Visitors

After Wilma spends all of their vacation money on a fur coat, she schemes to replace the cash when Fred plans a trip.

Ep 26: Birthday Party, The

Fred misses his own surprise party.

Ep 1: Ann-Margrock Presents

Beautiful singer-dancer Ann-Margrock arrives in Bedrock to dedicate the new Bedrock Bowl.

Ep 2: Groom Gloom

Fred dreams that newsboy Arnold has grown up and eloped with a mature Pebbles.

Ep 3: Little Bamm-Bamm

A custody fight ensues when the Rubbles discover a baby boy on their doorstep.

Ep 4: Dino Disappears

When Fred forgets Dino's anniversary, a despondent Dino runs away from home.

Ep 5: Fred's Monkeyshines

Myopic Fred takes a monkey to the circus, believing it to be his daughter, Pebbles.

Ep 6: Flintstone Canaries, The

Hoping to win a contest on TV, Fred organizes a barbershop quartet.

Ep 7: Glue For Two

While trying to develop a new soft drink, Fred accidentally becomes glued to Barney and a bowling ball.

Ep 8: Big League Freddie

Another baseball player wearing Fred's uniform plays so well that scouts sign Fred for a big league team by mistake.

Ep 9: Old Lady Betty

When Betty disguises herself as an old woman to take a job, she discovers that her employers are counterfeiters.

Ep 10: Sleep On, Sweet Fred

While using a "sleep-teaching" method to make their husbands be better spouses, the girls get both families arrested.

Ep 11: Kleptomaniac Pebbles

While shopping with Pebbles, Fred runs into an international jewel thief.

Ep 12: Daddy's Little Beauty

Despite opposition, Fred enters Pebbles in a beauty contest.

Ep 13: Daddies Anonymous

Fred and Barney join a club to avoid weekend chores, while their wives think they are out pushing baby carriages.

Ep 14: Peek-A-Boo Camera

Barney and Fred do an impromptu dance at a party and find that the frolic has been filmed for TV.

Ep 15: Once Upon A Coward

Robbed without defending himself, Fred tries to prove to Wilma that he is not a coward.

Ep 16: Ten Little Flintstones

A flying saucer lands and ten robots, all modeled after Fred, begin their invasion of Earth.

Ep 17: Fred El Terrifico

Jewel thieves hide a million dollars in stolen diamonds on Fred.

Ep 18: Bedrock Hillbillies

Fred inherits a shack from his hillbilly relatives--along with their one-hundred-year-old feud.

Ep 19: Flintstone & The Lion

Fred befriends what he thinks is a kitten, but which soon grows into a troublesome lion.

Ep 20: Cave Scout Jamboree

The Flintstones and Rubbles go camping, but their seclusion is ruined by Boy Scouts.

Ep 21: Room For Two

Fred and Barney's friendship is tested after they build an addition to the Flintstone house.

Ep 22: Ladies' Night At The Lodge

Wilma and Betty disguise themselves as members to gain entrance to their husbands' lodge meeting.

Ep 23: Reel Trouble

Fred antagonizes his friends with home movies of Pebbles, but in the process, he helps jail some thieves.

Ep 24: Son Of Rockzilla

Fred wears a monster costume to advertise a horror movie.

Ep 25: Bachelor Daze

The razing of a famed honeymoon hotel reminds the Flintstones and the Rubbles how the couples met.

Ep 26: Operation Switchover

Fred and Wilma exchange jobs for one day.

Ep 1: Hop Happy

The Rubbles shop for a pet and select a Hopperoo, a Stone Age version of a kangaroo.

Ep 2: Monster Fred

Fred has a bowling accident that alters his personality.

Ep 3: Itty Bitty Fred

Fred may have a new career when his reducing formula works too well.

Ep 4: Pebbles' Birthday Party

Fred gets in trouble with the law when he tries to arrange two parties for the same night.

Ep 5: Bedrock Rodeo Roundup

Fred enters the Bedrock Rodeo to compete with the champion rider.

Ep 6: Cinderellastone

Fred's fairy godmother helps him win a promotion at work.

Ep 7: A Haunted House Is Not A Home

Fred spends the night in a spooky mansion in order to inherit his rich uncle's estate.

Ep 8: Dr. Sinister

Fred and Barney become involved in an international espionage plot.

Ep 9: The Gruesomes

The Flintstones are in for a shock when the weird Gruesome family moves in next door.

Ep 10: Then Most Beautiful Baby In Bedrock

Tempers flare when the Flintstones and Rubbles enter their babies in a contest.

Ep 11: Dino And Juliet

Fred has troubles with a cranky neighbor until their dogs bring them together.

Ep 12: King For A Night

Fred causes trouble when he impersonates the King of Stonesylvania for a night.

Ep 13: The Indianrockolis 500

Fred has a wild ride when he enters a famous car race.

Ep 14: Adobe Dick

Fred and Barney have a whale of a tale to tell after they go fishing with their lodge members.

Ep 15: Christmas Flintstone

Fred takes a seasonal job at a department store and is offered the role of Santa Claus--by the real Santa!

Ep 16: Fred's Flying Lesson

Fred wins a free flying lesson and dreams of becoming an airline pilot.

Ep 17: Fred's Second Car

Fred buys a second car and finds that a gang of jewel thieves wants it.

Ep 18: Time Machine

The Flintstones and the Rubbles find themselves in the future when they enter a time machine at the World's Fair.

Ep 19: The Hatrocks And The Gruesomes

Even an afternoon with the weird Gruesomes fails to get rid of Fred and Wilma's unwanted houseguests.

Ep 20: Moonlight And Maintenance

Fred decides that a house is too much work and takes a second job as a janitor in a posh apartment building so his family can afford to live there.

Ep 21: Sheriff For A Day

Fred and Barney face desperadoes when Fred is made sheriff of a western town.

Ep 22: Deep In The Heart Of Texarock

Rustlers capture Fred and Barney.

Ep 23: The Rolls Rock Caper

Fred and Barney find themselves involved in a murder case with famous Aaron Boulder, the millionaire cop.

Ep 24: Superstone

Fred is asked to replace the TV hero Superstone at a personal appearance.

Ep 25: Fred Meets Hercurock

Movie producer Go-Go Ravine decides to star Fred in his newest epic.

Ep 26: Surfin' Fred

The Flintstones' quiet seaside weekend is interrupted by a raucous surfing contest.

Ep 1: No Biz Like Show Biz

Fred dreams of a recording career for Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm.

Ep 2: House That Fred Built

When Fred mistakenly believes his mother-in-law is about to move in, he buys an old shack to fix up for her instead.

Ep 3: Return Of Stoney Curtis

Fred quits his job and envisions life as a movie star when actor Stoney Curtis tells him he has talent.

Ep 4: Disorder In The Court

When jury foreman Fred announces a verdict of "guilty," the convicted criminal escapes and vows revenge on him.

Ep 5: Circus Business

Fred is tricked into running a carnival, unaware that the performers are about to quit.

Ep 6: Samantha

During a camping trip, a friendly witch helps Wilma and Betty amaze Fred and Barney with their outdoor skills.

Ep 7: The Great Gazoo

When Fred and Barney release a little green alien from his crashed space ship, the creature pledges to serve them.

Ep 8: Rip Van Flintstone

Fred falls asleep and dreams that he has slept for 20 years.

Ep 9: The Gravelberry Pie King

Trouble follows when Fred goes into the pie business.

Ep 10: The Stonefinger Caper

When Fred and Barney admire a car in a spy movie, their alien pal Gazoo brings the vehicle to real life--along with all the other characters in the film!

Ep 11: Masquerade Party

Fred tries to win the lodge costume party for the sixth year in a row but is mistaken for a creature from space.

Ep 12: Shinrock-A-Go-Go

When Fred hops around after his foot is hurt, a TV music show host thinks Fred has created a new dance.

Ep 13: Royal Rubble

Barney is told he is a long lost Prince and must take his place on the throne--alongside his new harem!

Ep 14: Seeing Double

Problems arise when Gazoo creates twins of Fred and Barney.

Ep 15: How To Pick A Fight With Your Wife Without Really Trying

Fred and Barney feel their wives nag them too much and decide to live on their own.

Ep 16: Fred Goes Ape

When Fred gets the wrong pills at the pharmacy, he turns into an ape!

Ep 17: The Long, Long, Long Weekend

A glimpse of the 21st century, courtesy of Gazoo, makes Fred appreciate his own time.

Ep 18: Two Men On A Dinosaur

Fred and Barney get in trouble when Gazoo helps them pick the winners at the dinosaur races.

Ep 19: The Treasure Of The Sierra Madrock

Two con artists trick Fred and Barney into buying a gold mine.

Ep 20: Curtain Call At Bedrock

Barney pretends to be sick so Fred will overcome his stage fright and play the lead in Wilma's production.

Ep 21: Boss For A Day

Gazoo grants Fred's wish that he could be boss at the quarry for just one day.

Ep 22: Fred's Island

Mr. Slate gives Fred's family use of his yacht for a day--with certain conditions.

Ep 23: Jealousy

Jealous Fred follows Wilma and her old school friend, Wilbur, on an evening out.

Ep 24: Dripper

A performing seal causes some slippery problems for Barney.

Ep 25: My Fair Freddy

Fred learns a lesson in just being himself when he decides to join a swank country club.

Ep 26: The Story Of Rocky's Raiders

The Flintstones find an old diary recounting the daring World War I exploits of Grandpa Rocky Flintstone, the "Flying Ace."