Starting Sept 11

Sundays at 6 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
The year is 2065. The location is a secret island base. The Tracy family run International Rescue - a top secret organization whose ongoing mission is to aid humanity. With the support of five incredible THUNDERBIRDS craft, the London agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, her butler and ex safe-cracker Parker and genius Brains, the Tracy family battle the forces of evil.

Next Airings

  • 12/10 6:00AMEdge of Impact
    "The Hood has been paid by General Bron to destroy Red Arrow - a new British Fighter plane. However, two men are placed in deadly danger when the second prototype crashes into a television relay tower."
  • 12/17 6:00AMDay of Disaster
    "Brains and Lady Penelope find themselves involved in a rescue mission when the Arlington Bridge collapses, trapping the Mars Probe rocket in the river bed."
  • 12/24 6:00AM30 Minutes After Noon
    "Thomas Prescott picks up a strange hitch hiker who suddenly attaches a bomb to his wrist, then tells him he needs to get to the 'Hudson Building' before 8pm to find the key and avoid being killed in the explosion. Prescott makes it to the building but is still in an elevator when the bomb detonates trapping the man amid the carnage of the bombing and subsequent fire. International Rescue spring into action deploying all their resources in a desperate attempt to rescue the trapped man"
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