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In this spinoff of 'Diff'rent Strokes,' the Drummonds' former housekeeper, Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae), starts a new life as a housemother at Eastland School, a private all-girls boarding school. Included in her care are Blair (Lisa Whelchel), "Tootie" (Kim Fields), Natalie (Mindy Cohn) and Jo (Nancy McKeon). With the guidance of Mrs. Garrett, the girls take on tough coming-of-age issues throughout the series' nine-season run.

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  • 12/9 4:30AMA Friend In Deed
    "Blair's mother visits with devastating news."
  • 12/9 5:00AMFront Page
    "Burned by her journalism teacher's criticism, Jo turns out a front-page story linking him to a drug bust."
  • 12/10 4:30AMGive and Take
    "When Mrs. Garrett's pension goes away, she is faced with the decision of leaving Eastland."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Rough Housing

The 'Diff'rent Strokes' gang stops by to see their old housekeeper, Mrs. Garrett. Meanwhile, Blair makes some snide comments about Cindy's femininity as the Harvest Queen competition begins.

Ep 2: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Blair finds herself in a tough spot when her flirtatious mother visits and becomes "friendly" with a married man.

Ep 3: The Return of Mr. Garrett

Mrs. Garrett gets a surprise visit from her ex-husband, who wants to get remarried. But have his gambling ways changed?

Ep 4: I.Q.

When the girls' I.Q. scores are discovered, Nancy and Sue Ann feel the pressure to do well on midterm exams.

Ep 5: Overachieving

Tootie's father comes for a visit and upon seeing Mrs. Garrett, decides to have his daughter transferred out.

Ep 6: Emily Dickenson

Blair plagiarizes a poem and fears the worst when Mr. Bradley enters it into a contest.

Ep 7: Dieting

Sue Ann goes on a crash diet when she's set up on a blind date. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett tries to fit in a size 12 dress.

Ep 8: The Facts of Love (aka Sex Education)

Mrs. Garrett and Mr. Bradley clash over sex education. Meanwhile, Blair decides to experiment with her new boyfriend.

Ep 9: Flash Flood

When a flash flood hits, Blair and Tootie race to the stables to save the animals, putting their own lives at risk.

Ep 10: Adoption

Blair attempts to help Natalie by finding her birth mother.

Ep 11: Running

The headmaster pits two of the girls against each other in a track competition, which only causes conflicts.

Ep 12: Molly's Holiday

Molly plots to reunite her parents, but complications arise when her dad arrives with a new girlfriend.

Ep 13: Dope

Blair and Sue Ann befriend two new girls, not knowing they use drugs.

Ep 14: The New Girl: Part 1

A new student gets Blair, Natalie and Tootie in trouble when she takes them to a bar.

Ep 15: The New Girl: Part 2

Mrs. Garrett gives the girls an ultimatum in order to stay in school.

Ep 16: Double Standard

Blair is shocked when her boyfriend invites Jo to a cotillion at a country club.

Ep 17: Who Am I?

Tootie falls for a black boy who tries to drive a wedge between her and her white friends.

Ep 18: Cousin Geri

Blair's cousin, Geri, a comedian who has cerebral palsy, comes to visit.

Ep 19: Shoplifting

Mrs. Garrett's birthday is coming up, and when Jo can't afford a present for her, she decides to steal one.

Ep 20: Teenage Marriage: Part 1

Jo's boyfriend Eddie goes AWOL from his Naval base in Chicago to propose marriage.

Ep 21: Teenage Marriage: Part 2

Mrs. Garrett tries to stop Jo and Eddie from driving to West Virginia to get married.

Ep 22: Gossip

Tootie's gossiping causes a rift between the girls and Mrs. Garrett.

Ep 23: Breaking Point

Blair is running for class president, but things get out of hand when one of the candidates commits suicide.

Ep 24: Sex Symbol

A boy spreads rumors about Natalie to help his reputation.

Ep 25: The Secret

Jo is up for the Best New Student of the Year award, but her joy is dampened by her dad's secret.

Ep 27: Pretty Babies

Tootie is lured into doing a photo shoot for a shady photographer.

Ep 26: Bought and Sold

Blair is selling Countess Calvert cosmetics, and she uses Natalie as a model.

Ep 28: Free Spirit

Mrs. Garrett's son, Alex, visits and everyone is charmed, except for Blair.

Ep 29: Brian and Sylvia

Tootie's friendly family visit is hijacked when her aunt debates taking a new job in New York.

Ep 30: Growing Pains

Blair brings home a bottle of a fine European wine, and Tootie drinks it to show how "adult" she is.

Ep 31: Fear Strikes Back

Natalie withdraws from her life after an attempted sexual assault.

Ep 32: A Baby in the House

Blair's friend Allison disappears after visiting, leaving her baby in the girls' care.

Ep 33: A Friend In Deed

Blair's mother visits with devastating news.

Ep 34: Front Page

Burned by her journalism teacher's criticism, Jo turns out a front-page story linking him to a drug bust.

Ep 35: Give and Take

When Mrs. Garrett's pension goes away, she is faced with the decision of leaving Eastland.

Ep 36: Sweet Sorrow

Jo is torn between her old boyfriend and her "husband" in a marriage study group.

Ep 37: From Russia With Love

Natalie's weekend romance with her boyfriend is cut short when her grandma drops in.

Ep 38: Dear Me

Tootie fakes a love letter to impress the older girls.

Ep 39: Cousin Geri Returns

Blair suspects the French teacher of ulterior motives when he asks out her cousin.

Ep 40: Legacy

Blair learns that her late grandfather, whom she idealized, was a supporter and benefactor of the Ku Klux Klan.

Ep 41: Green-Eyed Monster

When Tootie beats Natalie for the lead role in the school play, a rift grows between the two of them.

Ep 42: The Americanization of Miko

A Japanese student's father objects to her daughter's adoption of Western cultural values.

Ep 43: The Marriage Brokers

Blair goes on a double date with Mrs. Garrett and her longtime friend Ernest Melbourne, worrying that the two of them might get married.

Ep 44: Starstruck

Tootie tries to go to a Jermaine Jackson concert on her own when the others back out at the last moment.

Ep 45: The Four Musketeers

Constant squabbling causes the girls to reevaluate their friendship.

Ep 46: The Affair

Natalie discovers her father may be having an affair.

Ep 47: Runaway

Against her parents' direction, Tootie runs away to New York to meet up with the girls.

Ep 48: New York, New York

Blair and Jo go to visit old friends in New York, where they find that things have changed considerably.

Ep 49: Kids Can Be Cruel

The girls discover the boys' "slam book" full of negative comments about them.

Ep 50: Mind Your Own Business

Natalie institutes nine rules of privacy after she learns that Blair looked in her diary.

Ep 51: The Academy

The girls go to a school dance with boys from nearby Stone Military Academy.

Ep 52: Jo's Cousin

Jo's tomboy cousin asks for help when she falls in love.

Ep 53: Read No Evil

When the school library institutes a censorship policy, Natalie is bounced from the school paper for speaking out against it.

Ep 54: The Facts of Life Goes to Paris: Part 1

Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

Ep 55: The Facts of Life Goes to Paris: Part 2

Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

Ep 56: The Facts of Life Goes to Paris: Part 3

Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

Ep 57: The Facts of Life Goes to Paris: Part 4

Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

Ep 58: Ain't Miss Beholden

Jo finds a solution in order to pay for Eastland's tuition but it involves Blair's family.

Ep 59: The Source

Natalie fabricates a story about an unnamed Eastland student who had an abortion.

Ep 60: The Sound of Silence

Tootie refuses to believe she is suffering from hearing loss until she is in an accident.

Ep 61: The Oldest Living Graduate

Eastland's oldest living graduate returns to the school.

Ep 62: Different Drummer

Blair befriends a mentally handicapped artist.

Ep 63: Dearest Mommie

Natalie finally uncovers the name of her biological mother.

Ep 64: A Women's Place

Jo's promotion causes a rift with her boyfriend.

Ep 65: Daddy's Girl

Blair discovers her father may be using her to dodge taxes.

Ep 66: The Big Fight (aka The Academy II)

Natalie covers a boxing match at Bates Academy, the nearby boys' school, for the school paper.

Ep 67: For the Asking

Natalie refuses to go to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance.

Ep 68: September Song

Mrs. Garrett receives a marriage proposal from her elderly boyfriend.

Ep 69: A Royal Pain

An obnoxious young heiress enrolls at Eastland.

Ep 70: Magnificent Obsession

Jo is concerned by Blair's infatuation with a boy who treats her poorly.

Ep 71: Under Pressure

When Mrs. Garrett learns she has high blood pressure, the girls try to protect her from stress.

Ep 72: Teacher's Pet

Jo learns that her favorite teacher is terminally ill.

Ep 73: Let's Party

Tootie defends her brother, Marshall, after he drives the girls home from a party after drinking.

Ep 74: Best Sister: Part 1

Blair's sister, Meg, a nun, inspires Jo.

Ep 75: Best Sister: Part 2

Blair belittles Jo for wanting to become a nun.

Ep 76: Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Mrs. Garrett's cooking instructor from Paris visits Eastland. Meanwhile, the girls try to deal with a squirrel who got into their bedroom.

Ep 77: Who's on First?

Tootie gets jealous when Natalie spends all her time with a boy.

Ep 78: Help From Home

Jo debates going to college, not wanting her already-strained parents to foot the bill.

Ep 79: Take My Finals, Please

The girls study for final exams together for the very last time.

Ep 80: Graduation: Part 1

Graduation has everyone rushing around, and Natalie and Tootie are worried that there isn't enough time to say goodbye to Jo and Blair.

Ep 81: Graduation: Part 2

Graduation has everyone rushing around, and Natalie and Tootie are worried that there isn't enough time to say goodbye to Jo and Blair.

Ep 82: Brave New World: Part 1

As Blair and Jo enter Langley college, Mrs. Garrett makes a hard choice.

Ep 83: Brave New World: Part 2

Ms. Garret decides to re-open an abandoned store and turn it into her own.

Ep 84: Gamma Gamma or Bust

Blair is nominated for a placement in the Gamma Gamma sorority at Langley.

Ep 85: Just My Bill

When Jo discovers her boyfriend's family is rich, she debates whether to call it off.

Ep 86: What Price Glory

Tootie discovers that her boyfriend Jeff, a school athlete, cannot read.

Ep 87: The Halloween Show

The girls fear the worst when a mysterious man warns of a curse on Mrs. Garrett's store.

Ep 88: Advance Placement

Natalie gets so caught up with life at Langley that she neglects school and work.

Ep 89: I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Blair and Jo take Mrs. Garrett to a male strip club for her birthday, where Blair discovers a shocking surprise.

Ep 90: Small But Dangerous

When Edna's Edible is vandalized, Kelly blames a local gang, but Jo has suspicions of her own.

Ep 91: Store Games

A local competitor sets out to sink Edna's Edibles, but not if Kelly can help it.

Ep 92: The Second Time Around

Jo thinks her father's intentions to remarry means that her parents are reconciling.

Ep 93: The Christmas Show

The girls prepare to go their separate ways for Christmas vacation.

Ep 94: The Chain Letter

A chain letter gets all four girls fired from Edna's Edibles.

Ep 95: Next Door

Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend a little boy whose single mother doesn't have time to take care of him.

Ep 96: Crossing the Line

Tootie and Natalie's friendship is strained when her cousin asks her out on a date.

Ep 97: All or Nothing

Jo finds that getting elected to Langley College Board of Regents isn't as expected.

Ep 98: A Death in the Family

When tragedy hits, the girls try their best to make up for it.

Ep 99: Big Fish/Little Fish

Blair tries to get popular again. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett and Tootie console Natalie.

Ep 100: Star at Langley

Blair wants an open relationship with her boyfriend, until he starts seeing a Hollywood star.

Ep 101: Dream Marriage

A happy surprise triggers Blair's dreams of what her life might be like in the year 2000.

Ep 102: Mother and Daughter

Tootie struggles opening up to her mother when she visits.

Ep 103: All by Herself

Blair's cousin Geri asks for her help with a charity function for disabled children.

Ep 104: Seems Like Old Times

Jo's old flame returns to get back together, but Tootie discovers he has a secret.

Ep 105: Joint Custody

If Mrs. Garrett doesn't save her son's troubled marriage, Edna's Edibles might be sold off in the divorce.

Ep 106: The Way We Were: Part 1

As the girls prepare for their summer vacations, they look back on the past.

Ep 107: The Way We Were: Part 2

As the girls prepare for their summer vacations, they look back on the past.

Ep 108: The Summer of '84

Mrs. Garrett and the girls return home to tell each other about their respective summer vacations.

Ep 109: Slices of Life

Jo's new pizza business takes off suddenly and runs the girls ragged.

Ep 110: Love at First Byte

Natalie secretly signs Blair and Jo up in a computer dating service, hoping to get information she can use in a term paper.

Ep 111: My Boyfriend's Back

When Tootie's boyfriend returns, she finds their relationship has changed.

Ep 112: Cruisin'

The girls go cruising for Mr. Right and end up in a night gone wrong.

Ep 113: Taking a Chance on Love: Part 1

Rumors fly that Jo is seeing a professor.

Ep 114: Taking a Chance on Love: Part 2

Jo debates whether to continue her relationship with Sam, thinking of his young son.

Ep 115: E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)

Mrs. Garrett enrolls in a Shakespeare class, but worries that she might neglect her business and have trouble fitting in with the college crowd.

Ep 116: Dear Apple

After another confrontation with Blair, Jo uses a computer to work out the issues.

Ep 117: Talk, Talk, Talk

The girls fill in as disk jockeys at the Langley College radio station.

Ep 118: Smile

A job interview changes Natalie's behavior.

Ep 119: The Rich Aren't Different

Blair takes Jo to small claims court over a broken wristwatch.

Ep 120: Christmas in the Bighouse

Blair plans a charity event at what she believes to be an orphanage.

Ep 121: Me and Eleanor

Tootie portrays Eleanor Roosevelt in a play.

Ep 122: Working it Out

Mrs. Garrett worries about Blair's constant dating.

Ep 123: Jazzbeau

When an acquaintance dies, Natalie and Tootie remember their time with him.

Ep 124: Two Guys from Appleton

Mrs. Garrett's old flame returns, and the girls worry they're taking it too fast.

Ep 125: With a Little Help from My Friends

Blair is devastated when she learns that her boyfriend is into cocaine.

Ep 126: Gone With the Wind: Part 1

The girls spend spring break in Florida when a hurricane hits.

Ep 127: Gone With the Wind: Part 2

Spring break takes a turn when Blair falls in love unexpectedly.

Ep 128: A Man in the Attic

Kevin moves into the attic and quickly becomes a nuisance to the girls.

Ep 129: The Last Drive-In

The girls try to save a drive-in movie theater but find little interest from anyone else.

Ep 130: Sisters

Blair's mother and Jo's father go out on a date.

Ep 131: It's Lonely at the Top

Blair is put in charge of the shop while Mrs. Garrett is away, but the girls dislike a business decision she makes.

Ep 132: Bus Stop

The girls are shocked to discover Natalie's future plans.

Ep 133: The Interview Show

Mrs. Garrett and the girls are interviewed for a documentary about Eastland Academy.

Ep 134: Out of the Fire...

Mrs. Garrett and the girls return home from summer vacation to find that their home and business have been destroyed by a fire.

Ep 135: Into the Frying Pan

Mrs. Garrett and the girls decide to rebuild their store with a fresh, new design.

Ep 136: Grand Opening

Mrs. Garrett and the girls open a novelty shop.

Ep 137: Teacher, Teacher

A job offer has Jo reconsidering her dreams of becoming a teacher.

Ep 138: Men for All Seasons

A pin-up calendar lands the girls in hot water with Langley officials.

Ep 139: A New Life

Needing advice on her love life, Blair asks her mother to visit, only to learn that mom needs advice even more than Blair does.

Ep 140: Doo-Wah

The girls go to an audition to perform as backup singers for El DeBarge.

Ep 141: Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green

Natalie finds inspiration for a story at a truck stop diner.

Ep 142: Born Too Late

Tootie helps Andy prepare for an audition for West Side Story.

Ep 143: 3,2,1

Jo handcuffs herself to Blair, who has to anchor the Langley TV station's newscast.

Ep 144: We Get Letters

A visit from an old friend takes a turn when she accuses Mrs. Garrett of adultery.

Ep 145: Ballroom Dance

Jo takes up ballroom dancing, but an impending recital and a klutzy partner are only some of the challenges.

Ep 146: Christmas Baby

The gang isn't prepared when a surprise guest comes on Christmas Eve.

Ep 147: Tootie Drives

After she drives everyone bananas, Mrs. Garrett tutors Tootie for a driving test.

Ep 148: Stake-Out Blues

The girls agree to let police use the store for a stakeout, while trying to hide it from Mrs. Garret.

Ep 149: The Agent

Tootie tries to help an aspiring comic by staging a performance attended by Jim McCawley, talent coordinator of 'The Tonight Show.'

Ep 150: The Reunion

George asks Blair to be his date for his high school reunion in order to make a girl jealous.

Ep 151: Concentration

Blair gets stuck in an elevator with her baby sister and an elevator operator on the way to accept an award.

Ep 152: Atlantic City

The girls' trip to Atlantic City reunites Jo with Flyman, the aspiring singer she met in Florida.

Ep 153: The Lady Who Came to Dinner

An elderly song-and-dance woman hired for Blair's birthday party stays with the girls.

Ep 154: The Candidate

Natalie runs for mayor to stop a tacky amusement park from being built. Blair, however, is campaigning for her opponent.

Ep 155: Big Time Charlie

Jo's father returns with the promise of wealth. Meanwhile, Natalie returns from a trip to Miami and has brought back the wrong suitcase.

Ep 156: The Graduate

It's graduation day at Eastland, but Tootie would rather audition for the lead role in a musical.

Ep 157: The Apartment

Natalie and Tootie move into their own apartment, only to find it's not what they expected.

Ep 158: Out of Peekskill: Part 1

An unexpected proposal makes Mrs. Garrett rethink her future.

Ep 159: Out of Peekskill: Part 2

An unexpected proposal makes Mrs. Garrett rethink her future.

Ep 160: Ready or Not

Beverly Ann is concerned that Tootie is getting much too serious about her new boyfriend.

Ep 161: Another Room

Fed up with having no privacy, Jo considers moving out.

Ep 162: Off Broadway Baby

Tootie auditions for a Broadway show, only to find out a better singer is doing her song.

Ep 163: The Little Chill

Jo feels left out when Blair, Tootie and Natalie reunite with old friends.

Ep 164: The Ratings Game

Blair introduces Jo to her dating system.

Ep 165: The Wedding Day

Jo agrees to marry an illegal alien so he can get his green card.

Ep 166: Fast Food

Natalie hires Blair as an employee at the Mexican restaurant, but Blair's attitude gets the best of her.

Ep 167: Where's Poppa?

Blair doesn't know how to react when her father is charged with insider trading.

Ep 168: Write and Wrong

Natalie finds out someone plagiarized her short story.

Ep 169: Seven Little Indians

In a riff on 'The Twilight Zone,' the gang is confronted by a mysterious killer.

Ep 170: The Greek Connection

Tootie decides to pledge a sorority and clashes with Natalie when she begins to investigate rush week for a newspaper article.

Ep 171: Post Christmas Card

Natalie goes on a spending spree when the bank approves her for a credit card.

Ep 172: A Star is Torn

Cinnamon visits Tootie and tells her she's leaving show business after losing her Broadway role.

Ep 173: A Winter's Tale

When the girls go to a ski resort, their cabin is already occupied by a group of guys there for a bachelor party.

Ep 174: Cupid's Revenge

The girls' old boyfriends happen to show up just before the Valentine's Day dance.

Ep 182: The Facts of Life Goes Down Under: Part 1

The girls travel to Australia where they get lost, reunite with an old flame and discover a jewel heist.

Ep 183: The Facts of Life Goes Down Under: Part 2

The girls travel to Australia where they get lost, reunite with an old flame and discover a jewel heist.

Ep 184: The Facts of Life Goes Down Under: Part 3

The girls travel to Australia where they get lost, reunite with an old flame and discover a jewel heist.

Ep 185: The Facts of Life Goes Down Under: Part 4

The girls travel to Australia where they get lost, reunite with an old flame and discover a jewel heist.

Ep 175: 62 Pick Up

Fabian and Bobby Rydell visit the girls and recall the look and sound of the 1960s.

Ep 176: Boy About the House

When Andy's parents break up, Beverly Ann decides it is time to adopt him.

Ep 177: Ex Markes the Spot

Beverly Ann's ex shows up unexpectedly, hoping for a reconciliation.

Ep 178: Younger Then Springtime

Blair plays matchmaker for Jo's father.

Ep 179: This is Only a Test

Blair panics about taking the law school entrance exam when she finds out her wealth won't guarantee her admission to the Langley Law program.

Ep 180: Rites of Passage: Part 1

Jo refuses to re-write a graduation speech, until she learns her grandfather has come all the way from Poland to hear it.

Ep 181: Rites of Passage: Part 2

Summer offers a variety of options for everyone, especially Jo, who gets a job offer from Los Angeles.

Ep 186: Down and Out in Malibu: Part 1

While house-sitting, Jo passes off the home as her own.

Ep 187: Down and Out in Malibu: Part 2

Jo's house-sitting adventure ends in disaster when the owner returns home.

Ep 188: Rumor Has It

When rumors fly about Blair's reputation, she debates whether to drop out of law school.

Ep 189: Before the Fall

Natalie's inside story on ROTC involves jumping from a plane.

Ep 190: Sweet Charity

Jo's new job at the community center isn't what she expected when she doesn't get paid.

Ep 191: Up from Down Under

A new girl arrives at Eastland, claiming to be an Australian exchange student.

Ep 192: The More the Marrier

When Tootie's boyfriend can't attend the Winter Carnival, Blair convinces her to go with someone else.

Ep 193: A Rose by any Other Age

Blair's study date falls for Beverly Ann.

Ep 194: Adventures in Baileysitting

Blair loses her baby sister.

Ep 195: It's a Wonderful Christmas

Feeling alone on Christmas, Santa shows Beverly Ann what life would be like without her.

Ep 196: Golden Oldies

The girls imagine what their lives will be like 50 years into the future.

Ep 197: A Thousand Frowns

Jo tries to find a male role model for Andy, but gets more than she bargained for.

Ep 198: Something in Common

Jo's father disapproves of Jo's boyfriend.

Ep 199: Peekskill Law

Blair begins working at a law firm, only to discover her old teacher works there.

Ep 200: A House Divided

Tootie and Natalie's boyfriends clash over dinner.

Ep 201: The First Time

Natalie makes a big decision with her boyfriend, Snake.

Ep 202: Let's Face the Music

A spa mix up turns Jo into a blonde and Blair... green-haired.

Ep 203: Less Than Perfect

Blair gets into a car accident and worries about how she'll look after stitches.

Ep 204: Till Marriage Do Us Part

Jo weighs a heavy decision. Meanwhile, Casey admits to Blair that he doesn't believe in marriage.

Ep 205: Present Imperfect

Pippa loses Tootie's family heirloom.

Ep 206: On the Edge

Beverly Ann doesn't want Andy to get his ear pierced. A social worker, from the center where Jo works, threatens to jump from a building.

Ep 207: Big Apple Blues

Natalie finds an apartment in the Soho district of New York, living with several eccentric characters.

Ep 208: The Beginning of the End

When Eastland Academy struggles financially, Blair makes a big decision.

Ep 209: The Beginning of the Beginning

As the new headmistress, Blair finds one student particularly rebellious.