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In the follow-up to 'I Love Lucy,' Lucille Ball plays widow Lucy Carmichael, a mother of two children who shares a home with divorced friend Vivian Bagley (Vivian Vance of 'I Love Lucy' fame). Carmichael is always scheming—dragging Vivian along with her—and grappling with comic complications related to life on her own and serving as secretary to the grumpy and demanding Mr. Mooney.



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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Lucy Waits Up for Chris

When Lucy waits up for her daughter, Chris, to return from a date, the 14-year-old girl is mighty embarrassed. Lucy promises never to do it again, but can't help herself. To not be discovered after locking herself out of the house, Lucy tries to enter by the only means available: a trampoline.

Ep 2: Lucy Digs Up a Date

Eager to ask Jerry's handsome math teacher to take her to a dance, Lucy steals the teacher's driver's license to find out whether he's married. She ends up in his fencing outfit in the attempt to get the license back into his wallet unnoticed.

Ep 3: Lucy Is a Referee

Lucy volunteers to referee a football game at Jerry's school. Believe it or not, Lucy actually knows the rules, but can't help but call all the plays in her son's favor. With both teams angry at her, she offers to take all the players to a pro game.

Ep 4: Lucy Misplaces $2,000

When the bank accidentally gives Lucy a check for $2,000 instead of $20, Lucy decides to hide the money in a candy box for a few days to give the persnickety banker a good scare.

Ep 5: Lucy Buys a Sheep

Left with no one to tend the lawn, Lucy buys a sheep named Clementine to take care of the grass. Unfortunately, weather and circumstances make Clementine an unwelcome house guest, and Lucy sneaks her back to the farm. Only then is she offered $200 for Clementine to appear in a blanket ad.

Ep 6: Lucy Becomes an Astronaut

Lucy and Viv successfully spend 24 hours in a simulated space ship as part of a "women in space" experiment. Lucy's ego has swelled from the publicity so Viv decides to deflate it. She convinces the redhead that she's been chosen to be the first woman astronaut and must leave immediately for Cape Canaveral.

Ep 7: Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day

Lucy takes a secretarial temp job so she can afford a bicycle for Jerry. In short order, she's flooded the office in a water cooler mishap. When she's sent on an errand run, she accidentally destroys her suit. Only Lucy would think to borrow a kangaroo costume to finish her route.

Ep 8: Lucy, the Music Lover

Lucy isn't interested in her blind date, a classical violinist, until he hits it off with Viv. In her frantic effort to impress her date with her false love of chamber music, she accidentally slams his hand in the piano lid. Naturally, it happens just bef

Ep 9: Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna

Lucy and Viv try to replace the TV antenna on the roof.

Ep 10: Vivian Sues Lucy

Viv trips over one of Jerry's toys and suffers a minor injury. She's upset to learn Lucy actually thinks she might sue over this little mishap. To teach her a lesson, Viv exaggerates her injury and runs the redhead ragged with demands.

Ep 11: Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room

Lucy and Viv decide they need an extra room where they can entertain visitors.

Ep 12: Lucy and Her Electric Matress

Lucy plans to surprise Viv with a new electric mattress while she's away. Unfortunately, it's vibrating feature malfunctions and practically destroys the bedroom. When Viv returns home early, the two have nowhere to sleep except the boys' bunk beds.

Ep 13: Together for Christmas

The Carmichaels and the Bagleys are spending their first Christmas together. Almost immediately, trouble starts when Lucy and Viv fight over whether to have a traditional green or white flocked tree. Two trees and an escalation of words leads to chopped-off tree limbs and numerous busted ornaments.

Ep 14: Chris's New Year's Eve Party

Lucy promises not to interfere with Chris' New Year's Eve Party. Harry agrees to chaperone as Lucy and Viv take the other kids to a hotel. While at dinner, Viv's boyfriend brings news that Chris' party is a dud and desperately in need of their help. The ladies come to the rescue with entertainment.

Ep 15: Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit

Lucy's sister, Marge, shows up, having just left her new husband, Hughie. Peacemaker Lucy gets the couple back together but believes their problems stem from having not had a wedding, as they had eloped. Leave it to Lucy to plan a big wedding for the next day.

Ep 16: Lucy and Viv Are Volunteer Firemen

Lucy protests too loudly about Danfield needing a fire department; she's named Captain of an all-woman volunteer force. With Viv's help, the group practices to be ready for their first mission. When the alarm finally goes off, they set the firehouse ablaze.

Ep 17: Lucy Becomes a Reporter

Lucy gets a temporary job as a society reporter for a newspaper. In no time at all, she's on the verge of being fired. When she learns an old boyfriend of Viv's is now a well-known financier, Lucy disguises herself as her housemate to get an interview and save her job.

Ep 18: Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower

Tired of Chris hogging the bathroom all the time, Lucy asks her neighbor, Harry, to install an extra shower for her. Not wanting to do the job, he hires a plumber to do it instead. Lucy nags the plumber so much that he quits, leaving Lucy and Vivian to finish the jobs themselves.

Ep 19: Lucy's Barbershop Quartet

When one of the members of Vivian's barbershop quartet drops out, Lucy naturally wants to take her place. Vivian agrees, and now it's up to Lucy to learn how to sing before a big contest in Albany.

Ep 20: Lucy and Viv Become Tycoons

When Viv's boyfriend goes nuts over her carmel popcorn recipe, Lucy sees a money-making opportunity. Suddenly, their kitchen is turned into a candy factory. Too bad their business is being run in a residential zone.

Ep 21: No More Double Dates

Tired of arguing about where to go and what to do, Lucy and Harry decide to spend an Saturday evening alone. They make up a story about having tickets to a Broadway show and go to a restaurant for dinner. Who should walk in? Viv and Eddie, of course.

Ep 22: Lucy and Viv Learn Judo

Alarmed by break-ins in the neighborhood, Lucy and Viv decide to take judo lessons.

Ep 23: Lucy Is a Soda Jerk

Chris needs cash for a majorette uniform so she takes a job at Wilbur's Ice Cream Parlor. On the day of the parade, Wilbur won't let her miss work; Lucy and Viv fill in and a major mess is made.

Ep 24: Lucy Drives a Dump Truck

Lucy joins a drive to gather newspapers to buy new uniforms for the local firefighters.

Ep 25: Lucy Visits the White House

Lucy and Viv accompany their boys' Cub Scout troupe to Washington, D.C. After Lucy calls President Kennedy to tell him about the pack's replica of the White House built from sugar cubes, they're all invited to present it to him in person.

Ep 26: Lucy and Viv Take Up Chemistry

To further their education, Lucy and Viv take a night-school chemistry class. Lucy gets carried away and tries to concoct a youth serum. When their teacher catches wind of this, he decides to teach the redhead a lesson.

Ep 27: Lucy Is a Chaperone

Lucy and Viv chaperone Chris and some of her school friends for a week at Sandy Cove. While at the beach, Lucy decides that the kids think that she and Viv are old fogies so they try, unsuccessfully, to dress and act young.

Ep 28: Lucy and the Little League

Lucy and Viv are such distractions at their kids' Little League games that they get tossed out. Lucy schemes to get herself and Viv back into the ballpark.

Ep 29: Lucy and the Runaway Butterfly

Lucy helps Jerry with his butterfly collection when she accidentally allows one to escape. Later on a date with a lawyer, she thinks she spots the rogue butterfly, resulting in a chaotic dinner and a disrupted court session.

Ep 30: Lucy Buys a Boat

Lucy and Viv purchase a "fixer upper" boat that's not quite seaworthy. When it slips away from its moorings, the two are trapped in the middle of the lake in a boat that's quickly springing leaks.

Ep 1: Lucy Plays Cleopatra

The Danfield Women's Volunteer Fire Fighters put on Shakespeare's play, Antony and Cleopatra. Lucy is cast as Cleopatra with Viv, in male drag, as Marc Antony. The two dueling divas try to upstage each other during the performance, infuriating their pretentious director, Professor Gitterman.

Ep 2: Kiddie Parties, Inc.

The high cost of their kids' birthday parties inspires Lucy and Viv's latest moneymaking scheme: They'll make easy money with their own children's party business.

Ep 3: Lucy and Viv Play Softball

Lucy and Viv play in a post-season charity softball game for the women's volunteer fire department. Lucy is so lousy that the team manager benches her—at least until another player faints and she has to go in.

Ep 4: Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault

Lucy follows Mr. Mooney into the bank vault and then closes the door for privacy, causing them to be locked in until the next morning.

Ep 5: Lucy and the Safe Cracker

Lucy accidentally locks Mr. Mooney in the bank vault and finds a "can opener" turned candy store owner to open the vault. Once he opens the vault, he goes back to his old ways and steals several bags full of money and locks Viv and Lucy in his candy shop.

Ep 6: Lucy Goes Duck Hunting

Enamored with her handsome, wealthy blind date, Lucy agrees to go duck hunting. After frightening all the ducks away, Lucy creates her own duck call, luring swarms of ducks.

Ep 7: Lucy and the Bank Scandal

When Lucy finds a note in Mr. Mooney's office that reads "ten thousand dollars buried in back yard," she and Viv spend the night digging up Mr. Mooney's backyard.

Ep 8: Lucy Decides to Redecorate

Lucy tries to wrangle money out of Mr. Mooney to redecorate, but can only get enough to fund a few do-it-yourself projects. Destruction soon follows.

Ep 9: Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank

When Mr. Mooney and the town finance committee refuse to fund the incompetent Danfield women's volunteer fire department, Lucy sets off a smoke bomb in the bank so the volunteers can rush in and pretend to save the day.

Ep 10: Lucy and the Military Academy

Lucy sneaks into a military academy disguised as a cadet to visit her son, Jerry.

Ep 11: Lucy's College Reunion

While attending her college reunion, Lucy helps Chris revive the old tradition of stealing the statue of the founder. She and Viv end up having to return the sculpture or face the consequences. In the process, they get locked in the bell tower.

Ep 12: The Loophole in the Lease

Viv's son Sherman lets the bathtub overflow, collapsing the plaster on the ceiling below. Mr. Mooney says that according to the lease, Viv must pay for damages or be evicted. Viv discovers that she actually could buy the house and throw Lucy out if she wanted. Mooney and Lucy panic, breaking into her room in the middle of the night to steal her copy of the agreement.

Ep 13: Lucy Conducts the Symphony

Viv's cousin, Harold, a symphony percussionist, has been hired to play for a New York orchestra. In an attempt to relax the high-strung man, Lucy hypnotizes him into a deep sleep. Come showtime, however, they can't wake him up.

Ep 14: Lucy Plays Florence Nightengale

Lucy needs Mr. Mooney to sign a check so she can buy Chris a dress for a dance. With Mooney in the hospital with a broken leg, Lucy slips in but is soon kicked out. Plan B: pretend to be a doctor.

Ep 15: Lucy Goes to Art Class

When both Lucy and Viv enroll in an art class to win the affections of handsome John Brooks III, Vivian tricks Lucy into posing for the class so she can get a date with Brooks.

Ep 16: Chris Goes Steady

Chris decides to go steady with a boy who turns out to be Mr. Mooney's son. Lucy and Mr. Mooney don't like it and team up to show the kids a lesson by teaching them the real responsibilities of a serious relationship. And then the two adults must camp out in a treehouse to make sure the two don't elope.

Ep 17: Lucy Takes Up Golf

Lucy dates golf-lover Gary, even though she doesn't know one club from another. When he asks her to be his partner in a tournament, she take a crash course in the sport. Lucy's bizarre golfing ends up intimidating the pros they're playing against.

Ep 18: Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing

Ethel Merman is moving to Danville. When Lucy spots her at the bank, Mr. Mooney saves her from the star-struck Lucy by passing her off as Agnes Schmidlapp, who simply looks like the Broadway star. While she's looking for a house, she rents a room from Viv and Lucy. This gives the tone-deaf redhead a chance to give "Mrs. Schmidlapp" singing lessons.

Ep 19: Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show

Ethel Merman agrees to perform at a Cub Scout show. Lucy is heartbroken when she and Viv are assigned to the off-stage job of making costumes. Merman feels sorry for the ladies and includes them, and Mr. Mooney, in the show.

Ep 20: Lucy and Viv Open a Restaurant

Lucy talks Viv into buying a small restaurant. Despite several "theme" changes, customers stay away in droves. Mr. Mooney becomes interested in being a partner when he learns a new highway is being built nearby.

Ep 21: Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank

Mr. Mooney hires Lucy to give a new toaster to anyone who opens a savings account. Lucy tries to drum up business by getting her friends to close out their savings accounts and then redeposit the money as new accounts, leading to a rumor that the bank is failing!

Ep 22: Viv Moves Out

Lucy and Viv have a fight and Viv moves out. Mr. Mooney forces Lucy to get a new tenant immediately. In moves singer Roberta Schaefer and her son, who rehearse at all hours of the day and night. By now, Viv wants back in and Lucy wants to lose the chronic songbirds.

Ep 23: Lucy Is Her Own Lawyer

A dog in the neighborhood barks all night and Lucy decides to sue the owner, Mr. Mooney!

Ep 24: Lucy Meets a Millionaire

When Italian millionaire Umberto Fabriani asks Lucy on a date, the klutzy redhead spills spaghetti sauce all over Mr. Fabriani's tuxedo. When Lucy and Mr. Mooney break into the cleaners to retrieve his other tux, Lucy gets an unexpected dye job.

Ep 25: Lucy Goes into Politics

Mr. Mooney is running for city comptroller. How can he lose with Lucy and Viv on his team? For starters, a certain redhead could forget to book any talent for his big campaign rally.

Ep 26: Lucy and the Scout Trip

Lucy and Viv have to replace a man on the Scout trip, and Lucy gets lost in the woods.

Ep 27: Lucy Is a Process Server

When Lucy takes a temp job as a process server for an attorney's office, she must serve Mr. Mooney with a subpoena. As he's leaving on vacation, she chases him to an ocean liner. The ship leaves port before the redhead can disembark, trapping the two together for a month!

Ep 28: Lucy Enters a Baking Contest

When Vivian makes some comments about Lucy's baking ability, Lucy enters a baking contest to prove her otherwise. Lucy then swaps hers and Vivian's entries in the contest, which leads to a food fight!

Ep 1: Lucy and the Good Skate

Wanting to spend more time with her daughter, Lucy and Chris go roller skating. But when Lucy gets home, she can't get the skates off because her feet had swollen, and she has to wear them to a dance that night.

Ep 2: Lucy and the Plumber

Mr. Mooney approves of Lucy hiring a plumber to fix her kitchen, and the one who shows up looks exactly like Jack Benny (and his assistant bears resemblance to Bob Hope).

Ep 3: Lucy and the Winter Sports

Lucy again tries to impress her athletic boyfriend by bragging about her mastery of various winter sports. When he invites her on a ski trip, she takes a crash-course in skiing from Mr. Mooney.

Ep 4: Lucy Gets Amnesia

Lucy again needs money from Mr. Mooney. It should be easy this time: Mooney's fill-in is a former sweetheart of hers. When she can't recall her old pet name for him, she fakes amnesia rather than wreck her chance at easy cash.

Ep 5: Lucy and the Great Bank Robbery

Lucy and Viv rent a spare room to a couple of guys in town for the New York World's Fair. It turns out they're bank robbers who plan to knock off Mr. Mooney's bank.

Ep 6: Lucy, the Camp Cook

Lucy and Viv need to raise funds for the kids' summer camp. When the camp cook quits, the two take over the kitchen, with chaotic results.

Ep 7: Lucy, the Meter Maid

When Lucy's new job as a meter maid goes to her head, she accuses Viv of many violations and takes her to traffic court.

Ep 8: Lucy Makes a Pinch

In her latest career move, Lucy becomes a policewoman. A notorious robber is holding up cars parked on Lovers' Lane and Lucy is chosen to be the cops' decoy.

Ep 9: Lucy Becomes a Father

Lucy goes with Jerry on a father-son camping trip. The other fathers don't like having a woman "dad" around, so they conspire to make things so tough she'll go running home.

Ep 10: Lucy's Contact Lenses

One of Lucy's new contact lenses pops out when she's icing a chocolate cake for a bake sale. She believes Mrs. Mooney bought her cake, so she and Viv sneak into the Mooney's home to switch a new cake for the one with her lens.

Ep 11: Lucy Gets Her Maid

Lucy and Viv are envious of the snooty women of the Danfield Art Society, all of whom have their own maids. Our girls simply must have one, too, if they are to fit in with that group. To afford the hired help, Lucy goes to work as a maid for a society matron who's throwing a dinner party—for the members of the Art Society!

Ep 12: Lucy Gets the Bird

Lucy and Viv "birdsit" Mr. Mooney's talking parakeet, Greenback, until it escapes its cage and flies away. They're left with no choice but to buy another bird and try to pass it off as Greenback.

Ep 13: Lucy, the Coin Collector

When Jerry finds a penny worth 50 cents, Lucy and Viv withdraw 2,000 pennies from the bank, searching through them for one worth $16.50. When Lucy drops the penny down a storm drain, they disguise themselves as workmen to retrieve it.

Ep 14: Lucy and the Missing Stamp

While trying to sell Mr. Mooney a vacuum cleaner, Lucy accidentally vacuums up a stamp Mr. Mooney had just bought for $3,000. When the stamp winds up on an envelope sent through the mail, Lucy breaks into the post office to get it back.

Ep 15: Lucy Meets Danny Kaye

Lucy says she'll take the family to a taping of 'The Danny Kaye Show.' When she can't get her hands on any tickets, she goes to Danny himself and begs for help. Kaye's solution is to make the Carmichaels and Bagleys extras on the show. Has Lucy ever been able to just fade into the background?

Ep 16: Lucy and the Ceramic Cat

When Lucy and Viv break the ceramic cat Mr. Mooney plans to give his wife as a surprise birthday present, Lucy winds up pretending to be a mechanical man in a department store window to steal a replacement.

Ep 17: Lucy Goes to Vegas

Lucy and Viv win a free trip to Vegas, but have no spending money for their stay. The two pose as big-money gamblers to score some free "comps," but eventually they have to prove it at the casino tables.

Ep 18: Lucy and the Monsters

The kids are unfazed by the horror flick they see at the movies, but Lucy and Viv are scared stupid. This leads to a nightmare with the two transformed into wicked witches.

Ep 19: Lucy and the Countess

Mr. Mooney is impressed by Lucy's childhood friend, Rosie Hannigan, now known as the Countess Framboise. Despite her title, she's a widow and flat broke. The two old pals attend a high-society wine tasting and proceed to get plastered.

Ep 20: My Fair Lucy

The Countess wants to open a charm school but needs financing. To impress the wealthy Dunbars, she will take a ratty scrubwoman (Lucy as Liza Lumpwhomper) and turn her into a sparkling debutante. Things turn sour at Liza's coming out party when Lucy's allergy to caviar kicks in.

Ep 21: Lucy and the Countess Lose Weight

Mr. Mooney's made a bad investment in a "fat farm." Lucy and the Countess volunteer to attend to generate some needed publicity. In no time, the brutal regime has the two plotting an escape.

Ep 22: Lucy and the Old Mansion

The Countess doesn't want her foreign visitors to know she's broke. Lucy's solution is to borrow a dilapidated mansion and get Viv to help her do a quick fix-up on the place. As the Countess hosts a party for her guests, the ladies' temporary improvements begin to fall apart.

Ep 23: Lucy and Arthur Godfrey

Lucy and Viv talk Arthur Godfrey into appearing in a musical the Danfield Little Theater is putting on.

Ep 24: Lucy the Beauty Doctor

In another attempt to squeeze cash out of Mooney, Lucy claims it's for medical reasons. Actually, it's for a visit to a beauty shop. She has to concoct an even bigger lie when she's caught there by a hidden camera TV show.

Ep 25: Lucy the Stockholder

When Lucy and Vivian try to get the town's wealthiest doctor to become a depositor in Mr. Mooney's bank, the doctor, mistaking the girls for volunteers for an experiment in hypnosis, regresses them to the age of five.

Ep 26: Lucy and the Disc Jockey

Lucy wins a contest to be disc jockey for a day, and proceeds to wreak typical, Lucy-style havoc in the radio studio.

Ep 1: Lucy at Marineland

Lucy and her son, Jerry, arrive in LA, where, coincidentally, Mr. Mooney has also relocated. Because Jerry's favorite ball player, Jimmy Piersall, is going to be at Marineland, Lucy coerces Mr. Mooney into taking them. Lucy accidentally throws Jerry's autographed baseball into the porpoise pool and she ends up in the water with the porpoises trying to get it.

Ep 2: Lucy and the Golden Greek

Mary Jane hooks Lucy up on a blind date with a short, shy nerd of a guy. During their dinner at a restaurant, however, he transforms into a grabby lothario at the sound of Greek music!

Ep 3: Lucy in the Music World

Lucy takes a temp job at a record label to make some extra cash. Her neighbor, songwriter Mel Tinker, has his tunes rejected by Lucy's boss because they're not rock 'n roll. Mel reworks his tunes to make them more contemporary, and he and the redhead perform them on the TV teen music show Wing Ding.

Ep 4: Lucy and Joan

Lucy's new neighbor, Joan, helps her get handsome Brad Collins to escort her to a fancy ball. What Lucy doesn't realize is that there is a Mrs. Collins.

Ep 5: Lucy, the Stunt Man

To pay for a new leopard-skin jacket, Lucy tells Mr. Mooney that her refrigerator is broken. When he calls her bluff, she actually has to wreck it. Conveniently, Lucy's friend Joan is dating a Hollywood stuntman, who has a wonderful money-making scheme.

Ep 6: Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest

Lucy's old school buddy, The Countess Framboise, also known as Rosie Hannigan, shows up flat broke. The only thing her late husband left her was Oil Well, a pregnant race horse. Lucy schemes a way to get Mr. Mooney to finance the horse's care until it has its foal.

Ep 7: Lucy Helps Danny Thomas

Mr. Mooney instructs Lucy to deliver some documents to Danny Thomas and, through a series of misunderstandings, she ends up performing in his musical act.

Ep 8: Lucy Helps the Countess

Lucy's old pal, Rosie Hannigan, now known as The Countess Framboise, is in the real estate business. Lucy tries to help her sell an apartment to Mr. Mooney. It's "ultra-modern" doors automatically lock, trapping the three without food or water for the weekend.

Ep 9: Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty

Lucy and Mooney visit a construction site, where the redhead falls head-over-heels for construction worker Frank. She asks him over for a date. Unfortunately, when he comes over he's completely exhausted from work. And a nap is out of the question; because of his military training, he'll awaken in attack mode.

Ep 10: Lucy, the Undercover Agent

Lucy and the Countess have just seen a James Bond movie when they spot a couple of suspicious-looking characters in a restaurant. Lucy, Rosie and an unhappy Mr. Mooney follow the would-be evildoers to their warehouse "lair."

Ep 11: Lucy and the Return of the Iron Man

Mr. Mooney runs into Lucy and Mary Jane at the racetrack. He asks them to hold on to his tickets while he chats with a friend. In a photo finish, the wrong horse is reported as the winner, leading Lucy to tear up Mooney's tickets. To pay Mooney his winnings, Lucy again becomes stuntman "Iron Man Carmichael" to drum up some cash.

Ep 12: Lucy Saves Milton Berle

Uncle Miltie goes undercover as a drunken bum to do research for an upcoming dramatic role. When he stumbles into a soup kitchen, who should be volunteering but Lucy. She recognizes him, so he feeds her a story about being Berle's down-and-out brother, Arthur. Lucy takes him home to help him get back on his feet.

Ep 13: Lucy, the Choirmaster

Lucy wants to get her son, Jerry, to California for Christmas as frugally as possible, so she arranges for his military academy class to perform carols at the bank. Feeling the holiday spirit, Mr. Mooney joins the choir to sing bass.

Ep 14: Lucy Discovers Wayne Newton

Lucy is blown away when she hears farm-boy Wayne Newton sing. She gets Mr. Mooney to set up an audition with a record company, but there's a catch: he can only sing when he's with his cow.

Ep 15: Lucy, the Rain Goddess

Lucy is sent by the bank to contact Mr. Mooney, who's vacationing at a dude ranch. She becomes lost and stumbles into an indian reservation. They believe she's the rain goddess, sent to relieve the drought. She'd better produce some precipitation, and fast!

Ep 16: Lucy and Art Linkletter

As a contestant on Linkletter's television show, Lucy is offered $200 if she can keep from talking for 24 hours. Art sends her home with an audience member, Helen, to keep her honest. Helen's a plant from the show, as is the "convict" who bursts into Lucy's house searching for the "one-armed man."

Ep 17: Lucy Bags a Bargain

Lucy makes a down payment on a dinette set, infuriating a society matron who also wants to buy it. Making the payments is another story, so Lucy takes a job at the same store to make some cash.

Ep 18: Lucy Meets Mickey Rooney

Mickey gets a loan from the bank to start an acting school. To his dismay, he also gets Mr. Mooney and Lucy as his first students. Lucy performs a Charlie Chaplin impression opposite Mickey's Jackie Coogan in a scene from 'The Kid.'

Ep 19: Lucy and the Soap Opera

Lucy's new neighbor, Roger, is an actor on one of her favorite soap operas. When she learns his character is about to be killed off, she badgers the show's writer and eventually barges into the taping of the character's final episode.

Ep 20: Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere

Lucy takes over a neighbor's "maps to the stars' homes" business. This leads to her acting as an usher at a big Hollywood movie premiere, in a uniform that's way too small. Look for cameos from Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Durante, Edward G. Robinson, Vince Edwards and "Mayor of Hollywood" Johnny Grant.

Ep 21: Lucy Dates Dean Martin

Lucy is set up on a date with Dean Martin's stunt double. When the double can't make it, Dean himself substitutes on the date. During the date Lucy keeps telling him how bad it is that Dean Martin is stealing all of his glory.

Ep 22: Lucy and Bob Crane

TV star Bob Crane asks Lucy out to dinner on a date. He's about to learn about her masculine side when "Iron Man Carmichael" is hired to perform a parachute stunt at his studio.

Ep 23: Lucy, the Robot

Lucy's inventor friend has built a robot and needs funding for his project. Mr. Mooney needs a babysitter for his intolerable nephew. Wouldn't it be ideal if the robot could babysit the brat? Unfortunately, Lucy has to don a robot suit to accomplish the task.

Ep 24: Lucy and Clint Walker

Lucy's decides to knit her boyfriend a sweater for his birthday, having taken his measurements on the sly. She delivers it in person—to the top floor of the building he's constructing.

Ep 25: Lucy, the Gun Moll

Federal agent Stack discovers that Lucy is a dead ringer for gangster Gordon's moll and gets her to go undercover in order to recover missing bank robbery loot. This episode was a spoof of the classic TV crime drama 'The Untouchables.'

Ep 26: Lucy, the Superwoman

When a heavy computer lands on Mooney's foot, Lucy summons up the strength to lift it off. A hyperactive adrenal gland is to credit for her superhuman powers.

Ep 1: Lucy and George Burns

George Burns arrives at the bank to pick up his statement. Enter Lucy, who explains her unique filing system. George is so taken with the ditzy redhead that he asks her to be his new comedy partner. The two go on to do a hit show and are offered a gig in Las Vegas.

Ep 2: Lucy and the Submarine

Mr. Mooney is called up for two-weeks of Naval Reserve duty on a submarine. In his rush to leave the bank, he forgets to sign some important papers. Lucy, disguised as a sailor, sneaks onto the vessel to get his signature, but becomes trapped on board when the ship submerges.

Ep 3: Lucy, the Bean Queen

Lucy finds a sale on beans that says, "The Best Beans You've Ever Eaten or Double Your Money Back." Needing money for new furniture, Lucy and Mary Jane keep buying and returning more and more beans until they have collected $1,500!

Ep 4: Lucy and Paul Winchell

Ventriloquist Paul Winchell comes into the bank and opens an account with Lucy. When Mr. Mooney fails to find a celebrity for an upcoming benefit for the bank, Lucy suggests that Mr. Winchell appear. But a mishap causes Lucy to have to stand in as the ventriloquist's dummy on the night of the show.

Ep 5: Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding-Ding

Mr. Mooney foolishly allows Lucy to try on a $6,000 anniversary ring he bought for his wife. When it becomes stuck on her finger, Lucy takes some tranquilizers to help her relax. The pills make her loopy, leaving Mooney to drag around the semi-conscious redhead while looking for a way to remove the ring.

Ep 6: Lucy Goes to London

Lucy writes a jingle for a dog food company and wins a trip to London, England. But when she misses her flight, she's forced to take a commuting flight to New York—in a seat next to Mr. Mooney, who's on his way to the Big Apple for a business meeting.

Ep 7: Lucy Gets a Roommate

To help with expenses, Lucy brings in a new roommate. A shy, frumpy librarian with odd personality quirks who soon gets on Lucy's nerves. Mary Jane and Lucy plot to get her a social life (and out of the house) by throwing a party to introduce her to some men. After just a couple of drinks, Carol goes from mild mannered to a wild party animal.

Ep 8: Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs

Lucy tells Mr. Mooney she's sick so she can accompany her roommate to a golf tournament in Palm Springs. Lucy weasels her way into a dinner date with distinguished actor Collin Grant. She soon discovers that Collin's golfing partner is none other than Mr. Mooney.

Ep 9: Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft

When a letter arrives from the U.S. Government, Lucy finds that she's mistakenly been drafted. Instead of "Lucy," the letter is addressed to "Lou C." She sets off to the draft office to correct the mistake, but due to stupid "rules and regulations," Lucy finds that she has to become a Marine until the paperwork gets straightened out.

Ep 10: Lucy and John Wayne

When Mr. Mooney sends Lucy to the movie studio to deliver papers regarding the financing of John Wayne's new film, she ignores his warning not to bother Mr. Wayne and soon becomes a menace on the film set.

Ep 11: Lucy and Pat Collins

With Mr. Mooney suffering from insomnia, Lucy takes him to see Pat Collins, the "hip hypnotist," at a local club. She gets Mooney and Lucy onstage and has the two portray Laurel and Hardy. She also plants a post-hypnotic suggestion in Mr. Mooney that will give him a little sleep. Naturally, Lucy will inadvertently trigger Mooney's sleep cue at the most inopportune moments.

Ep 12: Lucy and the Monkey/AKA: Mooney the Monkey

Ep 13: Lucy and Phil Silvers

Ep 14: Lucy's Substitute Secretary

Lucy is preparing to go on vacation, but she has a change of heart when her substitute secretary turns out to be an attractive blonde whom Mr. Mooney really likes. Lucy secretly doesn't go on vacation, and spies on them in various disguises.

Ep 15: Viv Visits Lucy

Recently married Vivian leaves Danfield to visit Lucy. When Viv tells Lucy about a friend's son, who's now sporting long hair, a guitar and a clock earring, the duo decide to dress up as hippies and set off to Sunset Strip to find "Itchy" and rescue him from the underworld.

Ep 16: Lucy, the Baby Sitter

Wanting a break from the bank and to make some extra money, Lucy visits an employment agency and lands a job as a babysitter. Little does she know that the babies are actually chimps!

Ep 17: Main Street U.S.A.

In this first of a two-parter, Lucy joins locals in protesting the destruction of the tiny town of Bancroft, slated to be ruined by a freeway. Little does Lucy realize that Mr. Mooney is bankrolling the project.

Ep 18: Lucy Puts Main Street on the Map

Picking up where the previous episode ('Main Street U.S.A.') left off, Lucy, Mr. Mooney and Mel Tinker stage a shootout at the bank for press coverage. Their hope is to bring the freeway problem to the attention of the world.

Ep 19: Lucy Meets the Law

Lucy is mistaken for a shoplifter called "The Red Flash" and taken to jail, but she thinks she's in jail because she littered a candy wrapper.

Ep 20: Lucy, the Fight Manager

Lucy encourages a washed-up boxer to come out of retirement for one match to earn enough money to open a flower shop.

Ep 21: Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford

Mr. Cheever warns Mr. Mooney that his job is in jeopardy unless he attracts new business. So Lucy enlists the help of country recording star Homer Higgins (Ernie Ford), who she coaxes into setting up an account at the bank and playing an after-hours hoe-down—with her impersonating the unsuspecting Mr. Mooney!

Ep 22: Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard

When Sheldon Leonard convinces Mr. Mooney to let him shoot a television pilot at the bank, Lucy mistakingly thinks he is a gangster, so she and Mary Jane sneak into the bank at night, disguised as scrubwomen, to stop the robbery they believe is about to take place.

Ep 1: Lucy Meets the Berles

Lucy moonlights again—this time as Milton Berle's secretary. After overhearing Berle rehearse a torrid love scene with Ruta Lee, Lucy decides to teach the cad a lesson.

Ep 2: Lucy Gets Trapped

Lucy feigns sickness to go shopping at a one-day-only sale with Mary Jane. But when she becomes the customer of the year and has her photo printed in the paper, Lucy has a hard time hiding her truancy from Mr. Mooney.

Ep 3: Lucy and the French Movie Star

When a handsome French film star expresses interest in Mooney's bank, Lucy is sent to the actor's apartment to dictate a letter. While visiting, the redhead gets too much of a kick from champagne and makes a fool of herself. Luckily, the French heartthrob gets a kick out of it all.

Ep 4: Lucy, the Starmaker

Mr. Cheever's wisecracking nephew, Tommy (Frankie Avalon), comes to work at the bank. Mr. Cheever hopes this will discourage him from the position he really wants—a job in show business. Despite the fact that he's to get no special treatment, Mooney repeatedly sucks up to him.

Ep 5: Lucy Gets Her Diploma

Lucy is in trouble when a new bank policy requires all of its employees be high school graduates. So now it's back to school for Lucy, who ends up helping another man earn his diploma as well.

Ep 6: Lucy and Jack Benny's Account

Needing new accounts for the bank, Lucy visits Jack Benny. He agrees to open an account it if she can prove that her bank can build a vault safer than his.

Ep 7: Little Old Lucy

Elderly Mr. Heatherton, the bank president, is in town for a visit. The bank is throwing a party in his honor, but Mr. Mooney forgets to line up an escort for the old guy. He presses Lucy into being his dinner date, masquerading as little old lady Amelia Van Dyne. Lucy soon discovers that Mr. Heatherton is a wolf in senior citizen's clothing.

Ep 8: Lucy and Robert Goulet

When poor trucker Chuck Willis is turned down for a loan, Lucy enters him in a Robert Goulet look-alike contest. He loses the contest, but then again, so does the real Robert Goulet.

Ep 9: Lucy Gets Mooney Fired

When the bank comes up .48 cents short, Lucy simply takes the change from her own pocket to cover the difference. Eventually the shortfall comes to light and Mr. Cheever fires Mooney because he thinks he's behind the cover-up. To get Mooney re-hired, Lucy convinces Cheever that he's going to go insane until Mooney is brought back.

Ep 10: Lucy's Mystery Guest

Lucy's going to have a visitor, but since she accidentally tore up the letter, she doesn't know who it is. To her dismay, it's health-nut Aunt Agatha, whose rigid exercise program and nasty, healthy cooking soon has Lucy plotting to get rid of her.

Ep 11: Lucy, the Philanthropist

Lucy helps out a hobo by inviting him in for a hot meal. When she learns he's looking for a job, she brings him to the bank. Mooney, meanwhile, has heard there's a millionaire masquerading as a panhandler.

Ep 12: Lucy Sues Mooney

Lucy injures her leg while working at Mr. Mooney's house, so she hires Mary Jane's lawyer cousin to get a little money for her pain and suffering. When shady Willy Wiley sees big bucks to be made, he sues Mooney and the bank for everything they're worth.

Ep 13: Lucy and the Pool Hustler

Lucy visits a local pool hall and enters the billiards tournament. Her main competition is Laura Winthrop. Cigar-smoking Laura, however, looks suspiciously like a a pool hustling man by the name of Ace.

Ep 14: Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 1

In the first of a two-parter, Lucy becomes a trainee flight attendant for Trans-Global Airways. She's teamed with fellow trainee Carol Tilford, who's afraid of heights. On their very first flight, the movie breaks, leaving the two to entertain the passengers.

Ep 15: Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 2

In this second of a two-parter, flight attendants Lucy and Carol get their wings. Plus, the two red-heads team up with Mr. Mooney to stage a musical with Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen from the silent film Wings.

Ep 16: Lucy and Viv Reminisce

Lucy's old pal, Viv Bunson, comes out west to care for Lucy after she breaks her leg. They spend time looking back at when they lived together, until Viv breaks her leg while on her way to fix lunch, forcing Mr. Mooney to look after both of them.

Ep 17: Lucy Gets Involved

Lucy borrows Mr. Mooney's TV set and promptly breaks it. To make enough cash to replace it, she moonlights as a carhop at a drive-in. While there, she takes up the cause of a young motorcyclist who's accused of stealing and stripping cars.

Ep 18: Mooney's Other Wife

Mr. Mooney flirts innocently with a waitress when attending an out-of-town bank convention. But then the sexy server comes to L.A. insisting that Mooney has proposed to her. To scare her off, Lucy pretends to be Mrs. Mooney and shows the home-wrecker how horrible it is to be married to a such a monster.

Ep 19: Lucy and the Stolen Stole

When Lucy takes Mr. Mooney to buy a fur for his wife, they're made an incredible offer on a stole by a shady character. The stole turns out to be "hot," getting the two of them arrested for possession of stolen goods.

Ep 20: Lucy and Phil Harris

Lucy brings a talented, though drunken, cocktail lounge singer to her home to dry out and finish writing a song she's convinced is a hit. Sobriety is tough, especially when it's accompanied by Lucy's off-key warbling.

Ep 21: Lucy Helps Ken Barry

When Ken Barry is turned down by Mr. Mooney for a loan to open his dance studio, Lucy decides all he needs is a little publicity. She arranges for a bunch of truck drivers to sign up for lessons and wrangles some TV coverage.

Ep 22: Lucy and the Lost Star

Lucy and Viv's car breaks down, so they visit the nearest house for help, which happens to belong to Joan Crawford. All of Crawford's furniture is away being redone, which leads the women to suspect she is broke. They then ask Mr. Mooney to help get her back to work.

Ep 23: Lucy and Sid Caesar

Sid Caesar enlists Lucy's help in capturing Frankie the Forger, a look-alike who's passing off bad checks in his name. Lucy becomes confused with too many Caesars running around and repeatedly captures the real Sid.

Ep 24: Lucy and "The Boss of the Year" Award

When Mr. Mooney has a chance at becoming president of the San Francisco branch of the bank, Lucy tries to get him named "Boss of the Year" to help him land the job.